My Drunk Kitchen 202: Hannah Hart Cooks Vegan, Is After Your Heart

Well hello! This week on “My Drunk Kitchen,” Hannah Hart makes a vegan cheesecake, drinks whiskey, and tells several lesbian jokes. It’s like she wants you to salivate over her! Just kidding you were already doing that.  Also, this is the first time she’s had a cooking partner: His name is Rawn, and he’s a vegan. At first I was like, “Oh no, she’s cooking with another person, this is going to be awful,” but then there were tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, so I got over it. They make a very good team; he’s funny on his own, but he’s also smart enough to let Harto take the reins. Anyway. This is definitely the best one since at least the ice cream episode. Unrelated (?), she is super, super drunk in this video.

“Whiskey fight!”

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Intern Grace

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    • They are Merrel’s “Winter Wilderness Valley” and if you look around you can find them for about $100. Info direct from le blog du Harto.

      Now I love my own Merrel’s even more.

  1. Okay, I’ll be the one to point out “The cake is a lie.”

    It’s cause I’m in the middle of it right now. Well played, Harto. Well played.


    Also, the youtubes apparently wants to know if Hannah is a real lesbian, or just appreciates the practical footwear… Is the footwear thing, a thing?

  3. I… I can’t.


    but I just can’t.

    Because I’m dead.

    From the laughing.

  4. Oh. Oh wow. Just… Wow. Harto kinda makes me wish I liked the taste of alcohol. Or, you know. That I was her friend. Or her computer.

    • This plus the “make it as flat as your chest” comment from Rawn made me fall out laughing. Her reaction was priceless.

      If you drink a shot every time she makes a pun you end up shitfaced. Good times.

  5. “The dates and the walnuts have a lot they have to work out, so they’re gonna go do some processing.”

    I’m in love with this girl and her puns.

  6. Love the dykey boots comment and them promptly falling on her ass, such must awesome in so little time.

  7. ^^ she’s cute.

    vegans taste better.

    anyone who believes in gay marriage/gay rights should seriously rethink how they eat. at my core i oppose homophobia because i oppose oppression in all forms.

    GO VEGAN. you can still eat cake!

  8. Rawn: “You eat meat don’t you?”
    Hannah: “I eat tacos.”

    How has nobody pointed that line out yet?! She’s a lesbian, on the interwebz, and she said I eat tacos. That can never NOT be funny.

  9. I wish every time I went into my kitchen Harto was just there. It would be awesome. Instead it’s just her drunken fairy spirit

  10. So, Hannah Hart, or more specifically, her buddy in the kitchen who actually yelled out this particular answer, has forever altered my agave nectar experience. I cannot for the life of me pour agave nectar into my coffee/tea without chuckling and thinking, “You know what is high on the glycemic index?” Was a little hard to explain what was so funny when I had breakfast with my parents and brother this past weekend.

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