Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa #31: Hypochondriac

“Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa” is a biweekly webcomic by Alyssa

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A. Andrews

A. is a totally complete incomplete paraplegic and thirty-something hanky-in-the-pocket cartoonist weirdo!

A. has written 69 articles for us.


  1. You go girl. Hypochondria is nothing to sneeze at, it’s a boogger of a thing all to itself. So glad you can draw it out with your art ! (sorry for the bad puns, low blood sugar…)

  2. I LOVED the double thumbs up/champion of survival picture!
    Congrats to being back in health insurance. Every step away from WebMD is a good step. xoxo

  3. I feel this so hard. I tend to not worry about stuff but with some of the health stuff it is Worrisome and a minor issue is real hard to tell apart from major stuff.

  4. I’m not a hypochondriac … but what’s the word for someone who compulsively imagines the worst possible outcome about everything?

    Like, the wind sounded like a voice last night and I couldn’t sleep because I was stuck debating the pros and cons of running vs hiding in the chest freezer when the militia (obviously) arrives to kill us. Also, in which context would they check the freezer? And which way would I run in daylight vs evening, high tide vs low tide? I might also have gotten really weepy and mourned the dogs, who obviously get killed first in every intruder scenario.

  5. Hypochondriasm is so real and I relate so hard to this. At least once a week I have an ache or a weird looking freckle or weird chest pain that convinces me I’m in the process of dying (this week it’s skin cancer causing my demise). It’s hard to figure out when it’s just my anxiety and when it is an actual issue I should be concerned about….

  6. Wow, spot-on comic, especially the panel about anxiety on behalf of others. I’m more of a meta-hypocondriac, because it runs in the family, and I’m worried that one day I’ll turn into my grandfather (who would ask for a discount at the pharmacy for being “a professional hypocondriac”) and buy a big book of pill types.

  7. Oh boy I feel this, did this dance this week.

    The source of my angioedema + hives bouts is still unclear so now when I get a pimple on my forehead my mind shrieks “It’s happening again!” so like I have to when the lumpies are in full swing I wear I beanie to keep that patch of skin out of reach and out of sight is what I learned this week.

    Once your body falls apart on you or attacks itself dragging you along for the ride a person can stop trusting it and are just ready freddy for it drop kick you, again.

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