How To Make Your Own Flogger in About 15 Minutes

Floggers are fun! Here’s how to make one out of PVC.

The PCV flogger below is pretty stingy as floggers go. You can make it slightly less so by adding more tails, and slightly more so by cutting the ends of the falls at an angle into points. PVC is easy to wash with soap and hot water, so you can use it safely on multiple activity partners. (There are all sorts of ways to hit an activity partner.)

You will need:


  • a wooden dowel, 1 inch in diameter
  • PVC cord, approximately 70 feet in length
  • a 1 inch D-ring
  • electrical tape
  • marker
  • hacksaw
  • scissors


1. Start by holding the wooden dowel loosely in your hand so one end lines up with the heel of your hand when you’re holding it comfortably. Make a mark at the top of where your thumb hits. Saw at the line.


2. Hold the PVC between your pointer finger and your middle finger, and measure it to your armpit. Fold it over and double it back so you have a piece twice the length of your arm. Cut. Using that piece as your guide, cut 14 more lengths of PVC, for 15 total.


3. Lay them flat, group them together, and slide the D-ring to their centre.


4. Fold them over the top of the dowel with the flat end of the D-ring flush against the top of the dowel. (Keeping things in place gets annoying — this is where having a friend to help comes in handy.) Arrange so the falls are somewhat tidy and double check they’re all the same length.


5. Hold taut and wrap tightly with electrical tape, starting at just above the top of the dowel and working down until the bottom, until secure. If the PVC is too curly, use a hair dryer to heat it and straighten it with your hands. If you want to make it pretty, note that electrical tape comes in many colors. Trim the ends so they’re even, and you’re done!


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Ryan Yates

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  1. How does the wooden dowel get incorporated? I just see PVC, D-ring,
    and tape in the finished product here.

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