Ruby Rose (UPDATE: IS MAYBE NOT) Engaged to Lady Model! Baio’s Lesbian Twitter Wars! Weed! Big Macs!

Catherine McNeil and Ruby Rose Are Engaged! Ruby Rose, the Australian VJ and TV personality with alternative hair and a brave, activist personality, is getting married to mega-hottie Catherine McNeil. That’s lovely. They are both very very good looking and hopefully will do some nude pictorials.

Fun fact — Ruby, who has been out since she was 12, first came into the public eye in 2002 when she came in second in a Girlfriend teen model search. Who took first place? Catherine. Lesbians don’t just eat their own, ladies & gents, they eat OUT their own. (@ny mag)

UPDATE 5:00 PM: Regardless of whether or not it is true, and despite a great deal of reporting on the topic — Ruby Rose has not confirmed that she is engaged to Catherine McNeil after all. According to our Australian Music Editor, who just woke up, stories about Ruby Rose being engaged break monthly over there.

Here’s a rundown of how this happened:

– Aside from New York Magazine and Digital Spy and 20 other places, The Huffington Post reported: Catherine McNeil & Ruby Rose Engaged: Confirmed!
– They got it from the Australian Herald-Sun: “It may have been one of the worst kept secrets in showbiz but TV host Ruby Rose has finally confirmed she is engaged to her supermodel girlfriend Catherine McNeil” and it is also reported by the
The Australian Herald-Sun passes the buck to Womans Day… without a link. Doesn’t make sense that it would be this American Woman’s Day, unless Ruby already had her casserole recipe planned for the bridal shower.
We have found Australian Woman’s Day but um, nothing comes up for a Ruby Rose search.
– The Australian Herald-Sun later reports that Ruby Rose is mad at Womans Day
So maybe it was in the print version of the magazine which is unlikely.
– Although we’re interested in how rumors start on the internet, we’re not interested enough in Ruby Rose’s personal life to continue tracking down this beast. So that’s that! False alarm! You still have a chance to marry Ruby Rose JK GAY MARRIAGE ISN’T LEGAL SUCKERRSSSSSS

No it’s not us this time! Scott Baio is mad at feminist blog Jezebel, and like everyone who’s ever gotten mad at Jezebel, the best thing he can come up with is to call them a bunch of radical lesbian left-wingers:

And then Mama Baio, Mrs. Charles in Charge, Renee The Wife got involved. She bravely took to her facebook page to stick up for her man. “F***kYOU web rag!!!! You bunch of FAR LEFT Lesbian shitasses!!!!!!! No wonder you’re all lesbos because what man in his right mind could put up with your cuntess? Scott Baio has more class in his piss than all of you all!!!”

Jezebel reports on the situation in Baio Continues Campaign Against Lesbian Shitasses; Carrey Continues Hating Gossip and, earlier yesterday in “You Lesbian Shitasses”: Scott Baio’s Wife Rants On Facebook (Updates).

Basically, the story begins when Jezebel published a tweet from Baio in which he complained about having to pay taxes for all the lazy unemployeds in their daily Twitter round-up, Tweetbeat, and he got really upset about it and said some unfriendly things. At some point, his wife posted this on facebook:

Isn’t it neat that in 2010, relatively conscious human beings are still confusing feminists with lesbians? I mean, as far as we can tell from reading Jezebel every day, none of their editors or major contributing writers identify as queer [male contributor Rich Juzwiak is gay]*. Does Scott Baio look at Jezebel and think, “oh, women who are talking about things besides pubic hair trimming and blow-job giving, must be lesbians!”?

*We’re not complaining. You don’t have to be queer to rep the queer perspective, and obvs if Jezebel had a lesbian writer, Riese would die of jealousy that it wasn’t her, after complaining a lot about how she needs a mentor to help her grow/edit, and then we’d have a dead editor-in-chief. And then what, you know? Anarchy.

Some research shows that insurance companies are buying into fast food. Eleven major insurance companies had $1.9 billion worth of stock in major fast-food companies:

“The insurance industry cares about making money, and it doesn’t really care how,” says the senior author of the study, J. Wesley Boyd, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, in Boston. “They will invest in products that contribute to significant morbidity and mortality if doing so is going to make money.”

Boyd and his colleagues used a database that draws on financial filings and news reports to estimate the fast-food investments of the 11 companies. Their findings appear in the American Journal of Public Health.(@cnn)

Slate has a testimonial from a mom in Rhode Isand who uses medical marijuana to manage her son’s autism. She and her husband started giving their son cannabis to make him happier and more sociable. They tried it out for six months and thought it worked wonders. Then, after all this affirmative news and a beautiful summer, we hit a snag. But from it, we learned an awful lot about what the cannabis is doing for J. (@slate)

Riese Special Comment: This is one of the most wonderful things I read on the internet this week. Just read the whole thing and get back to me on it.

Can a gay person edit an anti-gay book? What if you had be the editor on Glenn Beck’s new book? Gay City News looked into those questions and then wrote this article about gay editors:

One class, Mattera said, “deconstructs what it means to be a feminist, new black man. Now if you’re wondering what just exactly is a feminist, new black man, think of a crossover between RuPaul and Barney Frank.”

The gay-baiting drew howls of laughter.

Mitchell Ivers, the openly gay editor at Simon & Schuster who handled Mattera’s book, would probably cringe. Mattera is not the only right-wing author on Ivers’ list. He has edited books by Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, David Kupelian, and other conservatives who, like Mattera, are not the leading anti-gay voices on the American right, but are certainly part of the chorus.

One guy in the article accuses gay editors of conservative books of ignoring “the harm caused by them and the fact that those messages are carried to a wide audience.” At what point are these editors doing wrong instead of just doing their job? (@gaycitynews)

That’s Gay tackles the prom issue:

Abuse is just as big of a problem in gay relationships as straight ones, but it doesn’t always get the same amount of attention. So it’s nice to see that the American Bar Association has released a “tool kit for LGBT victims of abuse and their attorneys.” (@about)
Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend has a few things to say about being out — as a married couple. Pam has been married for over a year, but still has a hard time calling her s.o. her “wife” in front of other people. But she has some really good points about why she should just get over it already and say wife a lot.

My use of that one single word can transmit so much information, open so many conversational possibilities and normalize the fact of married gay and lesbian couples, that I am disappointed in myself when I hesitate and let the opportunity slip by. (@pam’shouseblend)

We’ve seen a lot of examples of excessive bullying lately. From Constance McMillen to Phoebe Prince, bullying has become a huge problem. Obvs the bullies themselves are the main problem, but as Queerty points out, we’re also seeing a lot of cases where parents are failing, too. They either aren’t listening to their kids or aren’t discouraging this kind of behavior. The parents at McMillen’s high school helped pull off the fake prom scheme, after all. (@queerty)

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  1. It’s not everyday that you see the word class and the word piss in the same sentence. So there’s that.

  2. I just spent like 15 minutes bouncing around Jezebel trying to figure out this Scott Baio thing and I finally put the timeline all together and then realized that I had no idea who the fuck Scott Baio was.

    I was only reading it because Autostraddle told me to (which doesn’t speak well to my ability for independent thought, I guess) and I Wikied him and all I can say is that the Internets are a crazy place and I wish I’d spent that 15 minutes looking at more photos of Ruby Rose’s fiancée. ‘Cause she’s pretty and likes rugby and fixing cars.

  3. And oh yes, read that link on Riese’s Special Command. Er… comment. Riese’s Special Comment.

    The internet is so rarely a place for actual dialogue (side note hyperbole: google keeps trying to make me write dialog and catalog and it’s KILLING ME) and when people are just airing opinions with their minds made up, trying to leave a dissenting reply is often at best futile and at worst adding to negativity and judgment. It is probably a good idea to step back and ask if it’s best to react to the negativity or instead use the energy for some sort of proactive comment/action.

    And just OMG those numbers. SO many messages.

    • I think that article is going to become my go-to reference point when people defend their nasty comments with “Well, it’s important that fat people know that they’re endangering themselves!”

      THEY’VE HEARD IT (400,000 times a year!). STFU.

  4. Renee Baio’s rant was unintentionally hilarious. Those two have a daughter and I think it would absolutely fantastic if their daughter grew up to be a far left, shit ass lesbian. Oh, gawd, I hope that happens. I wonder if Scott called Ellen a Lesbian when he was on her show?

    • Well Ziggy, this is an interesting question! Fortunately it’s possible to show this, using radical lesbian algebra!

      The basic radical lesbian symbol is: √lesbian

      However, you can also get:

      √lesbian √lesbian

      I believe that √2lesbian might be an irrational radical lesbian, which would also definitely come in handy when doing lesbian algebra.

  5. I thought that just being a lesbian made you radical.
    Maybe Scott Baio’s wife knows more about it than I do.

  6. the medical marijuana story on Slate was super fucking interesting. i hadn’t considered using mm to manage the behavior of autistic kids. that’s kinda genius.

    • It’s very interesting/genius but also kind of fucking scary that there isn’t more info on autism causes and treatments. It’s also scary that some people refuse to recognize mm’s advantages in treating illness.

      • there’s a ton of research going on right now on autism but finding anything conclusive is what’s really hard plus studies take a long long time. that article was so interesting, i hadnt heard of using pot for autism before! i love when autostraddle links to stuff like that.

      • well, really it’s just that big pharma is too tied up in government policy, and legalizing pot would take away from big pharma’s $$$

  7. See thing is I’m not sure exactly what a shitass is and what it entails. I know lots of words that contain shit and ass, and i even know sentences, situations, etc that employ both of those things too. Just confused on this fantastic bit Internet history. Perhaps Renee Baio should look at the link within Riese’s Special Comment.

    Also, why is far left in all caps? Does that mean that there are FAR RIGHT Lesbian shitasses out there?

  8. Holy Fucking Shit I am excited to read that Autism story 4 seconds from now. Autism is fascinating.

    • Have you ever seen “Over the Hills and Far Away”? It’s a super interesting documentary about this one family’s battle with autism. I highly recommend it.

      • I haven’t, but I would love to. Just finished the story. I’m kind of interested in getting involved with Autism research in general, so I love hearing about new txs.

        Mount Sinai was doing a study not too long ago (may still be) where they were treating autistic children with Oxytocin inhalers. Which is actually the most fascinating thing ever. (Oxytocin= the “love” chemical in your brain)

        • I don´t know a lot about autism but i´m an expert on aspergers. I can see the rational for treating autism with marijuana but treating aspergers with it could be hazardous.

  9. I am a newly-wed and I a person who doesn’t even like talking to people try to strike up conversations so I can say “wife.” I love the term…wife. It is such an equalizer!

    • I feel kinda guilty, but I usually only use the term wife around people who already know me or are on the GLBT spectrum themselves. When I first meet people and they ask about my husband, I often say “Oh, I’m married to a woman”. I don’t know if that’s as good as saying wife, but I think it works most of the time to explain my situation quickly. It’s rare that I go somewhere and have to introduce my wife, so maybe that’s a factor, too. Our 6th year wedding anniversary is coming up…I should probably be better at this stuff!

  10. Re: Riese’s special comment, and after having read a few articles on the subject, I realised how very, very wrong I was – and also, how badly we as the general public are informed about this issue (which is the “fat” issue that I wrongly commented on in the Jillian Michaels article a couple days back). So thank you, Autostraddlers, for making me realise this. Also I do apologise if I ever offended anyone, it was never my intention.

    On another note, Rose says she never even spoke to the Woman’s Day magazine –>

    So, that’s that. Which is a shame because they should totally get hitched.

  11. As someone who watched bugsy malone every day for about a year when i was a kid, i’m finding this Scott Baio stuff highly upsetting. i don’t believe everybody loves that man after all.

  12. Seriously, I cannot be the only one to notice that this post is written almost entirely in italics!

    • every now and then, wordpress thinks it’s funny to randomly add < em > tags and not close them. fun! i fixed it!

      • Well, wordpress is right, it was kind of funny. Especially since autostraddlers seem to have very strong opinions about layout.

        Kudos for the quick fix, we could use someone like you at our tech support :)

  13. In RE: to the editor thing-

    I work as a student worker at my four-year university as a writing consultant. My job is basically that of an editor; I give students options about how to organize and develop their ideas, how to identify their purpose and (of course) grammatical issues.

    I deal with the HOW of papers, not the WHAT. When a student’s paper is about something I disagree with or am offended by, I remember that I want to respect other people’s beliefs just as I want mine respected. The moment that I intentionally do not assist someone express their ideas in the best way that I know is also the day I lose the integrity for my beliefs.

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