Lady Gaga’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell PSA: Schumer Cannot Hear Her, Is K-Kinda Busy

Lady Gaga made her own DADT PSA! Also she’s sporting a fantastic gender-bending ensemble, amirite?

Lady Gaga wants to be a voice of her generation — “not the generation of the senators who are voting, but for the youth of this country, the generation that is affected by this law and who’s children … we’re not asking you to agree with or ‘approve’ the moral implications of homosexuality, we’re asking you to do your job and to protect the constitution.”

Okay if you’ve not already watched it SPOILER ALERT but who else got goosebumps when she said her real name? Has she ever done that before?


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    • me too. and then i had to pretend like it was sleepy tears because someone came to ask me a question and i didn’t want to say “it was lady gaga.”

  1. This is amazing. That is all I can say. I couldn’t be happier that the biggest pop star in the world is standing with us, believing in this fight, believing in this cause. I want to marry this woman AS SOON AS ITS LEGAL. STAT.

  2. I was like “I’ll just watch a little bit” and then I became TRANSFIXED BY HER FACE and now I’m late for work.

  3. 4:40-6:30
    The moment a million little monsters sat together in a collective awkward silence.

    Don’t stop calling, Gaga. Even though they don’t wanna talk anymore.

  4. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Gaga any more… Between this and the VMAs, I think my heart my burst. I definitely got chills while watching the video. And saying her full name? Amazing.

  5. I love GaGa as much as the next gay, but just to put this out there; she looked fucking fantastic in this PSA! Not to take away from it’s importance, but wow! I don’t know if it’s because of the whole black-and-white thing but GOSH! she SMOKIN! ok i’m done, i need to go sit in a corner and calm myself down from the rush that is Lady GaGa!

    • …and I freaking hope that they listen to her and everyone else, because I’d really like to tell a girl in my platoon that I think she’s all that and a box of chocolates with out worrying about it turning into a one way ticket home.

  6. gaga definately for president we need a woman in office to make a real change and isnt just some yap trapper with all talk and no action if any1 cares to know gbush not a fan but he actually had the unemployment rate way lower and now look at all the violence in our world…Women are being raped more often due to the high rates of unemployment…people are burning down lesbians houses….when will this hatred end i mean we mind our own business well for the most part atleast hehehe theres drama everywhere lololol yall know what i am talking about but seriously I believe our community is loving and amazing and “WE ARE FAMILY” and autostraddle I LOVE U all to work soo hard on volunteer basis this SITE INSPIRES ME DAILY and i just gave yall another FB shoutout Thank you for being soo positive in our community truely inspirational and makes me smile….xoxo and I really like her stating her full name that means she is sincere also the cue card person did suck i think she shouldve just winged it regardless powerful

  7. Okay. Sigh. Where do I start? I am proud that she’s standing up against DADT and speaking out so powerfully for gay rights. BUUUUUT! I volunteered quite a bit for Sen. Gillibrand and I know *personally* that they would love to have Lady Gaga stand with them in regards to gay rights. Also, Sen. Gillibrand is the first Senator EVER to walk in a gay pride parade, and I know this because I walked with her the whole length of the parade. She’s also done a LOT for gay rights and has fought valiantly for us.

    I’m all for calling out politicians who aren’t doing their part, but to make a Senator who is standing beside us and fighting for us look bad pisses me off.

    I get it, it’s for publicity’s sake, and to urge people to call as well, but still, it bothers me.

    Sen. Gillibrand’s office is very easy to get in touch with and I know this from personal experience.

    Still, everyone *should* contact their politicians in regards to gay rights, but perhaps we New Yorkers should focus on the 8 State Senators who are Dems who voted against Marriage Equality (well, two are gone now thank god, but that’s still another 6 to fight against).

    Otherwise, loved this video.

  8. The look on her face when no one picks up is priceless. I think it’s great that Gaga has recognized that she has fans spread out all over the map and can utilize her power to get them to call their representatives. That way it isn’t a handful of people getting inundated, it’s pretty much all of them. To Scorpiopixie, I don’t think it was a slight against Sen Gillibrand, Gaga never actually named her and I actually had to listen a couple times before I realized whose name was said on the message. It’s good that you know who your senator is though, I recently heard something on NPR that said that only a small percentage of people even know who their own representatives are in congress!! Can you believe that? Hopefully, people will actually do a little research before they pick up the telephone.

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