Playlist: Yer Listening to Wizard Rock, Harry

There comes a time in every young nerd’s life when a necessary question must be addressed: How far down the dorky rabbit hole am I going to descend? Past reading the books, past cosplay, past slash fiction, in the dark depths of fandom lies a genre of music dubbed wizard rock (“wrock”), which is basically Harry Potter-themed music. If nerds were Hunger Game contestants, the people who listen to wizard rock would be the Careers, and I would be at least Foxface for than analogy.

The biggest issue with wrock is that anyone can write and perform it, so a lot of wizard rock is so terrible that it verges on unlistenable. Don’t worry, though; this is a playlist of good wrock songs, compiled by me, (mostly) Madi, and Carolyn!

Yer Listening to Wizard Rock, Harry [on 8tracks]

A Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love – The Mudbloods
The Bravest Man I Ever Knew – Ministry of Magic
This Isn’t Hogwarts – Hank Green
Prefects Are Hot – The Moaning Myrtles
Room of Requirement – The Remus Lupins
Red Hair – The Weasel King
Draco and Harry – The Whomping Willows
Hufflepuffs Make Better Lovers – Hoss Jaeger (This one is relevant to your queer interests.)
Open At The Close – Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls
My Dad is Rich – Draco and the Malfoys
I Am A Wizard – Harry and the Potters
The Boy Who Lived – Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls
Burn Your Prefect Badge – The Remus Lupins
Save Ginny Weasley – Harry and the Potters
Expecto Patronum – Remus and the Lupins
I Believe In Nargles – The Whomping Willows
Do The Hippogriff – The Weird Sisters
Mysterious Ticking Noise – Potter Puppet Pals
Goin’ Back To Hogwarts – A Very Potter Musical

Yer A Wrocker, Harry from Autostraddle on 8tracks.

Add your favorite wizard-y tracks in the comments below! I would also like to post this song for your consideration, because I know it doesn’t count, but I really want it to.

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  1. My heart is giggling to see this, and especially at the fabulous inclusion of Hank Green.

  2. Intern Grace wins all the awards!
    Only wish this playlist could also contain Granger Danger, which is my favourite AVPM song. :P

  3. Yeah!!! Go nerds!!

    Just a point though, ‘Do the Hippogriff’ is not wrock’ – strictly speaking, it’s movie canon, wheras wrock is entirely fanmade. Still, this song is amazing…

  4. I got really excited when I saw Hank Green’s name on here. :D I will always have a special place in my heart for Accio Deathly Hallows (the first wrock song he wrote: But I definitely listen to This Isn’t Hogwarts more because it is RELEVANT TO MY 9 TO 5 OFFICE LIFE.

  5. I’m so thrilled/horrified by this playlist. Clearly I am not enough of a nerd. This may be the beginning of a sweet decent (ascent?) to totally nerd-dom.

  6. Oh man I love this so. The Remus Lupins are my favorite. I’d also recommend “Lumos Flies” by All Caps and “Avada Kedavra” by Skittle Sama. The Hermione Crookshanks Experience is pretty good as well. NOT THAT I KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS.

  7. End of an Era – Oliver Boyd and The Remembralls

    We were singing it in the theatre down in Orlando before the last movie started.

    Tears may or may not have been shed.


    My brother and I have been obsessed with Wizard Rock for years. I’ve seen Harry and the Potters so many times and my brother writes reviews on Wizard Rock websites and is personal friends with a lot of those bands. IT’S THE BEST EVER.

  9. No joke, Harry and the Potters was one of the funnest concerts I’ve been to.

    ALSO: “Accio Love” by the Ministry of Magic. (it’s adorable)

  10. wow, this was actually my childhood in a playlist. and alex carpenter was my first celebrity crush.

    now i have epic nostalgia, ahah. :D

  11. Is it good or bad that I know and regularly listen to all of these? House Of Awesome by The Whomping Willows is a personal favorite, as well as Granger Danger. Lauren Lopez helped me realize I was gay…

  12. awww cute little harry in that picture, too cute. man i used to be in love with draco & the malfoys, i’d put on “my dad is rich” and furiously wash dishes to it, it’s so good to be reminded of it so i can do that again.

  13. I AM EXCITE. This playlist is amazeballs, I just wish it included “Harry Freakin’ Potter” from AVPS.

    Also, DFTBA.

  14. My Wrock is mostly AVPM and AVPS now. It’s not the other bands’ fault, they’re just so good! And funny! And Draco is a girl!

  15. i have a lot of feelings about this! here’s some of my personal faves:

    ascendio (MoM cover) – luke conard
    for all the hufflepuffs – the remus lupins
    i heart weasleys, accio love, sonorus love, catalyst for love – ministry of magic
    hermione’s song (you & me) – oliver boyd and the remembralls
    lumos flies – all caps
    kiss me (hermione’s lament) – the brothers black

  16. Our GSA is having harry potter week this coming week. This is amazing and timely, and I love you.

  17. This is bad. really really bad on all possible levels and awesome on just as many levels. but really just bad, really bad.

  18. I went with my middle school girlfriend to a Harry and the Potters show at a library and we made out and it was totally awesome.

  19. I’ve never commented before, but felt the need to speak up this time: where is Swish and Flick?????


    My Dad Is Rich is one of the best things ever. But I am a huge Harry and the Potters fan, in all of their dorky bad goodness, and nothing compares to “I Am Harry Potter” for the nerdiest, worst sung early goodies of wizard rock. :D

    I was feeling depressed today. This is just exactly what I needed. How do you guys always know? <3

  21. “Snape vs. Snape” by the Ministry of Magic ft. The Parselmouths. I cry. And then I get up and dance. and then I cry some more.

    fun fact: my ex knew all of the actual wrock band people, it was weird listening her to talk about people I’d only ever seen online and be like “oh yeah I went to their wedding.” o__O

  22. I’ve been such a fan of Wrock ever since I heard ‘Snape vs Snape’, ‘My Dad Is Rich’ and ‘Potions Yesterday’.

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