Playlist: Am I in Love With the Person I Had Sex With Once or Is It Cancer Season?

Last week I went to see Liniker e os Caramelows at El Cid in Silver Lake. I’m going to save all the details for when my very own romcom hopefully has a second and third act. But basically this woman approached me and told me I was beautiful and that she liked my whole vibe and then we talked and danced and… had the best sex of my life.

She’s only been in the country for about a week and is still figuring out her phone situation (I guess??) so she’s only texted me twice (from different numbers) and the second time was just a picture she took of us (??). She invited me to go away with her last weekend, but then never gave me any details so… that didn’t happen. I don’t know if I’m about to get murdered or married or literally never hear from her again. And I don’t really care??

ANYWAY I made a playlist to capture this situation and all my feelings and if you also have a lot of feelings this Cancer season and are in love but also obviously not in love then I think you’ll really relate to this journey.

All my playlists have narrative arcs that start with a thesis song because I’m a nerd.

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