Laura’s Team Pick: Girls on Bicycles

They’re not dykes on bikes or even dykes on bike-cycles, but these girls are on a mission. When women in Europe started noticing that almost at cyclists were men and boys, they decided to do something about it.

Laura is a tiny girl who wishes she were a superhero. She likes talking to her grandma on the phone and making things with her hands. Strengths include an impressive knowledge of Harry Potter, the ability to apply sociology to everything under the sun, and a knack for haggling for groceries in Spanish. Weaknesses: Chick-fil-a, her triceps, girls in glasses, and the subjunctive mood. Follow the vagabond adventures of Laura and her bike on twitter [@laurrrrita].

Laura has written 329 articles for us.


  1. Awesome!

    I got really excited on the tram today because they had a poster advertising coming-soon BIKE RENTALS! But it’s not included with my monthly pass, but instead costs as much a year as buying a bike. Sigh.

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