Katrina’s Team Pick: Autostraddle Live! at Smith College

I heard somewhere that there are a lot of lesbians on the Internet? Whether this is true or it is a vicious rumor, we shall see. Autostraddle is going on the road, the road to Smith College. Next Thursday, April 14, I, Katrina C. Danger will be venturing to this rumored Isle of Lesbos to lead a workshop, LOLesbians 2.0: A Discussion on Queer Internet Presence. The talk is open to anyone in the area and will begin at 4pm. And then we can partypartyparty and talk about our feelings. WE ALL JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS.

The flyer/my face looks like this:

The event description goes like this:

Lolesbians 2.0 is a workshop focusing on lesbian visibility and the Internet. Led by Katrina Casino, a senior writer for the queer media culture Web site Autostraddle.com, Lolesbians will discuss the the Internet as a space in which queer women have the power to create our own visibility. Recognizing that the queer community is not something that simply exists in a physical location but rather as a stream of ideas and identities, we will discuss the Internet as a tool for organizing around not just events but ideas and address how to actualize these ideas off-line. We are here to prove that the Internet is not only a forum to discuss who we are, it is a means to create who we want to be.

You can Tumbl about it here.
And the Facebook event is here.

See you all on Thursday!

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    • the other week, my bus to ny hit a car in philly and i thought we were never going to leave and i got so close to calling you.

  1. I am so jealous, this looks rad. I wish AS was coming to my university!

    Lucky, lucky Smithies.

  2. i’m coming to visit smith that weekend. current plan is to get there at like 11 thursday night. or i could skip class and leave early in the morning and get there in time for this? guys what should i do?

        • you will know me!

          + this discussion will be just like the internet: you can be there and just watch/listen, or you can actively participate, or you can comment every once in a while. all of the feelings will be worth it though. all of em.

  3. Katrina, I’m pretty sure that you just follow me through my entire school career at this point.
    It’s getting a little creepy.

    • nope. i came first. you are totally following me. holy god are you in college already?

      • lolno
        i did the graduating from high school bit but i haven’t done the go to college part yet. not sure if college is my thing
        i got accepted though so we will see >.>

  4. There is an abandoned mental hospital and an abandoned amusement park nearby, be sure to visit those after.

    • Actually, the mental hospital has been completely demolished. I think people go sledding at the site on stolen dining hall trays (or at least somewhere nearby …). The trail should be nice, though. Minus the occasional baby bear.

      Sweet gods, why did I graduate and move to Syracuse?!

      • Hospital hill was near the site, but not the actual site. Also, I’m from Florida and the first time I ever went sledding in my life was on that hill on dining hall trays. It was also the first time I ever broke anything (my ankle). Bad ending, but good times.

  5. OH MY GOD FLIPPING OUT FLIPPING OUT. I’m an admitted student and will be visiting Smith ON THAT DAY! Kind of terrified though. I won’t know anyone/am not very public about my sexuality/am nervous…

    • Ok so, when I visited Smith before attending (or being admitted!) I was all those things you are. I regretted not spending more time talking to the students/checking stuff out versus all the energy I put into being nervous. Smithies are a pretty approachable bunch. Promise. Be brave!

      Also, go hang out with Katrina, she will need a wingman to fend off all the Smithies.

        • Hey, don’t worry! Smith is a great college! As a first-year (we don’t use ‘freshman’ because it has ‘man’ in it, so I’m told…) I haven’t run into anyone who isn’t willing to help out with directions/questions etc. So don’t freak out! Also, if you’re worried about people asking about your sexuality than relax! Very few people that I’ve met have asked. If you want to tell them, that’s fine, if you don’t, that’s cool too. So my suggestion is to relax, have fun, talk to people and hang out! One last thing… BE A SMITHIE!!! You know you want to!

      we can be awkward about how we are the youngest ones together ^.^
      ummmm I’m wearing a green shirt and I have faded orangey hair and I will be the one sitting nervously at the back fucking around with my phone >.>

  6. If there were a website called Lolesbians, I would probably visit it even more than I Can Has Cheezeburger, if that’s possible.

    Also: lip rings = WIN

  7. Hey I’m from that area. Go to the Green Bean for breakfast. If you don’t your life will be incomplete. This is not a suggestion. It is Lesbian-Breakfast-Mecca.

    • Green Bean is Chris Pureka approved. Saw her eating there 10 minutes ago. Unnamed friend may have publicly embarrassed herself. I may have had hot fudge all over my face. It was a travesty. That being said. Green Bean. Lesbian-Breakfast-Mecca indeed.

    • I feel like every breakfast place in Northampton is a lesbian-breakfast-mecca. Just sayin, we are talking Northampton, MA: where lesbians go to be even bigger lesbians.

    • WHICH IS WHY THURSDAY WILL BE AWESOME! Well, that and the fact that this is entire thing is kinda epic…the people just make it better!

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