No Filter: Laura Jane Grace Goes To Live Among The Sand People

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly stroll through the transcendental world of queer celebrity Instagram. This week, we are pleased to bring you some fine examples of very famous people being totally endearing weirdos. Let’s get to work.

They told me I'm the goat and I was like true

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Brittani Nichols getting meta.

I. Am. A. Dork. Got to visit LucasFilm yesterday. It fucking ruled.

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The entire caption for this photo is sand people noises.

You guys need to SETTLE DOWN.

#Repost @nytimes ・・・ “A lot of my work is heavily influenced by the culture of my Yoruba heritage,” said the Nigerian-born visual artist and musician @laolunyc. “I like to see the world in that lens.” His struggle to break through the NYC gallery scene led @laolunyc, a former human rights lawyer, to embrace the idea that everything could be his canvas, from murals to custom-designed clothing. His most recognized work, a form of body painting that he calls “the sacred art of the Ori,” gained renown after appearing in @beyonce’s “Lemonade.” But @laolunyc’s work has also landed at the @brooklynmuseum and the @afropunk festival. On average, it takes him between 6 and 8 hours to complete a painting. He draws from personality traits of deities in Yoruba culture before painting words and patterns, on his subjects’ bodies. @sashafoto captured @laolunyc painting @daniebb3, an actress on @oitnb. “When he is so intimately close to your body in that way, he’s seeing all of your scars, all of the things you deem beautiful or all of the things that you don’t like,” she told @nytimes.

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The caption on this one kind of explains what’s going on here, but I couldn’t get enough of this picture so here it is. Danielle Brooks is a treasure.

Jelly #weekendwarriors #aquariumofthebay

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For all I know, Jiz Lee swam down there as part of some kind of triathlon or whatever it is you sporty people do.

This sweet angel is CRYING because her SHOW IS OVER and I’m crying because the show was SO GOOD and now I have to wait a full year to find out what happens (but have been entertaining myself imagining adjacent worlds like Vestvorld, the vampire version).

Today's look: Jurassic Park visitor who will def be eaten.

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Cameron’s description of Rhea’s outfit is so spot-on I can hardly improve upon it.

?in the pocket ?

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Craftiest babe on the block Jasika Nicole stitched this octopus vagina for you.

Me and my new best friend are on @latenightseth tonight! #carrythisbook

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Would watch this Broad City episode. Honestly, Abbi and Shaq’s friendship might outshine Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel’s.

Join us next week, when Ruby, Vin, Abbi and Shaq battle it out to figure out which unlikely duo will win our affections.

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