Coffee Cake In A Mug Is The Best Thing To Happen To Mugs Since Coffee

Laura’s Team Pick:

You know that primal craving that comes to you in the middle of the night(/morning/afternoon)? Those diabetic whispers that nestle themselves comfortably in your ear singing, “sugar, sugarrrrrrrrr”? Well, I’ve found a new way to satiate my need for simple carbohydrates and its name is coffee cake in a mug.

Not only does it look beyond tasty, it is precious. Just think of all the girls you could bring to the yard with an owl full of coffee cake for them and only them.

In the interest of your future coffee-cake-making endeavors, I’ve assembled a list of mugs that you might want to consider getting so that you have the right mug for every occasion.+

The Erlenmeyer Flask Ideal for: Scientists, titration enthusiasts

Shakespearean Insults Mug Ideal for: MFA candidates, writers, rude time-travelling house guests

Chalkboard Mug Ideal for: Artists, MFA candidates, teachers

Toilet Mug Ideal for: your friends’ kids, obnoxious little brothers who love this kind of shit, frat boys

The Ball Jar Ideal for: Trendy food- and apartment-blog readers, hipsters, faux Sylvia Plath fans who won’t necessarily realize that her book was not called “The Ball Jar”

Disappearing Dinosaurs Mug Ideal for: Little boys, lesbians, your creationist neighbors, paleontologists

Stainless Steel Beer Mug Ideal for: Your enemies (for use in their microwave only)

Global Warming Mug Ideal for: Al Gore, climate-change deniers, Citizens of Kiribati

Shark Attack and Octopus Surprise Mugs Ideal for: Aquarium employees, people who live every week like its shark week, selachophiles

Doctor Who Mug Ideal for: Dr. Who fans, people who want to woo a Dr. Who fan

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  1. I did not want this list to end.

    The Erlenmeyer Flask could probably be used to woo Scully fans too, if one is convincing enough to prove the coffee cake contents are of extraterrestrial origin.

  2. *bookmarks forever*

    The only downside to making cake in coffee mugs is that I usually want a mug of coffee to go with it, thus running out of clean mugs twice as quickly.

    • what if, after you ate a little bit of cake, you make a little bit of coffee and poured it over the cake? then it would be like a warm delicious caffeine soaked cake and you have the best of both worlds?

      ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Cafe Patron or Kahlua instead of coffee. ohhh yes.

    • that was my exact thought!
      combining the two, however sounds like the perfect solution. i now must try that.

  3. I want to buy ALL THE MUGS! I have to say that owl is the cutest thing I’ve never had a drink out of, and the illusion of being attacked by a shark may help kickstart my morning.

    Also, “people who live every week like its shark week,” are the fantastic!

  4. That Shakespearean insults mug is so going to be my stepdad’s Father’s Day present. And the guy is hard to shop for, so, thank you so much for posting it! You just saved me a couple hours of dithering at Books-A-Million, my default source of gifts for all family members.

  5. I love the Erlenmeyer mug, but I would probably have a heart attack every time I saw someone drinking from it.

      • I totally have the Tardis USB port. And possibly a Dalek pencil cup. And a sonic screwdriver pen. Ok, clearly I need the mug to complete my desk set.


    It’s not even my birthday.


    Cake= Relevant to my interests. Cake is good! This recipe looks great, The band Cake one of my best time bands, and now Rhiannon is talk/singing about all deliciousness of cake! Yummy! I really do want icing right now too. or crumbly topping that looks desirable as well. Thanks AS!

  7. I must say these mugs are absolutely AMAZING! I am definitely going to buy an Erlenmeyer Flask mug and take it to my OChem class.

  8. I’ve now attempted the coffee cake in a mug twice. Neither resulted in anything very pretty, but both were fairly tasty.

  9. the chalkboard mug just makes me think that if i tried to hold it i would end up with chalk all over my hands as i ate and would have to wipe them ever 5 seconds and then get my clothes dirty and then get all ocd and basically my life would be over. gimmedat erlenmyer

  10. My favourite mug is my black Morrissey coffee mug, which says “Everyday is like Sunday.”

    My second favourite mug is my Hungy Hungry Catarpillar mug.

    Also: YAY MUGS.

    • Oh totally! That was thoroughly a joke about stereotypes. Not a very good one, I’ll admit.

  11. This is brilliant and I can’t believe I actually have all the ingredients required. I could be eating this right now!

  12. This list is so great. It could only get better if there was a mug with your mug on it.

  13. This is pretty much the best morning after plan ever. It might just need to become my new go-to “I’ll make you breakfast” move. I mean, I’m starting to think the girls sleep over just for the French toast. But now they’ll come for the coffee cake and stay for the awkward wooing.

  14. I do in fact own the Disappearing Dinosaur Mug and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever bugged my mum to buy me at the museum.
    I was 17.

  15. I actually made the coffee cake thing at about 3am a month ago and it was THE BEST THING I could have had at that moment. I recommend it for all situations. Also, I really want the Shakespeare mug.

  16. I went to TJ Maxx today and made a point to look at special lady-wooing mugs for this coffee cake. Sadly, I came home without a mug.

  17. I don’t drink/like coffee but I so much want to be a coffee drinker. Maybe coffee cake can help get me there.

  18. Awww….I was hoping to find a recipe for the coffee cake too. Oh well. Have to search on Google then.

    • It’s a link! Right above the owl mug picture, where it says “coffee cake in a mug” with the little blue underline.

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