Keeping Buffy Relevant Forever: Limerick Edition

Vanessa’s Team Pick:

real talk, at the end of the this episode my very calm/cool/collected gf was like “wait…this is really really sad” and i couldn’t answer her because i was bawling, duh

I was going to open this post with Angel’s monologue from Passion (2×17) so I could talk about how passionate I am about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but then I actually revisited that text and remembered how twisted it is, so let’s just say my love for BtVS is of the extremely passionate variety but not in a creepy I’m a vampire who just got rid of my annoying soul and now I wanna kill everyone you’ve ever loved kinda way, but more of a, Wow, I would love to read clever limericks re-capping each and every Buffy episode kinda way.

Which is so lucky for me, because guess what? That’s an actual real thing you can do!

If you’ve been craving jaunty poetic re-caps of everything that ever went down at the Hellmouth, you are so in luck. Sisters Waffle and Meringue (also known as periru3 and tafadhali) of Waffle Meringue Productions are in the process of re-watching The Greatest Show Of All Time and writing a limerick per episode as they go. Right now they’re up to season 3, and honestly it’s exactly as perfect as you’d expect it to be.

what if the show took place in 2012 and they had okcupid i mean that could have been horrible obviously but think of all the queer dating storylines they could have written for willow

Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how much Buffy the Vampire Slayer means to you without sounding like a crazy person, and sometimes you start trying to write your own recaps and they turn into 10 page essays that no one, not even your girlfriend, will read, and sometimes you step out of the Whedon fandom into the real world and find yourself arguing, “It doesn’t matter that the show ended in 2003, it is still relevant and important and perfect, okay?!”

Then you find a blog filled with Buffy limericks, and you remember the weird episode with the hyenas, and how you wanted to die when Joyce hit on Xander, and exactly how hot Eliza Dushku is especially when she’s playing a badass bitch. And you realize you’ve been doing it all wrong, and if only you’d summed up each episode in an A-A-B-B-A five line poetic form, everyone would have understood perfectly. Thank Giles someone else figured it out; now we can all bask in its glory and anxiously await limericks for seasons 4-7.

remember when during gchatting for freedom rachel said paul ryan reminded her of someone who would be in the creepy frat on buffy where college boys try to sacrifice girls to a malicious reptile god? that’s this episode!

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  1. Oh my god, last night I dreamed that I was helping Buffy train. Also I was either a werewolf or a vampire or a witch (it was a dream, the facts kept changing), but I was good and we were BFFs.

    What I’m trying to say is, this post is relevant to my interests.

  2. Part of me wishes I were capable of playing it cool and pretending like I haven’t been, like, obsessively searching out every mention of our limericks online for the past few days, but — obviously that is not in the cards for me. So, thank you so much for this very kind write-up! We definitely started this project to highlight all the weird, wonderful moments that make us love Buffy, and to remind ourselves of all the crazy things we’d forgotten about between now and our last full-scale rewatch many years ago. Like, the fact that the Scoobies’ first principal was eaten by hyena-possessed teenagers.

    Also — I definitely missed the Rachel Maddow comment about Paul Ryan and it is TOO PERFECT, HOLY CATS.

    • haha oh my goodness that kind of coolness is totally overrated. you should be obsessively searching and i hope you’re getting many more positive reviews because the blog is perfection.

      one small note — it was the brilliant and incredible autostraddle senior editor rachel who made the paul ryan comment, NOT rachel maddow (though she probably agrees, because duh.) but credit where credit is due :)

  3. This is exactly what I needed today. I was just trying to convince my girlfriend to watch (aren’t we always trying to convince them?) and also recently found out that my friend did NOT in fact loose my season 3 dvds from my box set*. This is just the most delicious icing on the cake.
    *Never lend your Buffy dvds. It’s stressful.

  4. So I teach a Freshman English class as a grad student, and I’ve previously taught The Hunger Games trilogy and Firefly. Next semester I’m thinking of doing Buffy and using it to talk about gender, sexuality, and power. Any suggestions?

    • Suggestions on what? Books to use? Episodes to highlight? There is so much you could do with this and so much has been written! Brilliant idea and future generations will thank you.

      • Well, there’s a ton of books to use (several have been written on using Buffy as a text for academic study and discussion) but I’m not sure if anyone’s used them before. Like Buffy Meets the Academy, Sex and the Slayer, Why Buffy Matters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy, Buffy Goes Dark, Undead TV, Seven Seasons of Buffy, etc.

        Also, does anyone have specific episodes they think would lend themselves particularly well to academic discussion, or which would provide good opportunities for writing?

        I’d love to hear really anything people have to offer :) Thanks!

        • In terms of writing in general, I think “Hush” would be a really interesting episode to use, as a way to think about writing a story about people interacting without using any dialogue. For some of the other themes, “Smashed” would be good for looking at power & gender (i.e. Buffy had to see Spike as an equal before anything could happen between them), and any of the episodes where Willow’s witchcraft comes up heavily, especially the ones where she is either “going bad” or re-learning to use her powers for good would be interesting for looking at ideas around female power. “Innocence” and “Surprise,” as well as “New Moon Rising” are good for talking about sexuality as it relates to the main characters. “Where the Wild Things Are” would also be a good starting point for conversations about societal ideas about sexuality. Hope these help!

    • There are so many great things you can do with Buffy on gender/sex/power. I wrote my senior thesis on Buffy with the thesis being that Buffy is a third wave icon because of how she redefines female power by incorporating traditional feminine and masculine forms of power. But there are so many great resources – I would recommend looking into Slayage, which is the Whedon Studies Association’s journal that originally started out as just Buffy but is now everything Whedon.

      Also, I may or may not have drove from Michigan to Florida by myself to go to the Whedon Studies conference when I was 19.

  5. “Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how much Buffy the Vampire Slayer means to you without sounding like a crazy person…”

    This is the story of my entire life. And then you happen to find someone else who loves Buffy, and those poor people who witness you both coming to this realization then think you’re both just completely, completely insane. Good times!

    • One of my good friends I’ve known for 20 years (since 3rd grade!) recently started hanging out again after we both moved back home after college. We just realized we both loved Buffy after all this time. Now all our friends know and think we are crazy to watch a show thats been off the air so long and act like it all just happened last Tuesday! Its their loss though.

  6. I had missed the Buffy-ness back when it rolled through on TV and my wife(A huge Buffy devotee) is leading me back through it. oMG it is all the good things!

    Currently in season 5. So much feels!

  7. This is fantastic. “Buffy” is forever linked to my queer awakening (or at least the time when I was shaping my personal identity) and I’m so glad it will forever be relevant.

    Also, no lie, “Passion” is one of my all time favorite eps. It gave me chills the first time I saw it and, along with the musical, the episode with Veruca (I don’t know a lot of ep names), Andrew’s ep in season 7, and the ep where Buffy thinks she’s in an asylum, it’s one I’ve watched over and over again.

  8. Uhhhhh. I totes just finished watching the entire series again on NetFlix! I recall innocent dorm room snuggles before I came out watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  9. You guys if there is a talent show at A-Camp can we do something from Once More With Feeling? Pleeeeaaaassse?

    • it’s actually not optional. someone MUST do something from once more with feeling. (just kidding everything is optional at camp but please please please someone do something from once more with feeling.)

      • Just to warn you, I’m tone deaf so I can only really be Willow. And I always end up being Willow in Bewitched bothered and bewildered because it’s the easiest costume ever.

        I am so happy to be going to a place full of people who are obsessed as I am!

  10. I just want to tell everyone that on Halloween I was watching Kate Nash and Emmy the Great re enact Once More With Feelings in Hackney and it was amazing and Kate Nash was a great buffy and I dressed up as Dark Willow with veins on my face and afterwards she gave me jelly tots which I couldn’t eat because I’m a vegetarian and I felt really bad but it was the best night ever. I think there are videos of the songs on youtube, they should definitely be checked out.

  11. Buffy’s the vampire slayer,
    Fighting bad guys and vamps and the mayor.
    Far better than Glee,
    but what we’re here to see
    is the season 4 lesbian pair.

  12. Real Talk: I Robot, You Jane was one of the worst Buffy episodes ever and I like to pretend it never happened

  13. Buffy is (one of) the best thing(s) to happen to television. I knew someone who named their chocolate lab Buffy and I immediately loved them.

    It also explains my unresolved need to wear elbow patches and horn-rimmed glasses. If I dress like Giles long enough maybe I’ll become him…

  14. Thank you for making my life complete (or ending it, depending on how you see it). I will gladly read your ten page recaps, since I, from this point on, am forever in your debt.

    • i need you to know that i just emailed the whole AS team excitedly telling them that someone finally offered to read my 10 page recaps. #bigdeal #bestdayofmylife

      for real i hope you live in new york or come to camp one day because i will be extremely pleased to meet your acquaintance!

      • If you’re for serious letting people read your recaps then please may I read them too? Buffy is never not relevant.

  15. I LOVE BUFFY you guys have no idea how excited I was to see something on AS about buffy, omg it was a glorious day GLORIOUS INDEED.

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