Listicle Without Commentary: Puzzling References to Homosexuality From Journals Found in My Room While Packing to Move to San Francisco

[in no particular order]

1. “I just wish [my boyfriend] would be more interested in the side of me that kisses girls.”

2. “A boy in my Earth Science class asked me why I had a “gay pin” on my backpack. It was an AIDS awareness pin. GOD.”

3. “I WANT SHANE FROM THE L WORD. My life is segmented insanity.”

4. “Basically I’d already imagined & planned our entire relationship before I realized she’d just called to see if I could work for Darci tonight.”

5. “I miss girls. I would never betray [my boyfriend] but I don’t think he understands the complexities of my sexuality.”


6. ” I like girls who don’t spend too much money on shoes.”

7. “Well, the impossible is about to take place. I am going to meet Kate Moennig, aka Shane.”

8.  “I feel so close with my friends here this year, it’s like they are sisters. I’m not so surprised that so many girls here fuck around—we’re all so damn close!”

9. “I hate not being on the [Rosie Cruise] anymore. Everything here is dirty and hetero. I don’t know where to find more boyish women.”

10. “I was watching The L Word first season and thinking about how my heart is dead.”

11. “What I want isn’t about man/woman, it’s about needing a break from my constant need to be in total control of absolutely everything.”

12. “I am in Vermont at Rosie O’Donnell’s chateau with two crazy lesbian couples.”

13. “I need a girlfriend super bad. Drinking is boring.”

14. “What I want is a girl to be my friend. With benefits.”

15. “We want sexuality to be biological because then it’s more about instincts and nature pulling people together. Choice isn’t very romantic. Love is about surrender — the absence of choice — the irresistible pull of another body. We don’t have faith in the rest of it because we doubt the permanence of anything we are capable of changing with our minds.”

16. “I just had a drink at the airport bar. Women tear me up. I need, I think, 10 more drinks!”


a. “I know I’m not a lesbian but I’m pretty sure I’m bi.” (’98)

b. “It made me realize I just might be 100% hetero after all.” (’04)

c.. “I want a girlfriend. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know if I’m bi or not.” (’05)

d. “Waves came over me, I wanted to cry, I wanted it to be over. I wanted it to be a woman.” (’06)

e. “I didn’t know if I felt that way towards him because I’m 100% gay or because now I’ve been fucked up and I can’t go back.” (’06)

f. “I think it’s the queer world I identify with the most.” (’07)

g. “I am a girlfriend to a girl, I am changed. And on fire.” (’07)

18. “It’s New Year’s Eve. I still like Shane.”

[“listicle without commentary” title stolen from the awl]

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