It’s Sunday Funday and Hannah Hart and Joan Rivers Are Getting Married in Wisconsin

It’s Sunday! That means I’m sleeping in from yesterday’s pride parade (this shit really wipes you out, you know?) and that a tremendous bout of good gay news is in the forecast for you. Happy Sunday Funday, cowbois.

(The Spirit of) Marriage Equality Comes to Wisconsin (For Now)

A federal judge struck down a 2006 ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin Friday, which leaves folks in murky celebratory waters.

Gay Couples Marry At New York City Hall

Puerto Rico’s Supreme Lesbian

Congratulations to Maite Oronoz Rodriguez, the first openly gay person to be nominated to Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court!

"Hello, is this thing on? Hello? I'm gay. Hello?"

“Hello, is this thing on? Hello? I’m gay. Hello?”

Lea DeLaria: Not Above It

Big Boo seems to be the unofficial bearer of “unorthodox orgasms” on OITNB (spoiler alert!) but she’s okay with that, thank lesbian jesus. bed.

…in bed.

Hannah Hart Was In Joan Rivers’ Bed

Don’t take my word for it. Watch it yourself.

McDonalds Is Lovin’ A New Minimum Wage

The CEO of McDonalds had refused to discuss the minimum wage, despite McDonalds being a massive corporation that will lose next to nothing by giving their employees a living wage and being at the center of the entire debate. But now, he’s opening his mouth to endorse the $10.10 minimum wage put forward by Obama.


Dear Kitten…

This ad is really cute, but they should have let a lesbian narrate it.

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  1. Why is someone awesome like Hannah having ANYTHING to do with a fat-shaming, nasty, awful person like Joan Rivers?! And why the fuck is that supposed to make us happy today?

  2. Yay for Wisconsin!!! I know its an unclear legal situation and may unfortunately be temporary if some people in this state get their way, but still it’s exciting!! I went downtown for the celebration and to watch people get married and it was really great to see.

  3. In between all the yayz of marriage in Wisconsin and Hannah Hart simply existing I just keep coming back to the fact the minimum wage will RISE(!) to $10.10 an hour (how low is it at the moment?), in Aus it’s $16.87 an hour!

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