PLAYLIST: Guy in a “Make America Great Again” Hat

It’s spring time, and you know what that means! More people. Standing near more people in public. Coexisting with large swaths of people. Your general area, more crowded. But in the sun!!! Maybe you’re going to a concert (aw!) or you’re waiting for your table at brunch (ugh!) or you’re trying to get in a bar after some sports game has let out and you keep hearing the bouncer vary his answer from five to ten dollars whenever someone asks how much based in your mind on no discernible criteria and so you call him on it when it’s your turn to get in and he doesn’t like your suggestion that you should get in free on account of all the money he’s made up-selling patrons and he tells you to go and you know you don’t have it in you to even attempt to flirt and so you find yourself standing near an entirely new group of people just down the street.

What you do in these moments, standing with your peers, is who you are. Your idling style is more telling than any answer a dating app question could elicit from you. Before getting into a relationship with someone you should get to see a two minute video of the person waiting for something while in the middle a large group of people. What’s their truth? Do they survey those around them? Anchor down on their crew or person?

Or do they hold court like that guy in the MAGA hat.

This is the most recent incarnation of white guy with a dumb hat who has something to say in a long standing history of white guys with dumb hats who have something to say, but if you haven’t had this particular pleasure yet, I’ve made a playlist honoring this experience. It’s filled with hit after hit. And between the kind of policy making that’s forcing a societal hand to double down on a literal time bomb, this is liable to be the playlist of the summer!

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  1. When I saw this on tumblr, I said to myself “This better be hours of screaming in frustration and annoyance.”

    It’s better.

  2. I can’t decide if I should laugh really hard or cry.

    Which, come to think of it, is generally my reaction to people in MAGA hats, so I guess that works. The worst was last week at work though, I work in a history museum, and there was a really pleasant and engaged ten or eleven year old boy I was talking to without his family, and then I saw him later with family and he was wearing the repulsive, made-in-China hat. I was so crushed.

  3. I live in D.C., and every weekend I walk around the Mall getting disgusted by gaggles of students wandering around fully decked-out in MAGA crap. But last Saturday, I saw the most adorable middle school girl standing her ground amongst her peers, wearing rainbow suspenders and waving a mini pride flag. She gave me a giant grin, and I definitely didn’t have to put on sunglasses to hide the fact that I started tearing up.

  4. This is absolutely tragic. MSM programmed you. You may not realize it, but western civilization (our only safe space) is under attack by the globalists. The globalists support islam. Islam is Sharia. Sharia is FGM, beheading Gays, Acid in women’s faces, and child rape. I’m not talking rad islam, just islam. FYI; “Taqiyya” is islamic order to LIE to the infidel (you). Now; the ONLY candidate who was NOT supported by globalists is Trump. The globalists have been working on this for over 100 years. The plan is to make us a cashless, defenseless slave society with minds like teletubbies. George Soros is one of the biggies here- he owns damned near everybody. Don’t take my word for it, research him yourself. While your at it, pull up any youtube video of Brigette Gabriel. Sisters, Trump is the only friend we have. Hillary & Co. want SHARIA HERE! WTF do I have to gain by lying to you? It kills me to see you swallow the lie.

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