Playlist: Bunk Bed Listening Party

I have mixed feelings about bunk beds. “Oh that’s so interesting, tell me more!” you say. Okay, sure. I hate sleeping in bunk beds and refuse to do so; I’ll happily take a hard floor over any kind of bunk situation, no matter how fancy it is or how many people assure me that I won’t go crashing down to the ground.

Despite not being down with a bunk bed’s intended purpose, I’m thankful that they exist because there are just so many other activities that bunks are totally perfect for. Examples include: hanging out, having feelings, making out, reading, writing, thinking, sketching, studying, eating popcorn, playing card games, and listening to music. Above all else, listening to music. There’s just something about that shaky wooden frame and stupid vinyl mattress that makes a bunk bed the ideal place to put on headphones and peace out for a while.

So there was this moment at the recent A-Camp when I found myself completely overwhelmed, and my #1 feeling was, ‘I just wanna go find [camper] Katie and see if she wants to hang out in a bunk bed and listen to some Holly Miranda’. See, Katie had a bunk bed, similar taste in music and a calming presence, all of which felt essential to the level of chill-outedness that I wanted to achieve.

In an anticlimactic ending to this tale, I wasn’t able to find Katie. However we did make a rain-check and, because the next A-Camp is eight long months away, we put together this playlist for a virtual bunk bed listening session. You should join us.

Music for Bunk Beds


Corner – Allie Moss
I and Love and You – The Avett Brothers
Audience – Cold War Kids
Down – Something Corporate
Purple Sneakers – You Am I
One Crowded Hour – Augie March
No One’s Gonna Love You – Band Of Horses
Don’t Fight It – The Panics
Out Of Gas – Modest Mouse
Fall Asleep – Steel Train
They Bring Me To You – Joshua Radin
Birds of Summer – A Fine Frenzy
The Same Tattoos – Fences
Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
Sleep on Fire – Holly Miranda

Bunk Bed Listening Party from Autostraddle on 8tracks Radio.

Feel free to leave your feelings about bunk beds and/or bunk bed-appropriate music in the comments below.

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  1. Excellent Crystal! So many great songs on this one.

    I like bunk beds, but I only will sleep on the bottom. lol. My brother and I shared a room when we were little and that’s how we slept for five or six years and this really brings back memories. :)

  2. Bunk beds are scarey! I used to roll out of bed a lot when I was little, so the top was not a safe choice. And I was afraid that the top would callapse on the bottom leaving me to be trapped and suffocate (that’s right, suffocate, not be squished)! I clearly have rational fears. lol

    but this is a fantastic playlist, perfect for how relaxed I’m feeling today.


        (i totally went to one of their concerts only like 2 years ago, way too old for it to be acceptable. but the nostalgia! literally everyone in the audience was a girl 19-24 yrs old reliving her pre-teen/teen feelings)

        • The feels I got/still get from “Konstantine” and “I Kissed a Drunk Girl” should have clued me into to my homogayness long before that reality set in.

          • Yes!! When she’s on the stairs in her underwear…I was def way too into that part.

            Also I used to listen to “Down” every night before I went to sleep (on my Walkman!) in 7th and 8th grade, over and over again.

  3. my best friend literally just fell off the top bunk in his dorm room the other day and broke his wrist, so bunk beds are kind of a sore subject for us right now.

  4. This little tidbit of Camp talk has me craving some epic camp recaps. Will that be a thing?

  5. I had bunk beds up until close to high school, they were awesome. Though falling off can be painful.

  6. On my sisters last day intown, I had her and six of our friends with us assemble my red metal bunkbed.
    Since then I’ve been blessed with the opportunitty to stash many unfolded laundry piles up above my sleeping quarters.
    A pack rats dream

  7. bunk beds can be dangerous for bottom bunk sleepers as well. (sorry about that cocktail shaker to the face Hannah)

  8. I have so many positive feelings about this playlist (Allie Moss and Avett Brothers and Joshua Radin all in one thingamabob, what?), but I have even more positive feelings about bunk beds!

    Here are some of them:
    Sleepovers and summer camp and blanket forts where your brothers definitely couldn’t bother you if you tucked the blanket under the bottom mattress.

    I wish it was ok for an almost-grown-up-person to have bunk beds in her almost-grown-up-house.

    • Allie Moss, Avett Brothers and Joshua Radin were all Katie’s picks. Katie knows good music.

      But also I think it’s fine for an almost-grown-up to have a bunk bed. I mean why not.

  9. This is a GREAT playlist, and it motivated me to finish my essay on “Among the Sierra Nevada,” which is not a particularly interesting painting. Thank you!

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