Record Club Update: Holly Miranda Will Answer YOUR “Magician’s Private Library” Questions

Hello! I have an important announcement to make about the upcoming meeting of the Audiostraddle Record Club. I don’t want to over-sell it but it’s probably the best idea I’ve ever had. It involves her:

First off, though – have you by chance listened to Holly Miranda’s The Magician’s Private Library? I hope so, because it’s the record we’re going to be talking about. If you’re hearing about this for the first time then everything you need to know, including where to buy the album, is right here.

So here’s what I want to tell you: the other day I was sitting in my room in my black t-shirt with my headphones on, trying to come up with some ideas/questions about the Magician’s Private Library for the record club, I found myself repeatedly wishing that I had a direct line, that instead of making assumptions like an asshole I could write or call and say, hey H train, what’s up with that lyric?

Lucky for me, my feeling that, if I asked, Holly Miranda would join our record club, was spot-on.

Holly Miranda will join our ‘virtual living room,’ talk about her record and let us ask things about the album or her overall musicianship and lifetime career that we like or want to know more about. You’re gonna give me your questions, I’m gonna give them to Holly, and then we’ll meet back up again and you’ll get your answers. Maybe she’ll even bring beer, BBQ or cookies, who knows.

SO Audiostraddle Record Club is kicking off in two weeks or so.

Got questions for Holly Miranda about The Magician’s Private Library?

Email me DIRECTLY at music [at] autostraddle [dot] com. This is gonna be pretty cool you guys.

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  1. Shit! i’m more excited about this than i think i should :D
    i’ll think of something to ask & yes it was the best idea you ever had…Holly is the definition of talented in my book

  2. Her voice, I can’t get over her voice.

    Why yes, my friend, I am still drunk this late in the morning.

  3. Brilliant idea!

    This album pretty much lived in my car stereo all summer. And then I discovered a live bootleg of an acoustic show of hers…AHHHHH!!

    Her voice is just…’s like….it’s just….it’s you know? Incredible!!

    • I saw her in concert last year and her voice is JUST AS PERFECT live which doesn’t even seem like real life BUT IT IS.

  4. Looking forward to this. Her voice is so beautiful and amazing. The more I listen to her cd, the more I love it.

  5. this is one of the things I can’t really even comment on or come up with a question for because it’s so awesome it overwhelms me.

  6. The E-mail doesn’t work so I’ll do it this way

    1) What make is your accoustic guitar that can be seen in most videos?
    2) Do you have any other electric guitars apart from the blue Fender telecaster? If not, which one would you like to have? Is there a story behind the tele?
    3) Favorite Velvet Underground song?
    4) When are you coming to Europe?
    5) Why are you so beautiful?

  7. Question for Holly

    I have never seen you live myself but I have heard great things. I have seen youtube videos,the video of you singing ex-factor in the taxi and you singing waves with the violinist. I thought some of these versions were better than your albums. Have you thought about making a live album? You could call it Holly comes alive!

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