Photoplay: Lady Gaga Singin’ in the Rain, Ellen Page, Outfest, Glam Nation, NYC Pride!

It’s Friday and life is HARD! Time to share photographs that we probably aren’t legally allowed to share despite the redonk fees we pay to have access to said photographs, but who cares we’re lesbians and if we can’t get married or be in the army then THE LAW CAN’T TOUCH US. No taxation without representation! Have you read Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard’s review of The Kids are All Right yet? ‘Cause you should.

1. Lady Gaga on The Today Show – July 9th 2010

Lady Gaga performed on The Today Show today, in direct contradiction to our claim on Wednesday that The Today Show is for straight people. Hey speaking of, they decided to let same-sex couples enter their wedding contest (Gawker predicts Al Roker will now marry his goat) and look, Lady Gaga made it rain! Hopefully that’ll be the end of this heat wave. Bad Romance is secretly a rain dance.

Have you seen Gaga writhing in the rain? This is a good one:


2. Inception starring Ellen Page

Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio (who we liked a lot more back when he still looked like a girl) attended the Inception premiere in London, look how pretty Ellen Page is, yup she’s still pretty:

Also, here’s Ellen Page in a tux with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, from the LA Times’ blog article about the duo and the film, which they call “the most ambitious” Hollywood film of 2010:

3. Outfest Opening Night Gala/Howl Screening

July 8 2010 Los Angeles California

The 28th Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival OutFest is happening right now, as it is wont do to. It runs from July 8th-18th in Los Angeles, California.

The Opening Night Gala began with the premiere of Howl, “a hypnotic journey through the interwoven stories of Allen Ginsberg‘s personal quest for liberation, the historical court case against his poem and the power of Howl as a work of art,” starring James Franco who is/isn’t gay. You should read Howl.

OutFest Red Carpet Cuteness:


Jane Lynch was awarded the Outfest 2010 Achievement Award, presented to Jane Lynch by Paris Barclay and Chris Colfer.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can also look forward to special events hosted for the 25th Anniversary of Wolfe Releasing, including tonight’s screening of Jill Bennett & Cathy DeBuono’s We Have to Stop Now. Saturday night features a release party for the third issue of Original Plumbing by our friend Amos Mac. There’s also a lot of lesbian films this year, from Elena Undone (with the record for longest lesbian kiss evah) to Bloomington, The Four-Faced Liar, My Normal (Lesbian S&M! Huzzah!) and The Secret Diaries of Miss Ann Lister. This year’s featured documentaries include Bisexual Revolution and Le Tigre: On Tour.

4. Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour

Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour looks fucking awesome so far, for many reasons including but not limited to this one:

Adam Lambert hit up Nashville earlier this week:

5. Remember New York City Pride? Grace Chu Does.

Remember all the memories with Ambitious Socializer Grace Chu! Grace put together this adorable New York Scene Column for her new nonprofit MyAOLHometown webpage, (It’s not about Ellen or anything, just FYI). Grace column chronicles the ten bajillion parties that Grace attended during NYC Pride inlcuding The Rally, Kiki, Stonewall, Proposition Pride, the NYC Dyke March, Rapture on the River, Choice C*nts, GirlNation Pride, TruckStop NY, the Pride March, a Pride house party, Stiletto Pride and Rodeo Disco.

She partied all night and into the morning without turning into a serial killer, like we would’ve, but that being said, we went to so many fucking parties that week to flier that we can feel her pain deeply in the pits of our stomachs, as well as the lingering nausea from Truck Stop NYC. Because we are old. Because we are senior fucking citizens. We even went to Creme De La Femme.

Most importantly, please linger upon her memories of Autostraddle Rodeo Disco, which we’re 75% sure was her favorite party.

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  1. Chris Colfer is the cutest thing ever. Am I right?

    Also, the feelings I have for Adam Lambert often confuse me. He’s so beautiful.

  2. I love Adam Lambert so much, he’s simply the best artist I ever saw in my life. So gifted and with such an amazing voice and stage presence. And the cherry on top is all the ”Adommy” moments we all enjoy so much ! We love you, Adam!! please, never change! ps> ADOMMY = Adam + Tommy ;)

  3. Oh! and I forgot to say that I LOVE Tommy Joe Ratliff too.. He’s very talented and so gorgeous and the sweetest person of this world!HE’S A SUPER CUTE BAD ASS BASS PLAYER!!!

  4. “ (It’s not about Ellen or anything, just FYI)”

    ∼That’s exactly the kind of ‘ingroup’ cruelty that’s tearing The Queermunity apart∼

    • “cruelty”? It’s a joke! There’s no infighting, grace is my friend. An inability to take a joke and be playful — now that might tear a community apart. Sheesh. As the great emily saliers once said, “you have to laugh at yourselves cause you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t.”

      • Generally when I comment I like to feel that I’ve made it (excessively) clear that/if I’m joking, but I was feeling daring earlier so I decided to try out the “tildes” (∼). They supposedly convey a sarcastic and playful tone. Even though I’ve seen them being used with that purpose several times I still knew I was taking a risk. But, you know, I’m pretty fearless once in a while. I’ll have to find a better way to express my hilarious ways without: wink-y emoticons (because they tend to make me feel weird), over-explaining myself (because I’m trying to stop exhausting people with that foolishness), or “tildes” (because they don’t work: noted).

        Also, I like jokes, all kinds of them, especially the mean ones. That’s one of the reasons why I internet-love the AS posse just like creepy internet strangers do.

        ∼Your response hurt me greatly, though; I will never visit (let alone comment on) this site ever again∼

        • are squiggley lines a thing? did i miss a thing? AM I REALLY OLD AND AGING

          THAT WASN’T ME IT WAS FUCKING GROVER, he thinks he’s a superhero

          • I don’t know, apparently not. I saw them being used a while ago and I was like: “Are these squigglers yet another cyber-thing I know nothing about?” I then proceeded to look them up and a site referred to the them as ‘the snark mark’. Naturally I was like: “I think I’m snarky enough, I can get down with that.”

            Fast-forward to today when I tried to get down with that, and it got me all Sheesh-ed. Maybe I didn’t use them correctly, whatever, I’m now officially over the squigglers.

          • Naw, your first instinct was right, they are a thing! Indicating either playful snark, extreme sarcasm, or simply emphasis all depending on the context, like a really confusing foreign language.

            Or maybe I’ve just been hanging around ONTD too much. This might explain the impulse I keep having to turn in a weekly status report at work made entirely of bitchy macros.

          • Thank you Melly. My first instinct was feeling really self-conscious.

            Maybe I’ll call the squigglers to apologize, but I’m still over them; they seem far more complex and mysterious than what I’m able to handle at the moment.

          • you guys you know what this means, it’s only a matter of time before i whip out some squiggly lines and confuse the fuck out of everybody i know

  5. Why does Adam Lambert always look like he is devouring people. I am all for m/m but I only get worried for the recipient not excited.

    • Heh I wouldn’t worry too much about Tommy, he’s by no means an unwilling participant.

      He’s just not nearly as toppy as Adam LOL. Altho he’s getting a bit braver, and has started inititiating a few shenanigans himself. *cheers!*

      Sadly we don’t get this much lovely m/m every tour night, just when Adam is feeling particularly frisky like in NYC, and we have to make do with flirty looks, a few cuddles and sexxay back to back singing/bass shredding most nites.

  6. Srsly, who else is super excited for Inception? (OMG you guys, it’s like…an actual! thriller/action/suspense! movie! that is not a sequel or something hollywood has crapped out before and doesn’t contain gratuitous explosions and shirtless dudes i don’t really care about. don’t let me down chris nolan.)

    that said, awwww chris colfer/jane lynch/ellen page/adam lambert/joseph gordon-levitt/people i adore etc.

  7. Just in case anyone was more interested in Glam Nation, here’s an A+ LOLtastic vid that contains some terrific concert moments, set to Xtina’s Vanity which I now adore after its association with my gay boyfrand.

    Bonus tiny cameo of the awesome Cam of Uh Huh Her at 4:03!

  8. I love Lady Gaga and I love rain… so surprise, I love Lady Gaga in the rain! Hot performance. Just… hot.

    • +9000

      I had to watch that video about 4 times before I had to get up and walk away from the computer. Too. much. Hot. ness.

  9. I just watched Adam Lambert kissing his guitarist (I think) on loop for five minutes.

    I should feel dirty, but the only thing I think is that Glambert looks like a really glittery pimp.

  10. i accidentally huffed paint the other day, and one of adam lambert’s video came on? i had to sit and take a breather for fifteen minutes.

  11. Hi! Thx for the shout. I have to be brief bc my corporate “fun surf time” minutes are running out! :(

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