Olympic Women’s Soccer Open Thread: Gold Medal Match

The day has come. We survived the last game, and more importantly, we survived all of the Canadian fans and the bitter comments they made in passive-aggressive tweets and Facebook statuses (I still love you Canada). If you somehow missed the last game, here’s a cute YouTube video that basically explains it all via ukulele. It was dramatic, and I’m sure we can all agree that the game brought out a lot of feelings. I think Intern Grace said it best in a tweet: #SOCCERFEELINGS

Megan Rapinoe attempts to distract us from her attractiveness — to no avail.
via {USWNTgifs tumblr}

Well, get ready to have #soccerfeelings x 392375 because of course it came down to USA and Japan. Last time, this kind of match didn’t end so well on our part, but we’re a totally different team now, wouldn’t you agree? I think Abby Wambach might agree:

I think the fact that we lost the World Cup and the way that we did gives us even more passion and desire to go out and perform tomorrow. We saw each other in the Village. We told each other that we’re both glad that the other had won because we believe that we’re the top two teams in the world and our fans deserve to see a great final. This gold medal match is going to be nothing short of that.

 I’m so excited! We made Pimm’s Cup to celebrate! Let’s talk about the game, because we’re in this together!

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  1. There are no words… I keep tearing up reading about this team and seeing the emotion on their faces. I am elated for these girls and don’t want this to end. Someone at work asked if I was ok and I snapped back “Allergies!” #lies #soccerfeelings

  2. Brb reblogging the entire USWNT tag on Tumblr. Because I know no other way to express my affection for these fantastic women. Other than stalking Megan Rapinoe, and that would be inappropriate (well, hopefully).

    • UGH. For serious, this is why we can’t have nice things. WTF America?! Why do people keep making us look bad? Gah, I can’t even.

      I was just thinking about how the Olympics are great because everybody comes together and cheers for everyone, and forgets for a while about war and hate. And now it’s ruined. Goddammit people, stop sucking so much.

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