Jane Lynch and Rachel Maddow Switch Seats and Discuss Gay Marriage

We were super-stoked to see Jane Lynch on Rachel Maddow last night, but watched two hours of Criminal Minds instead. Consequently, we were super-stoked to see the video online of Jane Lynch visiting The Rachel Maddow Show last night, and even more stoked to learn that Rachel and Jane decided to switch it up a little bit — Jane did the “Best Thing in the World Today” segment about a potential shift in the GOP’s attitude towards same-sex marriage, and then Jane brought Rachel Maddow into the hot seat for a captivating conversation about media representation as it relates to advancing LGBT rights. Those foxy broads!

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In the intro to the above video, Rachel uses Mitt Romney’s awkwardness as an authority figure as a lead-in to bringing out Jane Lynch.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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  1. Yes! I saw this last night and almost cried with joy. Rachel Maddow and Jane Lynch onscreen at the same time was awesomely overwhelming. I loved that Jane smiled the entire time. She is just so lovable!

  2. I especially loved that you could see her jeans when Rachel was in the guest chair. She’s mentioned in interviews before that she’s always wearing jeans and comfy shoes behind the desk.

    Also, I had no idea Rachel Maddow was so tall until I saw a picture of the two of them standing together. (Jane is 6 feet, Rachel is 5’11”)

  3. I saw this last night and it was the actual best thing ever, even better than republicans starting to realize that they should like us. Two kickass queer women on my television makes me really, really happy.

  4. 2 things.

    1. Jane Lynch & Rachel Maddow are so awesome at what they do.

    2. The last bit about evolving & devolving is so true. My personal thought is that it’s much more difficult to “devolve” than to “evolve” or even stay put. What makes a person “devolve” is fear. Well, maybe other things too but fear is a biggie. Stepping forward might be scary but stepping backwards is not entirely safe. I’ve seen it time after time, when people (including myself)regress and the outcome is a loss, and/or it’s worse than before. With Mitt Romney, yeah, he might be calculating sh^t up in that brain of his but in the end he does it because of his fear of losing the election. I doubt he will win but if he does I guarantee the situation as it is now is only going to get worse with his kind of politics.

  5. I recently had dreams about both Rachel Maddow and Jane Lynch. Separate dreams but they were both equally awesome.

    Basically I was drunk in an elevator with Rachel Maddow. We left the elevator and promptly got in a fight with a woman who told us lesbians were evil. It ended with the lady throwing beer and popcorn at us while we did the electric slide.

    Jane Lynch and I were just in track suits eating Doritos. So clearly that was great as well.

  6. That’s awesome, I watched the show the other night and said to myself, “Wow, this show is SO relevant to my interests!” I wanted to draw attention to it somewhere on this site but couldn’t figure out where, I’m so glad you wrote an article!

    I <3 Jane Lynch and especially Rachel Maddow. To have them together…if they had thrown in a unicorn my head might have exploded.

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