Jess’s Team Pick: Mindy Kaling Tweets Her Unused ‘Office’ Storylines

How do we all feel about The Office? Not sure about you, but Jim and Pam make me believe in love. Anyhoo, in honor of Steve Carell‘s last show, kickass writer/actress/co-executive producer (and friend of Samantha Ronson) Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor) tweeted out her unused storyline ideas for his character, Michael Scott.

See celebrities? This is how you use Twitter.

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  1. “Well, they say it’s because I’m texting, but maybe you’re right.” Ha! I’ve decided I need to follow Mindy Kaling after reading this.

  2. This is completely unrelated to this post really, but, Jess, I stumbled upon your I Want the World to Know coming out vid on YouTube. And I want you to know that you’re adorable. That’s all.

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