No Filter: Heather Matarazzo Got Engaged To Another Heather

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly stroll through the garden of queer celebrity Instagram. This week in Media, Kristen Stewart got some coffee and Charlize Theron kissed a lady for charity. Kristen Stewart appears to spend her waking hours just strolling up and down Hillhurst, alternating between coffee and green juice. Doesn’t seem like a terrible way to spend one’s day. Anyway, NOW FOR INSTAGRAM.

So good.

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I’m posting this first so we can all agree that it’s the best and most satisfying post on the internet this week. I love how earnestly Samira asks if everyone is ready, like she imagines us all at home also peeling our fake eyelashes off in tandem. I just might.

Thanks for saying yes to attending the NAACP IMAGE AWARDS with me, @alanaoyam!

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Honestly if every week I have to post a picture of Lena Waithe in formalwear attending an awards show I’m totally here for it.

I just need a minute, if you need to also take a minute to take this all in I support you 100%.

really? REALLY? #?

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Jasika has some very strategic sweat.

I love it when queers are in same-name relationships, personally. I appreciate that Heather Matarazzo calls her fiancée by her last name.

comin harder than ya boyfrennnnn all 2018. ??

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Well then.

I mean I guess this is a place in San Francisco but I just assumed these two went to Medieval Times.

it’s me, ur boy “in-between haircut”

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This is a very strong Tiger Beat look.

Famous author Cara Delevingne loves getting her makeup done.

Dr. Feelgood

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Laura Jane Grace definitely didn’t leave you in a bathtub full of ice after she took your kidneys.

I wore jeans to the beach. #bienvenidoamiami?

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I’ll be back next week with more of these breaking stories.

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