6 Reasons I Can’t Play Medal Of Honor (CARTOON)

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  1. I totally understood half of this!

    My boy roommate has been playing so much Borderlands lately. It’s his life. It’s cool though. I’d way rather watch him play while I’m eating my generic Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the morning than watch Kathy Lee on GMA. I’m not a masochist.

  2. I love Medal of Honor.

    But I’m too scared to play online. The boys are scary. They’re so serious.

    That is my only reason.

  3. Also, can we please talk about how Fall always bankrupts gamers because SO MANY DAMN GAMES COME OUT AND I HAVE TO DO UNMENTIONABLE THINGS TO BUY THEM. :/

    I just. I just need someone right now. There are so many games. So many.

    • That’s what I’m scared of from my re-addiction to ACII. I don’t want to start reading gaming blogs again, having been disconnected from the gaming community in the past year allowed me to save a lot of money and my social life is normal again. Although I have been burning the saved up money on booze…

      There is no win :/

      • Finish ACII and bundle up games to trade in and take advantage of the bonuses. Gotta work the system. You know how this works.

    • My problem is that I have an addiction to buying every system there is. I went to disc replay last night to buy the director’s cut of Almost Famous and almost walked out with a Game Cube. Hi, my name is Shanay. I have a problem.

  4. I miss Max Payne (that’s the only game I’ve played from start to finish. I’m a casual gamer although I’m ashamed to admit I spent two whole semesters of art/ grad school playing Zuma for 6 hours a day).

    There should be more games like that, about a lone bitter man plotting revenge and saying cheesy noir lines between levels up.

    These soldier games that you play online are so complicated. so many rules and button combinations to memorize. And I don’t know why so many games now are meant to be played online with teams.

  5. never played Medal of Honor, but this sounds exactly like my Modern Warfare 2 experience last year, especially the stoned part and the Borderlands part

  6. I’m just a Final Fantasy/Zelda dork. I can’t do first person shooters bc they induce migraines in me roughly in the same amount of time it takes to prepare one of those Cup of Noodle ramen styrofoam thingies.

    I don’t play a game for like a year and then suddenly I devote pretty much all useful time to total completion of something epic that takes 200+ hours. Like Final Fantasy XII. I spent 4 months on the couch (to be fair, I was extreeemely ill at the time) with that fucker.

  7. ahh, my gravitars keep bouncing back and forth. But to the point –

    I was N64 kid myself, then went many years without touching a video game and now I go into Disc Replay and seriously want to buy every game system. Up next, PS3. There goes my social life. After that, I’ll probably put down the controllers for a few months at a time and always come back with a renewed enthusiasm for Mario Party for N64.

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