New Year’s OPEN THREAD and “Resolution” Party

Open Thread tiiiime! Time for an Open Thread! Time to share your feelings and feel like one big happy community because THAT’S WHAT WE ARE!

This is it! 2010 ends tonight, bitches. For most of you that means champagne toasts, fancy clothes, watching New York City go crazy on TV, and a weird song that may/may not be in French but defo advocates being mean to old friends. Maybe it also means resolutions to be better, stronger, faster, harder, etc.

To celebrate the two time-honored traditions of Autostraddle holiday open threads and of New Years’ resolutions, we bring you this post. Here are Team AS’s resolutions for 2011. Share yours in the comments!

Senior Editor Rachel K.:

+ Drink more water, the internet says it’s good for you
+ Write letters, answer emails, return voicemails, sit up straight, be a perfect person, etc.
+ Run a 10k.
+ Be a little bit more like Tess every day.
+ Don’t say it’s fine when it’s not fine.

Intern Hot Laura

+ My resolution is to be a superhero, but I would settle for having a body like the girl in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”
+ Being less negative [next year, my new self will phrase this “being more positive”]
+ Remembering to take my vitamins.
+ Finding something worthwhile to do when I graduate in the spring.
+ I will participate in the Autostraddle book club.

Managing Editor Sarah:

+ Moderation. I hear that really works for people?
+ Stop convincing myself that I have more fun spending time alone. I don’t, it’s just easier.
+ Take more risks.
+ See Alex Vega again so that “when will I see you again?!” will stop being 98% of our gchat conversations. And then I will make her recreate some sort of pop dance move.
+ What if I said go to the gym (x number of) times per (x number of) days. What if this headline made up something about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Executive Editor Laneia:

+ Reply to emails within 48 hrs of receiving them even if that reply is “Sorry but I am currently unable to process your request / question / feelings. Please try your request / question / feelings again at a later time. Sincerely yours, Laneia.”
+ Read at least one non-fiction book per month, one cumulative half of the book being read outdoors and the other half indoors.
+ Not to adopt or buy or attempt to rescue any cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, lizards, birds or womyn.

Tech Contributor Rachel B.:

+ Not give up on the gym just because it is hot outside. California has a tendency of doing that and we can’t let ourselves go just because it is summer again.
+ Learn to say “no” when faced with the dangerous coupling of my girlfriend’s cute face and the face of a tiny, furry, baby animal.
+ Bring home more flowers.
+ Answer the phone when it rings, stop avoiding people, keep in better touch with far away family, be less antisocial.

Intern Elizabeth:

+ A few years ago I resolved to never again make a New Year’s Resolution, and to date it’s the only one I’ve ever kept. So I’ve got that going for me.

Intern Emily Choo:

+ I refuse to have a resolution because by February I will have forgotten my resolution, and it’s likely that I will not have accomplished it anyway. I’m pretty much in denial of my flaws, and my resolutions tend to be more geared towards things other people can do to be better.

CEO of Ideas Riese

+ I am going to make friends in the Bay Area. For real. I had ~3 friends coming here. Now I have ~3 ‘friends’ and the potential of being better ‘friends’ with Sarah Felicity and her girlfriend but we need way more friends. The idea of socializing stresses me out, not gonna lie. But I didn’t come here to stay in my room.
+ Actually I redact that last one. Every year since 1999, I have resolved to GET MY SHIT TOGETHER except for the year I resolved to stop knocking over the glass of water by my bed or the year I resolved to break up with my boyfriend and literally broke up with him at like 12:05 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2003. Oh I think I resolved once to celebrate every National Holiday.
+ The only thing I could legitimately resolve to do would be to be in debt, drink too much, and spend most of my time talking to Laneia on g-chat.
+ I will pay my taxes or do the accounting that I stopped doing in July because I had too many feelings.
+ ALSO FOR THE RECORD I already go to the gym so, I automatically win New Year’s resolutions

I couldn’t find a video of the muppets celebrating New Year’s Eve, so you’ll just have to get drunk without them.

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  1. you guys, i’m really sad right now because i should be in mexico stuffing my face with tamales and getting shit faced. Instead im in texas being sober without tamales. So my new years resolution is “learn how to make tamales”.

  2. this year was weird. it started out great: got a new job, got over a break-up, felt like a better person again and then it was all smashed to pieces when my mom broke up with her then-husband and got back together with her ex-husband.

    I’m not really satisfied with this year so I won’t say the next year will be better, or the best, it will just be. and I will be and I will try to get my shit together and figure out how to be there for other people AND myself at the same time.

    most of my resolutions seem to be vagina-centered, though.
    I will buy myself that vibrator and other useful sex-stuff I’ve been wanting for so long.
    I will learn how to really use my diva cup ’cause it just leaked a little.
    I will start being 23 at last, two months before I turn 24, because I am too complicated for my age and for the love of god, I have to start dating and sleeping around again.
    my boobs are too pretty for this self-pitying shit.


  3. I’m going out tonight for teh first time ever in my life. I think i’ll miss Dick Clark though. . .

    ~Go back to school.
    ~continue paying off my stupid student loans.
    ~pass at least my first roller derby skills test.
    ~stop being intimidated by other lesbians. (i don’t understand this one. . . I think it stems from my years of deep repression, and the fear of being found out, yet knowing EVERY lesbian, knew i was gay.)
    ~make more awesome stencils.

    • Good luck with derby! I’m sure you will do great; it’s not actually as hard as you think it is, and soon you’ll look back and laugh at how nervous you were (at least I do…).

  4. I have a five hour drive tonight and a ten hour drive tomorrow, so no partying for me.

    Also, I’m going to want to shoot myself by Thursday. Spending a week with family with no internet and lots of hours spent in a car = me going crazy and possibly experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the lack of internet

  5. My main goal in life is to be a tour guide atop a red double decker London. I have a degree in British history, but I do not have a British accent. Alas, my main goal will come to naught. However! When I’m giving time-traveling tours in the future, I resolve to always stop in 2010 to high five all AutoStraddle employees/interns, saying every time, “All your hard work was worth it.”

  6. haha, no my real resolutions are:

    1. build a better relationship with my parents and brother
    2. read a book a week
    3. stay true to myself in new relationships
    4. quit smoking (i guess.. *grumble* … we’ll see how that goes)
    5. buy a vibrator !!
    6. travel to Oregon, California and British Columbia (see West Coast basically)

  7. + find out what i want in life [& start working towards it]
    + TAKE RISKS [& be stable enough to pick myself up if i fall]
    + communicate feelings because i do have them
    + be happy [i think it can be a choice, usually]
    + stop manipulating myself to make how i want to feel/think seem rational just because it’s easier in the moment
    + graduate

    okay so basically in 2011 i want to figure out who i am because i feel i know nothing about myself. this is a bit ambitious (probably too much so but whatevs). should be an interesting year that is for sure. happy 2011!

  8. 1. go vegetarian
    2. gym 3x a week
    3. learn how to play an instrument
    5. try to keep myself more informed about what’s happening in the world
    6. stop apologizing for/feeling bad about how much my sexuality makes life harder for other people

  9. so, i was planning an all out drunk fest of a night tonight, only to wake up at one am last night and throw up for two hours. Now, I’m trying to decide the lesser of two evils, 1. go out anyway, not drink, be the dd, and risk getting lots of people sick, or 2. sit on my couch, or bed, watch tv, and try to ignore the fraternity/sorority-ish party my roommate is planning on throwing. Both sound terrible. I should just get a hotel room and wallow in self pitty.

  10. -Treat myself better. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t keep doing it.
    -Don’t trust pretty girls not to cheat on you when they’ve cheated before.
    -Don’t trust people so quickly.
    -Make new friends, find someone else to love.
    -Keep in contact with said people.
    -Fucking work on fixing myself.
    -Don’t get too enveloped in relationships and shit. You’re fucking 20, you don’t need to be planning to settle down and shit. Have some damn fun.

    Yeahhh, what has two thumbs and got dumped and cheated on on Christmas? THIS er… GIRL.

    (Sorry ladies, I still have a lot of feelings on this. If it hadn’t just happened, it’d probably be like:

    -Have dessert as much as I want
    -Stop stressing over small shit
    -Live and love

    Although, getting dumped shouldn’t make those three things go away, so you know what? We’ll add those, too.)

  11. Well since 2010 was probably my worst year to date… and I just left my moms’ after having her make me feel like worthless piece of shit for being unemployed…and I really needed to fucking vent on how depressed that made me… and my local ‘friends’ bailed on their NYE party and my real friends are far away…. fuck.

    I need a drink or just down a bottle of something.

    Resolution? get a fucking job or change the world.

  12. all i want to do tonight is spend nye alone without anyone fucking judging me. i’m back home, and i love this city like it’s tegan, but i have so many feelings about my friends/”friends” from high school. so many feelings, you guys.

    my big resolution is to “deal with my shit” (it has a lot of subcategories). in 2011, i aim to be a perfect human being.

  13. -Kiss more girls (or at least ask one particular girl out soon/finally so I can kiss her more)

    -Be a better vegetarian (sometimes I eat shrimp and I think that’s lame of me)

    -Bring more people to the light re: Bruce Springsteen’s greatness (if you want music let me know and I will send you some BECAUSE he is my Jesus and I need to spread his light)

    -Have more people over to my place for dinner & wine.

    Tonight I am going to my best friend’s to have dinner and drink wine and smoke weed and chill with her and her 2 year old son, who calls me “Auntie Geveeeeva” (my real name’s Geneva, it’s not totally random) and says things like “cool music dude,” and dances with me to Alligator and Back in Your Head.

    2011 is going to be an incredible year you guys. It’s the year of the Metal Rabbit, and should be a year for good relations, good deeds and compassion.

      • Please tell me you are either: 1. not a resident of North America or 2. recently awoke from a 40 year coma. I would also accept recent immigrant from isolated village where indoor plumbing is all the rage.

          • Drat, I was sure I was spot on with the coma thing. Very well, my next guess is that you are under 25. Regardless, you get a pass ’cause you’re cute and I like the way my mouth moves when I try to pronounce your username.

          • I am indeed under 25! You win. :) Also, could you write on my pass as an extra endorsement that I recently purchased his greatest hits album on iTunes, and particularly like the song “Streets of Philadelphia”?

  14. Let me just say that if it weren’t for all of you i wouldn’t have been able to get through 2010.. I thank you all, and wish you the best of the best in everything!
    My new resolution is to send autostraddle a nice big chunka’ money ;D
    Love you all XOXO

  15. My resolution for 2011 is to be brave, this means:
    +Not letting people push me around/intimidate me
    +Talking to people, especially people I find interesting/attractive
    +Getting the hell out of my room and doing shit

  16. Resolutions? I try not to keep them because I tend to forget them 2 weeks later but I’ll say em just incase:
    -> I already said it above but, use the Vibrator I got for Christmas
    -> Get my Tattoo
    -> Get into a University and go there in Fall
    -> Fix my sleeping habits, starting tonight. I think I might just go to bed at 10pm.
    And MOST Importantly:
    -> Stop caring about people who clearly don’t give a shit

  17. : I need/”resolve” to find a way to “like” my job until I finish my Masters and can find something more likable.

    : And I could be a lot nicer, though I feel that’s sometimes overrated, so maybe I should simply be less insulting/sarcastic/sardonic/seemingly cold-hearted.

    : Keep listening to myself.

    : Write. For fuck’s sake, just write and see what happens. I am tired of holding myself back.

    : Let go / give up this false sense of control / abandon the anxiety over ‘possibilities’ and ‘maybes’ / just.breathe.

    : Bitch less, take more action.

  18. In 2011 I’m going to challenge myself. I’m throwing myself into a situation I’ve never been in, with only myself to rely on. That is, I’m moving to the Netherlands from Canada for five months. Let’s see what happens. Not really a resolution, but definitely something that’s going to create some kind of change in me over the next 6 months or so.

  19. I’m not doing anything tonight except watching all of the L Word season 5. Screw socializing!

    : kiss a girl. At least talk to more lesbians in the area, dammit.
    : join a bookclub.
    : don’t procrastinate as much… This one’s a streeetttccchhhh.

  20. you guys, GAGA is doing something tonight aka announcing something about her album, born this way.

    new year’s resolution:
    – buy gaga’s album (although this doesn’t even need to be resolved, it’s a given: im buying gaga’s album)
    – stop listening to taylor swift
    – continue to mock sarah palin
    – build up my tolerance to alcohol
    – donate to AS

    • apparantly I was REALLY into spamming last night. by 00:04 I was already drunk and thought the internet was important. then I went out to light fireworks with my friend for about an hour. then we walked to our city’s harbour, tried to crash to parties, went through a private party that was already kinda over and by 5:30 I was home again, after a lengthy test of my trust for one of my friends.
      how to know if she flirts?
      it was a succesful night for someone who hates new years eve. ;)

  21. throwing a party at my apartment, everyone’s best friends from everyone’s “homes”.

    my resolutions:
    -no high fructose corn syrup
    -no GMOs
    -no fast food
    -create more, more often
    -save more

  22. I’m drinking with my family tonight. I have a bottle of Andre and some Bushmills.

    Also, I graduate from college in 2011, and I’m not ready to be a grown up yet.

    I have 1 resolution – to draw and fill at least one page in my sketchbook every day.

  23. 1) get a girlfriend

    2) get more gay lady friends

    3) who will join me in exploring the world of girl bars/parties/whatever and introduce me to *their* gay lady friends and otherwise help me fulfill #1. also listen tolerantly/have something to say in return as I babble on about Skins and Prop 8 and gender and stuff.

    4) finally make those doctor and dentist appointments. find out why one of my fingers gets a lot colder than the others and has recently started to sometimes look a little white/purple.

    5) get closer to figuring out what i’m doing with my life

    6) be HAPPPY(er).

  24. For once Auckland put on a pretty gosh darn decent NYE fireworks display…. which i could see from my bedroom window. WIN!

    1. Decide in a month whether i will take that job in Oz that i’ve already accepted. If not i should probably send someone an email.
    2. Start training for surf life saving badge next summer (im lazy and require training goals)
    3. Go visit my peeps in UK during my leave. Save money to enable this. (read: pay off credit card in order to max it out again)
    4. Do things that make me happy even if they’re a bit daft/nerdy/lame and people verbalise this.
    5. See an albatross (see above)
    6. Get my operational paramedic patches before July
    7. Go back to being 100% vegan.

    2010 kind of sucked… im psyched about 2011… woot.

    • Laneia (through the magic that is formspring) said she “will punch [me] in the fucking face” if I don’t make this comment.

      So, the fact you live in Auckland, and the patches before July thing say we work for the same company. See, limited field of work, all that. I work in one of the new buildings at RHQ not on the road, but… yeah.

      Basically, there are +/- 100 gay guys here, and everyone else is a straight women. I feel I need a kindred spirit.

      Also, things that make you happy, even if they’re nerdy… do them. So worth it.

  25. My resolution for this year is to learn to control some of my anxiety and not always rely on medication. In the past it has affected personal relationships as well as causing problems in the work place. This year, I’m determined not to let that happen.

    Smaller resolutions would be to cook more, eat out less (food-wise!), take more effort to decorate my apartment and spend at least one day out of the weekend outdoors in some fashion.

  26. It’s amazing to me to think that this time last year I wasn’t even out to myself yet, and since then I’ve been kicked out of my house, brought back in, forced to attend degayifying therapy, forced to wear dresses, fought back tooth and nail, and on the whole become comfortable with myself while inhabiting a hostile environment. Wow. I’m actually really proud of myself.

    Next year:
    +Study more Bible (at least 3 chapters a day)
    +Pray more (at least 10 mins/day of quiet time, even if I don’t say anything)
    +Be active in service to my Faith- at least 4 service hours a month
    +Graduate high school still in the top ten
    +Go to Georgia Tech
    +Get the guts to come out to more people, instead of waiting for “the grapevine” to mysteriously inform everyone without my doing any of the work (because THAT was such an effective strategy… not.)

  27. I haven’t made any resolutions.
    I’m always behind in things like this for some reason.. so, thank you, autostraddle for helping me out on the last day of 2010, as you have at the very least once a week for the whole of the rest of the year..

    *quit procrastinating at life in general.
    *write. A lot. About everything. In any media format. And try to get noticed for said writings. Or published. Or complimented. Or SOMETHING.
    *spend more time with my daughter.
    *smile because I’m happy, and quit faking it.
    *BE happy.
    *realize that I deserve to be happy.
    *quit putting everyone, EVERYONE, in front of me; I have feelings about this.
    *love more.
    *dance more.
    *sing more.
    *play more.
    *enjoy life.
    *quit being so antisocial! Make friends!

    Umm… yeah. Just, generally quit being dysfunctional.

    Oh, and save/change the world.

  28. Riese, I’ll be your friend.. come September! Hahah. My best friend and I are moving to the Bay Area and will be facing the same dilemma. She’s the more ambitious one, I’m like you, socializing stresses me out! I guess that’s part of my “resolutions”… that once I move I will stop being such a recluse, hiding in my books.

    My new years eve is consisting of going out to dinner and seeing Black Swan (mixed feelings about this, we shall see.)

    Have fun and be safe laaadies! :)

  29. you guys, i’m celebrating new year with my parents, their neighbors, and my friends parents. i’m not sad because this means i’m eating steak and drinking cava [the alternative was chap beer at a party in kentucky] but my breasts are because they look really good in this shirt and they aren’t being seen by anyone.

  30. 2011 the year I become an adult:

    -Go skydiving in Santa Barbara
    -Take a day trip to Monterey to play Spanish Bay and do 17-mile drive
    -Play golf more often
    -Keep steady with new found vegandom
    -Stay in college and finish it
    -Meet a nice Jewish girl
    -New apartment
    -Health insurance

    • Skydiving in Santa Barbara? Or at Skydive Santa Barbara in Lompoc?
      Because both are awesome.
      Where are you that SB is something of a proximity?
      I’m in Santa Maria (an hour north on the 101).
      Not Jewish, but maybe we can be friends/have coffee/be bored together on the interweb!

  31. My New Year’s resolution is to sleep with more chicks. I have to project an aura of confidence that says “let me take you home”. Also, more confidence in general.

    Get over my ex so I don’t have a tiny panic attack every time I see her name.

    Get on good terms with my other ex, because my town is too small to avoid people, and she cut my hair really well, and now it is overgrown. It isn’t either of our faults that we weren’t meant to be.

    Work out. I’m unsure yet if this means to learn to rollerskate or just bike to school or what, but I don’t want to gain 50 lbs while working on my PhD.

    Waste less time on the internet, spend less time thinking and doing nothing so I have more time to do things.

    Get off anxiety meds completely and see if my life (and sex life) improves.

    Pay down my credit cards, cut one up, start an emergency fund–and when all of that is done, I’m going to reward myself and buy a nice strapon. Because I’m worth it.

    Relatedly, explore my butch-ish identity.

    Wow, lots of things to do!

    • Come here to me mate, all of this you can do….what I did was join a gay social group and an LGBT and ive never looked back, it totally changed my life, so if there’s one near you join up and go to events, you may as well, life is very short, if I can do it then so can you! Good luck. :-D

  32. My resolutions this year are to travel to a gay scene somewhere far away, so if anyone had any suggestions please say so, because im stuck for ideas?! Also I want to kiss a lot of lovely women, have as much fun as ive had in 2010, ah life isnt so bad in fairness! I also want to stop being a half arsed (assed for those in America) vegetarian!

    Also can I just say……thanks a million to Autostraddle and the AS team for providing me and mine with a ridiculous amount of laughs and gay lady information and fantastic articles……’s the first place me and my friends come to if we want to find out something about the gay world….be it DADT or what Republican senator has been outed to the latest “It gets better” video to the most recent Autostraddle calender lady. To be honest if im (or my mates) ever in a bad mood I come onto AS and just read the articles and the comments and it cheers me up no end to see how intelligent and witty the gay women of this world are….well done everyone! :-D

    • Year-themed songs I’m listening to right now: The New Year, This Year by the Mountain Goats, Human of the Year by Regina Spektor, and What a Year for a New Year by Dan Wilson. It’s pretty awesome. Although they’re all kind of downers. It’s not NYE for me any more though, so that’s OK.

  33. I am eewsluting to make mtyself like coffee. Guess whi;s dru nk===nk! mw! I just got bskcf from ne years [artuing_! i AM DUPER driunk|”! Super super dunk! I mamnaged to type duper but I am sper durnk! I am ging to watch 20 noroc before going tos eppp!”

  34. My resolutions are to
    + have a 3.5 GPA at the end of this semester
    + come out to my parents (will probably do this tomorrow…)
    + join 3 more clubs on-campus, find something similar to do off-campus
    + generally be more active/social

  35. My goals for 2010 are to be awesome always, read lots, binge drink less, and have champagne for breakfast more. (Seriously, mimosas and Cheerios are the breakfast of champions. Unless you have to drive or work or something, in which case… don’t do that. Just have Cheerios.)

  36. Cat just came and offered me moral support while I was being sick. Although, being a cat, she might also have been mocking me/asking for food. TRUELY LESBIAN’S BEST FRIEND.

    Oh, resolutions.
    – Not get kicked out of college (this obviously involves lots of stuff)
    – Go back to therapy
    – Start cycling again
    – Less alcohol, less drugs. See: the start of this comment…
    – A girlfriend would also be more than nice

  37. Resolutions

    The serious/work-related ones:

    -Get my GED
    -Get a job
    -Get my license/ID

    The life/entertainment ones:

    -Lose the last 20-25 pounds so I can start on the body I want.
    -Keep working on bass playing (it’s been a week or two since I started).
    -Finally ask her out.

    Sorry if any of this is odd or anything like that, I’m sleepy as hell.

    Also, as a side question – Why doesn’t Autostraddle have a forum? Seems like something this site would have.

  38. First of all I just want to say that that was some quality champagne/vodka/unmentionable substances and we danced through the floor and I fucking love being 18.

    +be fab.
    +rave 2 the grave.

  39. Okay, I’m a little late to this party, but… happy New Year everyone!

    +Get impressive at longboarding.
    +Continue going to the gym.
    +Keep my scholarships/aka have a good GPA.
    +Make more friends in NYC/have brunches.
    +Don’t mess things up with the girlfriend.

    • Your name is derived from the Latin verb amare, which means to love or to like, so you have that going for you.

      Oh, and I have no clue how to type macrons on this keyboard, so imagine the second a having a line over it, and being pronounced like the a in “father.”

    • Anything derived from Latin is my favorite. I just got a page-a-day Latin calendar for Christmas and I think it is one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten. Amanda is an amazing name because it means she who must be loved, so I think you’ve got a pretty good thing going for you my friend.

  40. My resolution is to abandon a comfortable yet tedious middle-class existence, and blow all savings drifting around another continent in pursuit of the answer to life, or at least the answer to my life.

    But not until after Eurovision because, you know, priorities.

  41. resolution hu!!! kiss more girls . find a good job, and apartment, move out of moms house, keep my gpa at 3.5 or higher, find friends that arnt addicts and are more reliable …kiss more girls that done have boyfriends they dont plan on leaving

  42. i need/want to:

    be a nude model for art classes [easy money with out completely objectifying myself]
    dance more often [i have terrible rhythm]
    take an initiative
    start a revolution
    simplify everything i do/say/think

    • You could start a soft revolution, ie “Soft Revolution” by Stars. OR set up a specific date/time to play that (or a different song) throughout the WORLD! It wouldn’t be a revolution in the historic sense of the word, but it’d be a movement nonetheless.

  43. Happy New Year, everyone!

    I don’t like to make resolutions, but some *goals* for 2011

    + Figure out what I want to do with my life (at least in the short term)
    + Get a job
    + Draw/paint more (& take some art classes)
    + Try to be less antisocial/more friendly/more involved
    + Laugh more
    + Procrastinate less/waste less time on the internets
    + Make some queer lady friends
    + Take more risks (emotional/relationship etc…)
    + Be more open/honest with myself/others
    + Get back into better shape/work on knee rehab so I can play soccer again this summer (i.e. Stop being so GD lazy)

    And just generally take steps to make my life happy(er) and more fulfilling.

    Thanks for a great year AS.

  44. this isn’t really relevant to anything other than future references, but…. i think that sandwiches should be the universal gay code, or even just for AS readers

    person a: how often would you eat a sandwich?
    person b: all day, everyday

    voila, person a now knows that person b reads AS and/or is gay without going out on a mile long limb

    it’s just one of my crazy ideas…

  45. – stay vegetarian, without snacking tons
    – be better at keeping secrets
    – be HAPPY
    – help someone once a day
    – sleep.
    – don’t lead girls on. don’t let girls lead me on.

  46. My Resolutions

    + Get my shit together
    + Stop avoiding contact with fellow human beings
    + Realize that my imagination =/= reality
    + Stop sucking at everything (including but not limited to: life)
    + Get some skills
    + Accept the things I cannot change
    + Stop and smell a rose or two
    + Do something about my ADD
    + Be gayer

  47. my one resolution this year is to ‘live’. by that I mean to stop hiding myself away, too afraid to take risks because I might fail or get hurt. 2011 is about LIVING. its about not searching for happiness, but rather letting it find you while you’re keeping busy doing stuff/meeting people. its about learning to live in the moment and appreciating every moment for what it is.

  48. This is a little late but I missed the open thread party and wanted to write down my resolutions at least somewhere.
    1. Try to not spend as much time on the internet as I do now.
    2. Be more honest with myself and stop letting hot ladies push me around.
    3. Loose weight and TONE (think Hot Laura’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo wishes).
    4. Be a better vegan.
    5. Save more money for more tattoos.
    6. Do more art.

  49. Joining the party way late. Resolutions:

    1. Read more books. Read all the books.
    2. Find a girlfriend.

    And if girlfriend wanted to just sit and read books, possibly with her head on my lap and viceversa, I would be okay with that.

  50. I have resolved to:

    1. After 5 years, finally conquer my eating disorder (most important!).
    2. Read at least 3 books a month.
    3. Watch more movies.
    4. Refine my French and Ukrainian, learn Korean.
    5. Find a new job where my boss doesn’t take advantage of me/pays me more.
    6. Break ground on my website.

  51. I like the resolutions about not making resolutions. They just stress me out so I think something in me secretly rebels the decision to make a resolution so I subconsciously don’t fulfill them on purpose and whatever I resolve to accomplish will inevitably fail simply because I officially resolved to do it. But I also really like the resolutions about not being so anti-social because I have a problem with that at the moment as well. Good to know I’m not alone.

    Btw, I love the new look of the website. It’s snazzy!

  52. Less time on the internet is my number one resolution, because then it frees us my mind/time/energy to figure out what the others even should be. AS is still on my reduced-net-time list o’ important sites though, obv.

  53. Resolutions for 2011:
    – come out as bisexual (starting with my boyfriend…)
    – learn to do things in the right order (see above resolution…)
    – go to BiCoffee London
    – kiss a girl/lots of girls (depending on how the boyfriend conversation goes…)
    – be more politically active
    – see all friends more often
    – help friends and family achieve what’s important to them
    – stop worrying, seize the moment and take action
    – keep exercising, stay under 9 stone (126lbs), work on toning (lots and lots more toning!)
    – fix the damp on the front wall of my house
    – get helix piercing
    – make more cool stuff (jewellery, sewing etc)

    Some of these I’ve got pretty much nailed, others are still a bit scary (I’m sure you can guess which!). But I’ve decided this is the Year of Freedom, so I just need to go for it – wish me luck!

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