Hi, I’m Carlytron and I Watch Far Too Much Television

So, this is my first post on Autostraddle, which is pretty exciting. I’ll be covering TV and Technology here but I wanted to start off today with a little bit about myself. Here’s a recent interview I did … with myself. Should clear up a few things.

Q: So Carly, how are you today?
A: I’m pretty good. Trying to get rid of a headache. Enjoying my Sunday. Thanks for asking!

Q: Sure thing. So I wanted to ask you, what qualifies you to talk about … whatever it is that you’ll be talking about? [Shuffles papers uncomfortably]
A: Hm, you didn’t do your homework before this interview, did you? Well, I’ll be covering tech and TV. I’m not sure if I’m necessarily “qualified” … but I love gadgets and tech and TV quite a lot, which helps. My unique point of view is enhanced by my television watching habits. I watch an inordinate amount of TV.

Q: Interesting — so what shows do you watch?
A: Well, a little bit of everything … and by “a little bit” I mean “a lot” — bad reality shows, sitcoms, anything gay. Right now my DVR’s got How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Gossip Girl, RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Real Housewives of NYC, Damages (which I am like 2 months behind on), America’s Next Top Model, Celebrity Apprentice, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, the United States of Tara, Chelsea Lately, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Office, Kath & Kim, Grey’s Anatomy, SNL, Desperate Housewives, and some random others every now and then. So, yeah … way too much TV.

Q: And what will you be writing about exactly? Why would I want to read your stupid posts instead of like, TV Guide or some other lesbian-focused entertainment site or whatever?
A: Oh, you should keep reading those, but you should also read my posts — my commentary will be infused with my Televisionary (Robin came up with that word, not me) POV.  I’ll be recapping what you missed in TV the previous week and giving out what I like to call the Carlytron Awards each week in various categories, which I’ll get into later.  Oh one more thing: read Television Without Pity, too, cause it’s totally rad.

Q: And tech… what’s up with that?
A: Great question, Carly.

Q: Well, I try.
A: And you succeed! I’m a big gadget freak, a huge Apple supporter, and a total computer nerd. I’m gonna be talking about tech/gadget advancements that I think are cool. Hopefully you’ll think they’re cool too.

Q:Super, super. Really. OK, now on to some really in-depth questions. I was reading Damien Hirst’s interview with Lily Allen in Interview Magazine and I liked his questions a lot, so I’m going to ask you some of them now.
A: O… kay.

Q: Super. So how old were you when we met?
A: You’re kidding, right?

Q: Oh fine. So would you say you were an overnight success?
A: I mean, I’ve been a bit of a superstar since I was a kid. If you recall, the recent resurfacing of the Carly Band concert video has really helped me in reestablishing my music career. I’ve been going strong ever since.

Carly Band Rocks!

Carly Band Rocks!

Q: I do love that video. “Super Mario Brothers” is one of my favorite songs, I’ve been rocking it on my iPod at the gym for months now.
A: Thank you, really. I think it has a great beat for the treadmill. Or even the elliptical.

Q: Do you have writers and producers who you work with?
A: Sure, that’s how all TV is made.

Q: So how is this new album different from your first album?
A: This new album is a bit of a departure for me. I’m using more synths and the songwriting is really more personal now.

Q: The attention is good, isn’t it?
A: Of course it is. Everyone knows that attention — any attention — is a good thing. Even if it involves booze. Especially then.

Q: Was the drink getting out of control?
A: I … don’t think that’s any of your business.

Q: God, you’re exhausting. I’m done with you.
A: Yeah, I get that a lot…

Ok then. Moving on… let’s talk about television! So as I mentioned in that really amazing interview before, in addition to telling you about This Week in Television, I’m going to be giving out the Carlytron Awards. Let’s get started!

The Carlytron TV Awards for the Week Ending on 3/14/09

The Good Riddance Award
I guess I have to give this one to VH1’s Tool Academy, a show I [somehow] watched in its entirety. While I enjoyed it a lot, I don’t think I can take watching massive tools on TV every week. So I’m glad to have a break now. I’m curious as to how they’re going to do a 2nd season, since a big part of this first season was the fact that the guys had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Oh well. This show reminds me that I’m very happy to be gay.

The FINALLY!! Award
Finally! This week, Heroes was actually pretty good. It’s common knowledge that this show has been slipping quite a bit since, like, its first season (sad) but I’ve stuck with it because I’m convinced that it’ll actually be awesome again soon. This week’s episode was pretty awesome. Some nice twists and plenty of shady behavior to keep me entertained. And Mrs. Petrelli (Cristine Rose) was totally badass, and that’s really all I look for from this show anymore.

A close second here is that they finally diagnosed Izzie’s tumor on Grey’s Anatomy, which was long long LONG overdue. Please get rid of her already, I’m so over it.picture-3

Tracy Morgan sweeps this category this week. Between 30 Rock‘s awesome “Funcooker” episode, to his hosting SNL, he definitely deserves a week-time Awesome Acheivement Award. My favorite part of SNL was the return of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet. And Kristen Wiig was in like, almost every sketch, and she’s the best part of SNL, so that was a big plus. Oh, Barbie!

Also awesome was Ellen DeGeneres getting a twitter account. I know this has been covered everywhere already, but I’m still very excited about it and wanted to share that with you. The video of Ellen and Portia getting ready for Portia’s big interview this week was completely adorable, and I can’t wait to cover it in next week’s post.

The ‘Why Isn’t This Gayer’? Award
You know things are bad when like, the only lesbian stuff on TV is happening on Grey’s Effing Anatomy. I don’t know why I still watch this show; I guess per ushe I’m hoping that one day it’ll be good again.

They should put this show out of its misery … but not before they let Callie actually have a girlfriend for more than like, five minutes.

This week, Callie got as far as … finally agreeing to go on a date with Arizona!

Matthew [my roommate]: “Is that lesbian code for scissoring or something?”
Me: “Yes.”

Breakneck pacing here, folks. Let’s gay it up a little more, ok Grey’s? Thanks.

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week
I’m going to give a shoutout to Kath & Kim, NBC’s Thursday night underdog. Of course 30 Rock and The Office were hilarious this week; they always are. But I’d like to implore everyone to give Kath & Kim a chance (and yes I know, it’s “not as good as the original.” Ugh, whatever. Many critics didn’t really like The Office during its first season, but look how well it’s doing now!). The cast is hilarious and the plotlines keep getting wackier.

Last week, the ladies drank some crazy tea and ended up tripping at Kath’s bachelorette party. Eventually they ended up in a pet store — they thought it was a 7-11 — and wore pet sweaters and tried to buy lotto tickets from a lizard.

This week, after her fancy Florida house failed to impress some Gays (not just any gays, these gays were judges for the Parade of Homes competition), Kath re-did her kitchen which caused the entire house to burn down. Also the soundtrack featured Tegan & Sara’s “Where Does the Good Go,” which is always a bonus. Give Kath & Kim a try, I guarantee you’ll like it.

Close second? Liz Lemon as Princess Leia, once again trying to get out of jury duty. That never gets old. Oh, and Barney falling out of the booth from laughing so hard at Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. NPH rules, as always.

The Hot Girl of the Week Awardelisa
I guess this can go to Eliza Dushku, cause… why not? This week’s episode of Dollhouse wasn’t very sexy (sadly, no leather pants) and was kinda dark, but she’s still uber hot. Apparently next week’s episode is supposed to get MUCH better, so I’m glad I’ve been sticking around thus far. I’d like to write about Dollhouse in a bit more depth at some point here on Autostraddle, so I’m open to suggestions as to what angle I should take.

The One Sandwich Short of a Picnic Award
This award will go to the dumbest thing I saw all week. I have yet to watch The Real Housewives of New York yet so I can’t say for certain, but I can almost guarantee it happened on this show. Actually it might have happened on America’s Next Top Model, since the girls got their makeovers and proved — yet again — that these girls cannot handle a damn haircut. I have no favorites for this cycle yet. I think all of these girls are kinda crap.

The One Commercial I Saw and Remembered
I DVR everything so I rarely watch promos and ads anymore. So this category will be used for any commercial I can remember actually watching. This week I decided that I really hate those Old Navy mannequin ads. They’re super duper creepy you guys.

The Emmy-Worthy Award
I couldn’t think of a better name to give the show or scene or actor who was genuinely awesome this week. I will give that to Ugly Betty this time out, it was a strong episode and Christine Baranski can play a bitch like no one’s business. Mark and Justin had cute gayboy moments too, and those always make me happy. And maybe RuPaul’s Drag Race could get nominated for the Reality Competition Emmy … a girl can dream.

Allrighty, that’s all for the first installment of Carlytron’s TV Roundup. These will go up at the beginning of every week, so check ’em out. Let me know what you think of the format, and if you have ideas for any awards I can give out in future posts.

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  1. FINALLY! Someone else who watches United States of Tara. For a while I’ve been convinced that I’m the only person who watches it but thanks to some people on twitter and now you, I feel better about myself.

    Also, The Carly Band vid is pretty amazing, just fyi.

    • USoT is really awesome, I think. The acting is top notch and I don’t even mind Diablo Cody’s writing. I am also a huuuge Toni Colette fan, though, so maybe I’m biased.

  2. I love your post Carlytron! Kath and Kim!!!! I second that times a billion. Is it just me or does Selma Blair, despite all of her character’s trashiness, need to win a hot girl of the week award? I have a suggestion… more photos from Dollhouse!!! That Old Navy commercial makes me a little ill every time I watch it. Also, you are not exhausting… tell yourself to shut up.

    • I tell myself to shut up all the time, but somehow it never happens…

      Selma Blair for Hot Girl of the Week = DEFINITELY. And obvs more Dollhouse, obvs obvs.

  3. Great work, Carlytron! I’m really into BIG LOVE. I would suggest starting at season 1 and going fwd. And of course, MAD MEN, both seasons.

    • Thanks Hav! Both Big Love and Mad Men are on my “you need to get these dvds and start watching these shows” list. Not enough hours in the day, siiigh.

  4. A world with out Chelsea Handler is a world i would rather not know.

    How I met your mother has totally “jumped the shark” and by jumped the shark i mean bit the dust. The whole jump with NPH fake marriage and the Lily caused break up is ridiculous. The writers for some reason have decided to keep a firm hold on the fast forward button warping the show.

    • Yeah I thought it was a tad odd that they would introduce plotlines like the ones you mentioned when they both almost entirely contradict the natural flow of things on that show. Almost a revisionist history. But somehow it didn’t bother me all that much, I think I have a soft spot for this show because it makes me very happy. I think the fake marriage bit was a one-off throwaway gag, but the Lily stuff seems to have more serious implications w/r/t Ted & Robin. Either way, I’m excited to see where it goes… I read we might meet the “Mother” in this season’s finale.

  5. Hi Carlytron!

    Eliza Dushku. So. Hot. I’m loving Dollhouse so far, though it is a slow burn. I’m expecting it to get more exciting soon. I feel like it’s tough to discuss at this point; maybe you could give us your theories about what they’ll end up revealing this season? Or, what do you think is the overarching analogy of the show (Joss Whedon always seems to have one)?

    I’m totes obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. I don’t know if you saw it yet, but last night’s episode was hilarious. Let’s just say Barney has legendary pajamas.

    • Those pajamas were legen- … wait for it … and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that is -dary!

      Good ideas, re: Dollhouse. Those are definitely things I was thinking about covering. Just gotta get some ideas together!

  6. I started watching USoT for Toni Collette but stopped watching it after the second episode (not exactly sure why, but I think the L Word had something to do with it…) and I’ve stuck with Dollhouse all the way because I’m a citizen of Whedonopolis and because Eliza Dushku is amazing. She’s acted her ass off these last 2 episodes! Hm, I think I’m going to watch some BtVS Season 3 now…

  7. *waves hand* I watch United States of Tara too. Looking forward to next week’s episode especially, as I’ve heard good things about it.

    Nice introduction Carly. I’ll be looking forward to the gadget/tech side of things. My evil geek side, however, will refrain from Apple bashing you.

    And I still have yet to find out what Dollhouse is even about. All I know is I saw Eliza Dushku on AE and thought that I should go YouTube some clips and check it out.

    And the only other show I watch is 30 Rock…what can I say, it’s hard keeping up with all these American shows in the UK.

    • Was this last weekend episode 10? Or is that this weekend’s? Either way, I’ve seen it and I really liked it.

      • Oops, I guess I mean last week’s epsiode 10 then. In theory ‘this weekend’ for me, but I guess I’m just an epsiode behind.

        Either way, it’s nice to have something to watch instead of TLW.

    • 30 Rock is, really, the only show you need to watch, because it is the best show, and can do no wrong. But variety is the spice of life and so we go forth and get DVRs and fill them up every week. It is the circle of life.

      I promise my tech posts won’t all be pro-Apple or heavily drenched in Apple content (though my first one might be just because of all of the Apple announcements of the past two weeks). I’ll try to remain impartial and talk about other fun gadgets and gizmos.

      I’m two weeks behind on US of Tara, gotta get caught up!!

  8. Um, Carly, this is one of the best things that’s happened this week. SO excited! Also, I KNOW you feel me on those fucking creepy Old Navy commercials.

    Dollhouse is supposed to get great once Fox gave Joss the reins (around ep. 6- so should be next week.)

    Hooray for this feature.

    • I am glad you agree! Yes, this week’s Dollhouse is the much-anticipated “Joss Takes the Reins” ep (how on earth did he not write any of the first 5 eps is BEYOND me but I’m glad to have him back finally).

  9. I love that glove you’re rockin’ in your screenshot, Carly.
    You were a 7 year old rock star for sure.

    Good stuff, I enjoyed the awards the mostest.

    • The glove was a purple pleather finger-tip-less glove. I had a pair but OBVS rockstars only wear one glove, a la Michael Jackson.

  10. I’d like to write about Dollhouse in a bit more depth at some point here on Autostraddle, so I’m open to suggestions as to what angle I should take.


  11. DOLLHOUSE! I love it, I don’t get why critics have been saying so many awful things about it. Also US of T!! So good! I have such a crush on you Carly, always have.

  12. Nice one, loved the interview.
    I enjoyed the shout out to Kath & Kim. I haven’t seen the US version, but have always imagined that Selma Blair would be amazing in it.

    • I think she’s hilarious and perfectly cast as the ditzy, entitled princess that Kim is. I might be biased, cause I’m a fan of hers, but I think she does a great job on the show.

      The one who steals every scene she’s in, in my opinion, though, is Melissa Rauch who used to be on Best Week Ever, as Kim’s friend Tina. Every line is comedy gold. (Maya Rudolph is pretty hilarious too)

  13. Just when I think I’m the only one with a certain problem, others emerge and make me feel whole again.

    My gf makes me (or tries to) feel guilty about tv. She hates it, so she thinks I should hate it. It entertains me, and if that’s wrong, well then, I don’t wanna be right.

    My list of “shows I need to get on dvd and start/finish” is so long that I couldn’t get through if I quit my job and went into hiding for a year. *sigh*

    <3 tv = <3 u

    • You know, I always feel like I somehow need to defend my love of TV, like “oh I work in TV so it’s… research, yeah!” or whatever. But I’ve stopped. I love TV, I do not care what stigma that might come with.

      You have inspired me to write a post about this phenomenon. Stay tuned.

  14. i love your awards! this is fun. like, i wanted popcorn while i was reading your post.

    YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU + DOLLHOUSE, CARLY. i’m not above starting a petition.

    oh! in addition to the Hot Girl O’ The Week award, i think you should do a Hot Dollhouse Moment award. with screenshots. and gif’s!

  15. That episdoe of Kath and Kim was hilarious.. im so glad its getting some recognition! I thought I was the only one who watched it.
    I loved it when Kath came back from the cher concert…and said sonny was there and they sang I got you babe.
    Also…the theme song I find myself singing it all the time!

  16. Life update: My gf and I got a hot tip from a coworker that if we had our new tv scan for analog and digital channels, we would get more channels than just the 12 we currently get for 12.99 a month.

    It worked! 70 channels. No cable box, no cable bill. Like all good things, it may come to an end, but for now I’m gonna take it all in. Even the gf is into the dreaded tv because she loves getting things for free.

    This is SO the ep of friends with the free porn. But a little better.

    For all of you interested, its called QAM, Google away.

  17. I second that on the Big Love!!! Your recaps of that show would be hilarious!

    BTW the Old Navy commercials have me ROFLMAO because the are just sooooooo wrong that they are funny!!!

  18. I would like to point out:
    -Thanks to me, Carlytron’s DVR also records a lot of daytime TV including The Ellen Degeneres Show, Barefoot Contessa (yum and fabulous.), and The View (which Carly “refuses” to watch.)
    -And sadly, I am no scissoring expert. I gave it up for Lent.

    • I just don’t understand why everyone has to shout over each other on The View. Why all the shouting?? Barefoot Contessa is shot really nicely. Ellen is great obvs.

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