International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Weekend Is August 23 and 24!

Brunch! For folks like me who cannot prepare eggs without feeling gross but love eating them, like to drink with every meal, and/or enjoy being raucous specifically in the morning, brunch is the most important meal of the day. Luckily, the only thing that makes eggs benny with hashbrowns and toast even better is a bunch of really adorable new and old faces coming into your life to love you until the end of days. And that, my friend, is why what the world needs now is International Autostraddle Summer Brunch Day – an annual tradition in which queers from our amazing community across the globe unite to break bread and talk shit. And lucky you, it’s almost here!

This year, International Autostraddle Brunch Day(s) will be on August 23 and 24.


You may recognize Autostraddlers from such meet-ups as the one you went to instead of your local pride parade, the one that helped you wait in line on Record Store Day, and the ones we hosted just because. All of those were awesome, and 100% of them ended in food and/or fun for all. (We have the pics to prove it!)

To host a meet-up in your city, you can submit the event details through our handy-dandy events portal right meow. All you’ll need are a set date and time, a Facebook event page link for RSVPs, and a description. You can even click here to download a custom image for your Facebook event!

Hosting can be as involved or as simple as you want – you can make a reservation for 60 at your local hipster bar (I know from experience), host a potluck which will afterward feed you for two months (I know from experience), gather a bunch of strangers in a dog park and bring beer (I know from experience), or even just use the entire event to make a big deal about your own birthday (like I said).

You don’t have to host to bring the magic, though. You can check out the meet-up calendar at any time to find a brunch situation near you, and we’ll be posting a big ol’ roundup of the entire worldwide brunch situation in advance of the big day.

In the meantime, you can find other brunch addicts and follow this amazing and unique movement on Twitter with the hashtag #AutostraddleBrunch. Oh, and you might wanna head out and get a new pair of shades. Your future’s lookin’ pretty damn bright and covered in champagne about now.

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Carmen spent six years at Autostraddle, ultimately serving as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor and Social Media Co-Director. She is now the Consulting Digital Editor at Ms. and writes regularly for DAME, the Women’s Media Center, the National Women’s History Museum and other prominent feminist platforms; her work has also been published in print and online by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Bust, CityLab, ElixHER, Feministing, Feminist Formations, GirlBoss, GrokNation, MEL, Mic and SIGNS, and she is a co-founder of Argot Magazine. You can find Carmen on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

Carmen has written 919 articles for us.


  1. Aww, I’ll be out of town that weekend for my first vacation in years. Have fun, y’all!

  2. So im totally down to organizing something down here in New Orleans… anyone out there in the deep south interested??

  3. Southern England at all? I’m in Portsmouth but I could travel to London or Brighton. Any further than that and it gets a bit too pricey </3

  4. Anytime there is a meetup I keep hoping someone esle is in the Southern Oregon area. I know a great brunch place in Ashland. Does anyone live in the area?

    • I’m sure there are, but if you can’t find them, we’d welcome you if you wanna haul up to Cincinnati! :)

      • That is tempting. I lived in Cinci for grad school and didn’t do a very good job of exploring the queer side of the Queen City.

    • Hey is this happening? I will be in the infamous Bay Area for the first time from that weekend (visiting my brother) and I’d loove to sneak away to meet up with other autostraddlers (and my brother will probably be glad to get a break!)

      • Feel I should clarify – 24th (I arrive from Switzerland on 23rd so will be in upside down land timewise :)

  5. If there are any Western Australian straddlers who are interested I’ll totally organise something! (Warning: I am a terrible organiser, I’ll probably just name a cafe in Fremantle and freak out that nobody’s going to turn up.)

    • I just moved to Baltimore and I don’t know anyone or anything but I do know that I love brunch.

  6. Sooooo Carmen/ Chelsey is this event portal meant to be used for other things not brunch-related, in the future? Because it looks pretty cool :) @carmenrios

  7. August 24 is in fact my birthday. So Seattle, let’s make a big deal out of my birthday, okay? I’ll bring the vegan quiche.

  8. I’ll be Madrid during this time. If there are any straddlers in the city that want to do brunch, I’m down!

  9. Can someone please organise something for London? Will be visiting from the other side of the planet that weekend, would love some international ‘straddler brunch!

  10. portland oregon anyone? i’m still discovering the area so not sure about the best place to meet, but i’d be happy to organize if anyone has suggestions. i’m thinking either meet in a park for nice outdoor potluck style brunch, or perhaps equinox or miss delta on mississippi if that sounds good? thoughts pdx’ers?

  11. Colorado anyone? I can’t host but I’d happily play bartender if it’s not at a restaurant/public venue

  12. Oooh…I’ll be recovering from my best friend’s wedding in Bath (UK) on Sunday 24th…anyone wanna find a posh brunch place and get some eggs florentine with me?

  13. Probably gonna come to the Oxford brunch! (I think? Maybe? Not entirely sure yet.) No FB page for that though?

    • I’d really like to go to the Oxford one too but a facebook page would be kind of handy, just so I could try recognise people.

      I’d probably just show up and be to shy to ask who is there from autostraddle though. XD

  14. London (UK), anyone? I’m terrified of hosting, but if anyone suggests a place, I’m there! (I know there are a bunch of London straddlers!)

  15. If there are any straddlers in Buenos Aires, I’d love to meet up! Brunch isn’t really a Thing here, but we could make something work :D

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