Lesbian Prom Gallery: Heartwarming Photos Of Girls Taking Girls To Prom, 1985-2015

In 2010, Constance McMillan’s battle to attend her school prom with a female date became a huge national news story and, in addition to covering the actual story obsessively, we also created a “Lesbian Prom Gallery.” (Not everybody in the gallery was a lesbian, obviously, many are bisexual, queer, or otherwise-identified, but using “lesbian” in headlines helps girls-who-like-girls find our content on search engines.) We wanted to show the world how ridiculously cute we’d look if they just let us take our girlfriends to prom. The post was a hit and we still get submissions to it, five years later!

Now that it’s that time of year again, and finally we can realize our dreams of resurrecting and bringing this gallery back into the light — with some new photos added (if you have a photo to submit, directions for doing so are at the end of this post! We’re especially looking for photos from women of color and trans women!) All of these photos were submitted to us directly. (If your photo is on this list and you no longer want it included, just email bren [at] autostraddle [dot] com and she’ll take it down, no problem!)

So, without any further ado…

110 Same-Sex Female & Otherwise-Identified Queer Couples Going To Prom Together Like Champs

1985, Kansas City, MO

These girlfriends are posing with a gay male friend who went stag to prom. The submitter told me: “My inspiration for going to the prom with my girlfriend in tow in tuxes was my sister who is gay as well and had to go thru all of the bullshit of wearing a dress that she hated and looked like a freaking dork in the year before I was to go… My girlfriend and I were the only gay couple to attend but we had absolutely no issues, no wisecracks, no nothing from anyone at prom. They all either supported us, tolerated us or knew better than to say a word to me. Like I said, I got big shoulders.”

1993, Pennsylvania: Gwyn & Michele



1994, Bakersfield, CA

1994, Milton, MA


1995, Maui, HI: Noël & Sierra

1995, Noel and Sierra Maui, HI

1997, Berkeley, CA: Ariel Schrag & Date

1997, Guilderland, NY: Kristin Russo & Date


2000, Ephrata, PA

“I grew up in Ephrata and it was a very conservative, small, Amish town. We got plenty of glares and several snide comments, but the people in charge let us in and we weren’t hassled by staff.”


2000, Newtown, PA: Johanna & Marion

2001, Asheville, NC


2002, The Bronx, NY: Jenn (tux) & Frances

2002 Jenn (tux) & Frances The Bronx NY

2002, Edmonds, WA: Rochelle & Morgan

2002 Rochelle & Morgan Edmonds, WA

2003, New Hampshire

2003, Long Island, NY: Design Director Alex Vega & Date

2004, Raleigh, NC

2004, San Francisco, CA

2005, Florida

2006, Seattle, WA

2006, Plainsville, OH

2006, Connecticut

2006, Palm Desert, CA

“The girl on the left (Katie) is the principal of the high schools daughter. The girl on the right (Haylee) was the president of the gay-straight alliance :)”

2006, Topsfield, MA: Managing Editor Rachel & Date

2006, Rochester, MI

2006, Colorado

2006, Chicago, IL

2006, Terre Haute, IN: Brittany & Britni

2006 Brittany & Britni Terre Haute, IN

2006, Maryville, MO: Ashley & Trisha



2007, Corinth, NY: Kate & Barb

“We got in trouble for kissing so we went overboard.”

2007, Jacksonville, FL: Emily & Taylor

2007, Murray County, GA

2007, Orlando, FL: Editorial Assistant Chelsey & Date


2007, Springfield, MO

2007, Idaho

2007, Birmingham, AL

2007, St.Louis, MO

2007, Kansas: Kylenn & Debbie


2007, Ridgefield, CT: Sara & Caroline

2008, Maryland

2008, Yonkers, NY

“The picture was taken on the party bus on our way to prom.”

2008, South Carolina

“The girl on the left was my date and neither of our schools had a problem with us coming together. We went to two proms in two consecutive nights!”

2008, Little Rock, AR

2008, Herndon, VA: Margaret & Hope

2008, Woodbridge, VA

2008, Victoria, BC, CANADA: Julia & Maddie

2008, Portland, OR: Grace & K.


2008, Houston, TX


2008, Hampton Bay, NY: Brie & Megan


2009 & 2008, Belleville, NJ: Alex & Gabbi

2009, South Carolina


2009, Florida

2009, Chicago, IL

2009: New York, NY

2009, Reno, NV: Charlene & Gina

2009, New Jersey


2009, Pennsylvania

2009, Muncie, IN: Chrissy & Kara

2009, San Antonio, TX

2009, Eugene, OR: Martha & Ashley

2009, Shawnee, KS


2009, Columbia, MO: Ally & Sarina


2009, San Francisco, CA

2009, Missouri: Tracy & Cat

2009, Largo, FL: Kimberly & Brittany

2009 Kimberly & Brittany Largo, FL2009 Kimbery & Brittany Largo, FL (2)

2010, Natchitoches, LA: Baylea & Britney

“I was Prom KING!!!” – Bayela (she’s in the tux)”

Digital Camera

2010, Santa Cruz, CA: Rebecca & Joya


2010, New York: Erica & Juliana


2010, Oregon: Taylor & Katie


2010, Rhode Island

2010, Eure, NC: Caitlin & Katie


2010, Ohio: Sam & Kate

“Waiting for marriage legalization in Ohio. Still in love.”

2010 Sam & Kate Ohio

2010, Baton Rouge, LA: Chloe & Tabby

2010 Chloe & Tabby Baton Rouge, LA

2011, Idyllwild, CA


2011, Atlanta, GA: Aja & Darya

“We’re still together to this day.” 

2011 Aja and Darya Atlanta, GA

2011, Frankfort, KY: Taylor & Keele

2011 Taylor & Keele Frankfort, KY


2011, South Bend, IN: Katie & Tiffany

“We’re the first couple – Katie’s in the vest and I’m in the black dress. Our school didn’t allow gay couples to go together.. So we each “took” one of our gay guy friends (the couple standing next to us). Once we walked through the door it no longer mattered, though. We danced the night away together and even got voted to prom court!”

2011 Katie & Tiffany South Bend, IN

2011 Katie & Tiffany South Bend, IN (2)

2011, Arlington, TX: Mal & Ambra

2011 Mal & Ambra Arlington, TX

2011, Chicago, IL

2011 Chicago, IL

2012, Riverside, IL.

“I’m the redhead in the photos but we’re both genderqueer straddlers.”


2012, Worcester, MA: Emma & Catie


2012, Azusa, CA: Briana & Charli

 “I fancy you, it’s our favorite saying.”

2012 Briana & Charli Azusa, CA

2012, Andover, MA: Kate & Ciearra


2013, Dahlonega, GA: Lauren & Emily

“[We live in a] tiny little southern conservative town in northern Georgia. We went proudly to prom together and danced our little gay asses off.”


2013, London, England

2013 London, England

2013, Vancouver, BC: Ashley & Clea

“She went to an all girl’s private Catholic school and decided to take me, the most outwardly, proud, flamboyant, dapper lesbian in the city, to her prom. We received nothing but love and acceptance from her friends and teachers and it was a beautiful night.”

2013 Ashley and Clea Vancouver, BC

2013, Escanaba, MI


2013, Southlake, TX: Jordan & Betsy

“This was actually our second prom together. We went together the year before “as friends”. But then we started dating and Betsy came back from Bryn Mawr to take me to my senior prom. It was a magical night. We’re still together today, and no one makes me happier.”

2013 Jordan & Betsy Southlake, TX

2013 Jordan & Betsy Southlake, TX (2)

2013, St. Paul, MN: Melissa & Nikki

Melissa and Nikki

2014, Chicago, IL: Laura & Lindsey


2014, Toronto, ON: Elizabeth & Ashley

“We’re two lifelong best friends who both ended up being queer, so of course we were each other’s prom dates. Love this girl and I couldn’t ask for a better date.”


2014, Charleston, SC: Jenna & Bianca


2014, Bloomington, MN: Kate & Alexa

2014 Kate & Alexa Bloomington, MN

2014 Michigan

2014 Michigan

2014, Decorah, IA: MaKenzie & Kamryn

“I’m Bisexual, she’s a lesbian, and boy did we have an awesome night!”

2014 MaKenzie and Kamryn Decorah IA

2014, Minneapolis, MN

2014 Minneapolis, MN

2014, Cincinnati, OH

2014 Cincinnati, OH

2014, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: Lyle & Natalie

2014 Lyle & Natalie, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

2014, Reston, VA: Stephanie & Antonia

2014 Stephanie & Antonia Reston, VA

2014, Atlanta, GA

2014 Atlanta, GA2014 Atlanta, GA (2)

2015, Phoenix, AZ


2015, Ann Arbor, MI: Jaz & Sam


2015, Savannah, MO: Brooke & Tayler


2015, Clio, MI: Jennifer & Syd

“Not exactly prom but High School Snowcoming. Syd on the right (genderqueer; they/them pronouns) Jennifer on the left.”

2015 Jennifer & Syd Clio, MI

2015, Michigan: Katie & Becky

2015 Michigan Katie & Becky

2015, Eagle, CO: Dalia & Jojo

2015 Dalia & Jojo Eagle, CO

2015, Croton, NY: Maggie & Yas

2015 Maggie & Yase, Croton, NY

2015, Jackson, MI: Madi & Savannah

2015 Madi & Savannah Jackson, MI

2015, Clearwater, FL

“We are fortunate enough to live in a modern society where we are more accepted. I’m a lesbian and she’s bisexual, we’ve been best friends for years and I couldn’t be more blessed to love someone so dearly. We always stand proud together , no matter what looks or judgment we might get.” 

2015 Clearwater, FL

2015, Yvonne & Amy: Riverside, CA

2015 Yvonne & Amy Riverside, CA

2015, Lakeland, FL

2015 Lakeland, FL

2015, Marietta, GA

2015 Marietta, Georgia

2015, Jackson, MI: Haley & Hayli

“We’ve been together for a year and five months so far.”

2015 Haley & Hayli Jackson, MI

2015, Newton, MS: Melisa & Chelsea


2015, Ambler, PA: Rebekah & Nicole

“Our favorite part of the night was when the dj played Get Low by Lil Jon and didn’t even bother to censor it because everyone sang along anyways.”

2015 Rebekah & Nicole Ambler, PA

2015, Dover, DE: Brittney & Destinee

2015 Brittney & Destinee Dover, DE

2015 Brittney & Destinee Dover, DE (2)

2015, London, England: Yash and Charliy

London, England Yash & Charliy 2015

2015: Vienna, Austria

2015: Vienna, Austria

2015, Canada: Kelsey and Friend


Do you have a cute picture from your prom you wanna share with the internet? Send it to riese [at] autostraddle [dot] com. Say PROM PHOTO in the subject line and also the year and location, e.g., PROM PHOTO: Denver, CO, 1996. The photo has to be good quality, at least 600 pixels wide or tall. If you want your names included, tell them to me and let me know! Please only submit photos of high school proms and be sure your date is okay with her photo being on Autostraddle forever!

If your photo is included here ’cause you submitted it a long time ago and you don’t want it up anymore,  just e-mail bren [at] autostraddle [dot] com and she’ll take it down.

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