No Man’s Land Episode 5: You Have A Nice Shelf, If You Know What I Mean

In this episode of No Man’s Land Anna and Shelly take to what one can only assume is the parking lot of their apartment building for a rather ambitious shelf construction project.

They are assisted in this shelf-making endeavor by Allison Oropallo. “Who is Allison Oropallo?” you might be asking yourself. I know I did. She was the first female finalist on HGTV’s reality type show All American Handyman. I’ve never seen it, but it sounds like Project Runway with nail guns. So I should probably check it out. Allison didn’t win the overall prize, but she was voted the fan favorite by, well, the fans. Which is nothing to sneeze at because everybody likes fans, especially when the A/C is on the fritz.

If you don’t have six whole minutes then I suggest jumping to around 4:30 to watch Anna attempt to use a sander. Priceless.

Let’s cut some wood in a parking lot:

My favorite quote of this episode is “No death will happen.” Because really, that’s the best guarantee one can hope for with any project involving power tools. AND no death happened. At the end of the day everybody still had their thumbs and Anna & Shelly have some pretty kick ass, non-Ikea shelves.

Have you ever made your own shelf situation? Did death happen?

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