We Like Your Shirt, Would Like It Better With Collar Tips

Feature image via High Waisted Shorts and Vogue

Here’s an updated take on a classic piece of menswear (which always makes for the perfect lesbian style): collar accessories. And the best part? There are so many variations of this that you can find something perfect for your life — collar necklaces, collar tips, and my personal favorite, connected collar tips — no matter what your individual expression of gender is.


Detachable Collars/Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are amazing because a) they can make any shirt with a regular ol’ neckline look fancier just by existing around your neck and b) they come in such a wide range of materials that you can basically create any look you want. They can be hand crochet, beaded, made of chains, hard, soft, subtle, eye-catching, peter-pan style, pointy, or basically whatever your tender queer heart desires!

Beaded Peter Pan Collar via Topshop.com

Lace Crochet Collar via Meiziinus on Etsy.com

If you’re feeling especially crafty, there’s a really exciting crafting guide on A Beautiful Mess that will show you how to make your own Peter Pan collar necklace.


Collar Tips

These are so cute I can barely look them. Western-inspired, they add that extra little something special to an already sexy button down shirt. Because honestly, no one looks better in a button down than a queer girl, amiright? Again, you can go minimal or flashy with these, and there are a lot of really beautiful vintage ones on Etsy. Highly recommended for masculine of center queers looking to make an outfit snazzier, but that doesn’t mean femmes shouldn’t rock them too. We should all just go out and get some right now and then have a collar tip party. It’s also possible to buy shirts with collar tips already on them, but I like the idea of being able to create variations on an item you already own.

Minimal Collar Tips in Silver from ChicVixen on Etsy.com

Collar Tip Pack via Topshop.com


Connected Collar Tips

Disclaimer: these aren’t officially called “connected collar tips,” but I feel that it is an important distinction to make. These collar tips are connected with chains that can be decorated with beautiful sexy objects like spikes and jewels and more chains and the collar tips can have leopards on them and ugh I want all of them! The other thing is that if you wear a necklace underneath your collar, it will have basically the same effect, so if you’re unemployed like me, you don’t have to go buy something new (even though I will probably be buying these later today because, priorities).

Chain and Spike Collar Tips via Topshop.com


via ASOS


Also, if you’re not afraid of commitment, you can accessorize your collars in a more permanent way by sewing on tips, OR you can be really awesome and get piercings for your collar. They are like piercings for your skin only without the pain and risk of infection, and they look just as gay.

via style salvage steve on flickr

What’s your favorite?

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  1. I don’t see the use, I am sorry but it is the typical accessory that becomes momentarily “fashionable” that will end in the garbage or that you will soon forget about, we should really stop consuming stuff that is absolutely useless and only creates more pollution.
    We seriously need to wake up from the numbness that consumption makes us feel.
    (sorry for the terrible english it is not my first language)

  2. Omigod, I really dig the pierced look. I feel like the other things would just be clunky, especially since I aim to wear collared shirts with ties (because, duh, the only thing hotter than a queer girl in a collared shirt is a queer girl in a collared shirt and a tie/vest/suspenders/me).

  3. Omgosh… Where have these been all my life?! As a queer grrl who has lately been embracing her androgynous/dapper soft butch side and has a mildly intense button-up fetish, I thank you. Now to go pierce my collars.

  4. I wear these all the time for work. Makes me look a bit more proffessional. And feel a bit more proffessional when coming in hungover after a night on the tequila. Really good post!

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