Listling Without Commentary: Reader-Started “Groups” From Autostraddle Social 1.0

Names of “groups” created by readers on Autostraddle Social 1.0™

1. We Straddle L.A., Bitch

2. Harry Potter Appreciation Society

3. Ohhh! Canada

4. Interests Include Fingerbanging Scully

5. Singlestraddlers… Ready to Mingle!

6. We Love Documentaries

7. Western Masstraddle

8. Group about the charlie horse I got in my leg a while ago

9. Varsity BBQ Team

10. Music Addicts Anonymous

11. The Great Library of Autostraddle

12. Only Straddler In the Village

13. Virginia Vaginas

14. CATS

Start your very own group on Autostraddle Social 1.0™ today, or join these other humans and fill out your profile. (Some features are still fucked, but what the hell ISN’T, you know?)


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    I drove my girlfriend crazy all weekend with news from Autostraddle Social 1.0™ (that I didn’t know what to call, by the way)

    – Honey, look! Autostraddle has a social network thingy. I created a profile! My favorite sandwich is the Club Sandwich!
    – That’s great sweetie…

    – Honey, I created a group on the Autostraddle social network and people actually joined the group!
    – Good job, sweetie…

    – Honey, I created more groups! And joined and commented on several others!
    – Good for you sweetie…

    – Honey, do you have any ideas for groups for the Autostraddle social network thingy? I think we need a random one for “things that don’t fit into any other group”…
    – Ok, I’m worried that you’re getting obsessed. Step away from the computer.

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    Can we talk about how awesome the relationship status options on the new profile are? I kind of want to select “Forever Alone,” “Pining,” “Damaged,” and “Rebounding” all together because they’re hilarious, but uh…maybe I wouldn’t exactly be rolling in friend requests, then.

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    I know this is a 99.99999999% lesbian site, but would anyone take offense if there was a group for hetero-straddlers? I know I’m not the only one! Maybe there aren’t enough of us to warrant an actual “group” (maybe a duo…a quartet max?)…but assuming more straight gals discover the awesomeness that is AS in the future, would the founding of a group for us hets piss everyone else off?

    Just curious! I don’t want to start a flame war!

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