“Orange Is the New Black” Season 5 Is Just Around The Corner, Take a Peek

Orange Is the New Black will never be the same after — spoiler alert! — Poussey’s death, but Orange Is the New Black will be back on June 9th anyway, and today is the day Netflix has rained down a preview clip from the season five premiere and a bundle of new promo photos. Let’s do the video first because what you really want to know is whether or not Daya pulled the trigger on Humphrey.

Just kidding! You can’t know that yet! But what you can know (and already knew if you’re being honest with yourself) is that Alex and Piper are gonna come out of this whole thing squeaky clean by bouncing (and probably hunkering down somewhere quiet to fuck).

Hey, and here are some photos.

It’s good they brought you to Seattle Grace Mercy West. Gay people die a lot less in Shondaland.

Eh, I always knew Emily Fields would end up in here tbh.

Man, remember when our cuteness negated how the worst your are, Pipes?

Do not come in here talking about Mon-El. I will poison your mashed potatoes.

Hahaha! You thought Trump gave a shit about poor people! Hahahahaha!

Wow. So it’s true. Grace and Frankie is the gayest thing on Netflix now.

Two months! How you feeling?

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Heather Hogan

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  1. seeing these pics makes me miss some of these characters, but i refuse to watch this show after how they did with poussey. i actually didn’t watch last season, either, ’cause it got spoiled for me like the same day the show came out, and i was like NOPE VETO THAT.

    nope nope nope. here’s to beautiful butterflies suzanne and nicky though. <3

  2. Is it bad that I am kind of looking forward to seeing this? I get if others don’t want to see this, but a part of me is so invested in the stories, like Sophia’s, and I just want to know what is next.

    • nah of course not. you do you. i can’t/won’t deal with it personally, but that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t watch if that’s what they wanna do. there are definitely still great characters whose stories will hopefully be handled well.

  3. Does anybody know if there have been any changes in their writers’ room? It’s hard to feel good about abandoning this cast, but if the show is really committed to having mostly white people write these stories it’s also very hard to feel good about sticking with it.

  4. Eh I’m curious but no longer invested..The fact that the writers made the effort to have it represented correctly but then had one of their characters shown faking it for attention (after being reprimanded by Gloria, a latina Santera) in a cutesy way was infuriating. It’s like hey, we can look like we care! Without actually caring!

    And fucking then!! Piper is branded and they show her sobbing and her breakdown as this sad meaningful that impacts her life. Meanwhile, she was branded for 2 minutes because she literally got Maria more years on her sentence for doing the exact thing she herself was doing with the panty business AND got her branded for LIFE as a gang leader. Did Maria get meaningful sentimental screentime crying herself to sleep like Piper? Nope! She got gritty close ups surrounded by her tough latinx “gang”. Fuck the writers for softening white fuckups while showing women of color as True Criminals.

  5. “But what you can know (and already knew if you’re being honest with yourself) is that Alex and Piper are gonna come out of this whole thing squeaky clean by bouncing”

    Uh, no, stop presuming and being snarky.

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