Playlist: Sunrise On The Mountain

I am a morning person. I’m writing this in the morning — not super early my time, 9:14. I’ve been awake a while, I have a cup of coffee and I’ve already read my newspaper back to front. But, my darlings, I live in New Jersey. When I’m waking up at 7 am here, that means I’m waking up at 4 am California time — 4 am on the mountain. If I were to translate the time I start writing, that’d be 6:14 am Mount Feelings Standard Time.

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Photo by the peerless Robin Roemer.

I cannot sleep past 7 am on that mountain. I have tried. That is the latest I go. And after my first camp, I noticed I wasn’t alone. Many East Coasters and Morning People do, actually, exist at Camp and in the world. So we created our special exclusive 7 am club (not really that exclusive) with the best coffee on the mountain (LOL) were we can watch the mountain change into day through the big windows and talk with each other about whatever. Sunrise Eagle Café. This A-Camp, this will have been my activity three times in a row and hopefully I’ll just keep doing it forever. Morning is a glorious time. Morning with you weirdos is even better.

If I could afford speakers for my phone, this is the playlist we’d be listening to as we perk up with our coffee and chat about the rising sun and life in general.

Sunrise On The Mountain

[Stream it here]

Such Great Heights — Iron & Wine
Don’t Know Why — Norah Jones
Awake My Soul — Mumford & Sons
Over The Rainbow — Ingrid Michaelson
Good Morning Starshine — Hair (Original Broadway)
Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles
Sun It Rises — Fleet Foxes
Gold — Interference
Blackbird — The Beatles
Up Up Up — Givers

Sunrise On The Mountain from Autostraddle on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. I’m now actually listening to this in the morning, as intended, and y’know the part of Good Morning Starshine that just goes “song song song siiiing sing sing sing sooong” on loop? That’s about as much as my brain is capable of at this time of the day.

  2. I couldn’t make it to camp (have never been before, either), and as much as I want to come to the next one, I’m not sure I’ll be able to. And right now, because I’m imagining and reading the little that’s up about this round of camp, and for lots of other complicated and feelings-drenched reasons, my heart is just aching for community. And listening to this playlist as I have my coffee is making me feel just a little more connected to you all and a little less achy. So thank you. :)

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