Here Are Some Cute Grandmas Showcasing Their Favourite Foods

Malaika’s Team Pick:

The award for the cutest thing on the internet right now (besides pictures of my dogs on Facebook) goes to Flavorewire‘s Fascinating Photos of the World’s Grandmas and their Delicious Home-Cooked Meals. Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti carried out my dream job before I even managed to dream it: he travelled around the world visiting cute grandmas and asked them to make him their favourite foods. He took lots of pictures (both of cute grandmas and of good food) and compiled them in his collection, Delicatessen with Love. The meals he was served range from caterpillars in tomato sauce to ravioli – all cooked lovingly by cute grandmas. I know I’ve mentioned how cute the grandmas are, but you guys, I can’t help it! The grandmas are just that cute as they smile proudly next to their food. The cure for any bad day is a good dose of grandma and food pictures. Even if you’re having a fantastic day, I suggest you check out Galimberti’s collection to stock up on warm, soup-in-your-belly type feelings. You never know when you’re going to need them.

photo credit: Gabriele Galimberti

Serette Charles, 63 years old from Saint-Jean du Sud, Haiti. Lambi in creole
photo credit: Gabriele Galimberti

If you’re feeling ambitious, adventurous, or just hungry, you can even make a dish or two yourself! Just visit Galimberti’s website, where he posts pictures, recipes, and encourages you to “Eat, Eat, Eat!!!” There’s something special about a grandmother’s food. I don’t know how I would’ve survived my teenage years without my Oma’s chicken pot pie. How about you? Do you have a favourite dish from your grandmother? Have you called her to tell her you love her? You should. She might just invite you over to “Eat, Eat, Eat!!!”

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  1. THIS IS SO RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. I love grandmas and their food so much.

    On a related note, my girlfriend’s grandma adores me for being the one white person who will eat her food (she’s Indian), but she probably wouldn’t like me as much if she knew I were dating her granddaughter…

  2. When it comes to the prospect of being a mother, I’m unsure and mostly uninterested, but I definitely want to be a grandmother some day (I’m already thinking up my signature meals). Maybe I’ll raise some children just as an investment, in high hopes that they will produce grandchildren (who’ll like and visit me) in the future. Healthy, recommended way to live, I’ve been told.

    In conclusion: This is perfect. I’ve taken pictures of my grandmas cooking, but not of the finished product, or of them positioned proudly beside the ingredients. I’ll fix this error soon.

    • Oh god, I’m still trying to figure out a way to skip the having-kids-part, and go right into the I’m-gonna-spoil-you-rotten-and-return-you-to-your-parents-at-the-end-of-the-day-grandma-part…

  3. This is awesome!!

    Makes me want to call my grandmother and ask her to make me some hentes szelet… nobody I know can make it as well as she does!

  4. pumpkin leaves cooked in peanut butter is kinda blowing my mind right now. also I love herring. the grandmas are really cute too

  5. This just makes me miss my grandmas even more :( Granny never cooked anything, but she had a housekeeper who made the best Sunday roasts. And my Gran was a master of cakes and soups. Apparently she made amazing clootie dumplings, but I have genuinely no idea what those are.

  6. Hahahahahahaha I wish I could relate to this. My grandma is the worst cook in the world, when my siblings visit her and stay, I have to go sneak food to them so they don’t starve.

  7. so this is the weirdest thing! i looked through the pictures and boom there’s my grandma (she’s the norwegian one). how did i not now this?

  8. I was so hoping the Mexican grandmother would make tamales and SHE DID! I have so many memories of making these with my own abuela, wrapping approximately 1000000 ALL DAY. At the time, not so fond memories, but now I wish I could do it again.

    All these grannies and their food is the cutest!

  9. Sorry to be snarky, but I feel like we shouldnt call these older women “cute.” Its infantilizing and demeaning in a way and holy crap look at what theyve lived through just to make these amazing plates of food! As I personall ythink about aging I struggle with the idea that someone might call me “cute” or “little” or other such words because what if that is not my identity?! I think since we take identity and personal descriptors so seriously around here we should just be careful not to isolate or alienate other demographics. Also, Im sure that wasn’t the intent at all, this is just a common cultural pet peeve for me. Age sensitivity and age integration are so important!

  10. I’m so jealous…my nana, bless her heart, makes instant mashed potatoes (yep, from a box) for *Thanksgiving*. she’s not exactly the spoil-you-rotten, pinch-your-cheeks and bake you a delicious pie from scratch kind of grandma.

    on the other hand, she fiercely hates Ann Coulter and cusses like a sailor, so that’s pretty cool.

  11. this is also my dream job. if you threw in the perk of me getting to hold all of these grandma’s cats while they cooked, i’d be set.

  12. This is such a nice article….all that is missing is a picture of Malaika’s own Oma with her teenage-sustaining chicken pot pies

    • Hey how do I remove my overdone comment I didn’t even read the other ones.. now I have a better one

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