No Filter Is Sailing Down A Lazy River On A Giant Swan With Sara Quin’s Cat

Welcome back to No Filter, a weekly celebration of famous people’s pets. This week in People Who Don’t Have Instagram, Evan Rachel Wood sang Alanis Morissette in her basement (it’s fine, everything’s fine). As far as we can tell, everybody else on the internet was busy celebrating Leisha Hailey’s birthday, whether they were conscious of it or not. You were too.

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Chillin like some villains.

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Poussey and Soso are back at it, shooting season 4 of Orange Is The New Black. When do we get to a place where I can write something spoiler-y about season 3 without one of you murdering me? What are you guys even doing here if you haven’t finished the season? Get to work.

Andreja Pejić is living my actual dream life right now.

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Chillen W my lady @mileycyrus

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Or maybe it’s Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell, who rode their dinosaurs into town to pick up an extra tub of glitter and a six-pack.

Did you ever wonder what Kate Moennig would bring to the picnic you two would have together? Now you know – cigarettes, popcorn, mini-muffins and salsa. At least that’s what she (or maybe Camila Grey) brought to Leisha Hailey’s birthday party. Notably absent: yoplait.

In thumbnail form, I thought Leisha was standing next to a very large kite that she was super excited to have received for her birthday – but no, it’s this very pretty stained glass piece. Perhaps she’d like a kite next year.

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Peach cobbler pie, in progress.

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Usually I like to include pictures of people or animals, but I have stopped by the bodega and bought a peach every single day this week because I can’t stop thinking about this picture of Lauren Morelli’s peaches. Not a euphemism.

Carrie Brownstein is back on the set of Transparent as Syd, the only voice of reason in a sea of characters who are mostly awful human beings.

Brittani Nichols is acting awfully suspicious.
I cannot get over the perpetual look on this cat’s face, as though it had just walked in on its parents having sex and can never unsee what it has seen. What secrets does this cat know?

Join us next week, when we’ll find out what other life-size reproductions Miley and Stella climb on top of.

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  1. But how do you slice peaches that neatly? Because my peaches always end up a sticky mess when I’ve taken the core out.

  2. I feel like I should be warned ahead of time when there’s going to be a picture of Kate Moennig, so I can mentally prepare myself for the coming aesthetic shock.


    I didn’t sleep, I’m too wired.


    Also, did you know that there is a dinosaur called a LESothosaurus?! Life is good.

  4. I can’t decide if Soso and Poussey would be unnaturally adorable or beyond awkward. Either way I’m dying to find out!

  5. Okay but now I need an article with tips on how to get a lady to ride dinosaurs with me.

  6. Stef, one quick question: When is vapid fluff getting on the train that’s riding to Riese’s actual real life wedding? I’d be so excited about an inside piece about this mysterious CEO-person and her fiancée!

  7. did you consider that maybe sara quin’s cat is freaked out cause you threatened to make her sit on a giant bird in the middle of some water??

  8. In my heart, every former Disney star grows up, shrugs off the misogyny and bullshit of her media fishbowl upbringing, goes queer, and rides off into the sunset on a dinosaur with her girlfriend. Every. Single. One.

  9. Wait…i had a weird dream. I tought i lived in a world where Hanna Montana is getting butchier and butchier and has a Victoria secret hot, blonde GF. Can someone make sure if i am awake or not?

  10. Glad to see the Transparent and OITNB casts are hard at work producing more queer TV! Huzzah.

  11. wait I want to ride a dinosaur with Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell! I need to step up my glitter/Jurassic World game.

    also I’d like to thank the universe for that cat’s face.

  12. I somehow didn’t know that (at least some of) the actresses from The L word are still friends??? You have no idea how happy that makes a younger version of myself.

    • i have seen drop dead gorgeous enough times to know the fire hazards associated with giant swans.

  13. That Carrie Brownstein picture brings a goofy smile to my face like she always does. She’s just the near perfect human we all need to be friends with, or marry.

  14. I feel like Poussey and and Soso will be dating in season 4 and I’m soooo excited with that possibility and this picture just affirms my feeling.

  15. this is an excellent description of the look on that cat’s face. it must be so unsettling and also adorable to live with.
    and: YES POUSSOSO.

  16. I wanna picnic with Kate. I would love to sit there and feed her grapes and talk about why she killed Jenny….

  17. I’ve mostly accepted my lot as an urban person, but one thing I am sad about is never having a front lawn for giant lawn dinosaurs and the chance that one day I would wake up and find celebrity gal pals riding said dinosaurs.

  18. I have just now made the realization that Kate Moennig’s last name is not pronounced/spelled “Moening” (as in moaning)…Freudian slip I guess.

  19. Why do I so enjoy peeking into the lives of random celebrities. Before I thought I didn’t care about celebrities. But now I realized that I definitely do. Just only the queer ones.

    That Poussey and Soso pic is too cute.

  20. am I the only one confused by this whole cobbler pie situation? aren’t they two different things??

  21. Wait, so is this Miley thing a real thing now?

    Also, I have eaten two peaches a day every day for a week now (no innuendo intended). I will cry when the season is over.

  22. Poussoso, definitely. Although I have to say that I’m hoping even more fervently for Suzanne+Maureen in S4.

  23. Dear World, can Kate Moennig please guest star on OITNB? And can season 4 be released sooner than June 2016 (because rewatching that clip from the end of S3 finale probably won’t tide me over as I wait to see more of Poussey’s story)? Thank you, World.

  24. I keep changing my mind if I’m more excited by the pussy or Poussey…. it’s a tough life!

  25. It’s so great having instagrams relevant to my interests conveniently compiled in one place.

  26. Yes! I need to be able to discuss my feelings with those about Season 3. If you haven’t finished the season…Its time to blow off being a productive human to do it.

    I motion to always start this post with Poussey!

    • I second this motion. All in favor? All opposed?

      A bazillion in favor, none opposed. The resolution passes and the chair will sign it.

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