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Sarah Palin Lies (& Loves Glenn Beck), Double X Folds, Women Bare 40% and Feminism Allegedly Won?

WHAT A DAY FOR THE LADIES! Mr. Buckingham Palace thinks feminism has triumphed because men have all turned into little girls who like to sing their way into our heart. Double X folds, Sarah Palin lies, Oprah talks porn, Sarah Haskins will protect you and new research suggests ladies should bare 40% of their bodies for optimum sex appeal, so roll up those cargo shorts!


How to Actually Accept Help from People Who Love You: An Excerpt from “The Art of Showing Up”

When someone I know is dealing with a difficult situation, I typically feel extremely “Put me in, coach!!!” But when I am the one in a difficult spot? Well, then, thanks so much for offering but I’m perfectly fine to handle this on my own!!! The fact is, asking for/accepting help is incredibly difficult for a lot of us—even those of us who know, logically, that no one can get through life alone.