It’s Sunday Funday and Rachel Maddow Has a Cocktail for the Raptor


Haha, you guys! That Rapture thing totally didn’t happen, we’re all still here! At least I am, are you? Did you get drunk at a Rapture party? Did you dress up as the Rapture all day? Did you actually almost hope the world would end so you could stop reading all the stupid Rapture headlines? Are you as upset as I am that no one took my awesome suggestion to make a Chrome extension that replaced all instances of the word “rapture” on the Internet with “raptor?” Because that would have been way funnier? Anyways, I’m glad you made it. Let’s hug. Here is a selection of headlines that would clearly have been better if they referred to raptors, and also a tweet and a cocktail.


1. Small Earthquake, 3.6, Mistaken For Raptor
2. Raptor Didn’t Kill Us, But It Taught Some Lessons
3. New Yorkers Unfazed By Raptor
4. Raptor Has Arrived. Have You?
5. Hollywood Laughs Off Raptor Prediction
6. How the Raptor Happened on Social Media
7. Raptor’s Delight: Phillies 2, Rangers 0
8. Raptor Predictions Troubled Area Youths
9. Evidence Of Raptor Or Apple 2.0?
10. Hypothetical Imperative of the Raptor Event
11. Raptor: Good or Bad for OC Housing?
12. Toronto Barely Blinks As Raptor Comes And Goes
13. Kari Knutson: This Raptor No Different Than Others
14. Ask Maggie: 5 Smartphone Apps To Try Before The Raptor
15. Should We Feel Sorry For Raptor Believers?
16. Raptor 2011 Didn’t Happen
17. You Survived the Raptor – Now What?
18. Senators Waiting for the Raptor
19. Man Plans to Kill Pets Before Raptor
20. Apocalyptic Economics: Whether Zombies or Raptor, Be Prepared

Obvs George Takei knows what’s really up:

And obvs Rachel Maddow has a cocktail for this.

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The proposed ban on gay marriage in Minnesota is awful, and so far no voter referendum has ever worked in favor of any marginalized group. But now some are saying that things might be looking up for the prospects of same-sex marriage in MN – because of an anti-gay pastor. Homophobic preacher Bradlee Dean’s invocation yesterday before the MN senate may have been so incredibly offensive that it has the opposite of its intended effect – inciting people to support gay marriage in protest. “Dean, who heads a ministry he calls “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide,” has caused uproars before, saying homosexuals should be jailed and making comments that appear to support their execution. Friday’s bombshell arrived just as legislators were prepping for a vote to put the amendment question on the 2012 ballot. While the vote had once seemed a certainty for this session, by Friday afternoon it was in serious doubt.”


Queer teens who are deprived of a supportive and loving home may have a new option in North Washington – the Wanda Alston house. “In the three-story brick house in Northeast Washington, there are eight bedrooms, each filled with a young person who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. And like Sarah — a transgender woman who until February was sleeping at Reagan National Airport, washing her hair with shampoo fished from the trash — each ended up homeless or close to it.”


This week at Cannes, AmfAR, the organization responsible for the lawsuits that led to the Prop 8 trial, managed to raise $10 million to support its continued efforts for equality. “The annual “Cinema Against AIDS” dinner, which took place at the exclusive Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes just outside of Cannes, was in part a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, whose ceaseless activism lasted until her death in March.”


The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, has declared that she will not oppose the court’s ruling that gay and lesbian couples should be able to legally marry. She says she does not personally support it, but will not stand in their way.


She may “not be gay” or whatever, but both on screen and in real life, Mariska Hargitay is badass. Pursuing justice in real life as well as on SVU, she’s doing what she can to end the outrageous backlog of untested rape kits that could put thousands of unsolved cases to rest, as well as grant some peace of mind to the women who survived them. Also, you can help! Check it out!


Honoring Harvey Milk’s willingness to take calls from queer youth all over the country who needed encouragement and support for their future, the Harvey Milk Crisis Call Center is opening today – what would have been Milk’s 81st birthday. It’s even based in the one-time site of the Castro Camera Store. Cleve Jones, Anne Kronenberg, Frank Robinson, Michael Wong and Dan Nicoletta will be in attendance for the opening ceremony.


Lady Gaga was on SNL last night! Did you watch it? I didn’t, I don’t own a TV. Here’s a video from it that I can’t embed!


Sorry, no otters or kittens this week. But look how tiny these people are! And they’re on food!

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  1. Mariska and Maddow with justice and cocktail totally compensate for the lack of otters and kittens

  2. The news about the Wanda Alston house and the Milk Crisis Center makes me really happy and hopeful…now if only there was a house and a center like that in every city, for all the LGBTQ kids with no support.

    Also, I want to drink nerdy historical cocktails with Rachel Maddow.

  3. The way Rachel Maddow talks is corny as hell. Though she is making bank being that way, so I can’t criticize her hustle.

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