Hannah Hart Shows Us Her Noms, Rap Skills, Cute V-Necks

Intern Grace’s Team Pick

You probably love My Drunk Kitchen and its creator, Hannah “Harto” Hart. I love it/her. Sometimes, I wait for the videos to come out, and then I don’t watch them right away because I want to save them for when I’m having a bad day. This is where I am in my life.

Our beloved Harto teamed up with Songs To Wear Pants To (watch his Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows, for real), and together, the internet Wonder Twins produced two original, food-related songs that are relevant to your interests.

You can't argue with that.

What we have learned:
1. Harto can rap like a boss!
2. Harto can sing like a boss!
3. Harto can dance like a… well her efforts are better than mine, so.
4. Cheese is no longer trapped; rather, it is sexy.
5. If the song includes food puns and a hidden “Frederick?” reference, I will probably spam my friends’ walls with it.


The other video doesn’t feature Hannah as heavily, but I mean, it’s obviously still worth watching.

Ok, let’s talk about our Harto feelings now.

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Intern Grace

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  1. The sexy thing with the cheese… it’s confusing me.

    Am I not gay after all? Am I really cheese-sexual? I have a lot of thinking to do.

  2. no matter what she does, it will be sexy as hell. (sometimes I like to get drunk to my drunk kitchen. justsayin)

  3. She can unwrap my cheese slices anytime.
    No but really. I can never get them open. I could for serious use her help.

  4. hartooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    come back to hanada, but montreal. DRINKS ARE ON ME.

  5. Sometimes I think Hannah Hart is the perfect woman but then I remember that Rachel Maddow exists. They should have children for serious.



    This blew me away. She’s really fucking good.

    Now I really want cheese…

  7. The thing that has been confusing the fuck out of me ever since I saw the video for the first time is the ‘pants’-shirt. Is it or is it not a Real L-Word reference?

    • Andrew runs “Songs To Wear Pants To” and pants shirts are STWPT merchandise. I’m buying myself one for Christmas.

      In fact, here’s a video about them!

      Andrew’s “toast and gravy” line is also a STWPT reference. Harto and Pants are my internet dreams coming true!

  8. Wow. Are there even words to describe this much awesome in one place? My drunk kitchen is probably as much fun as one can have almost making things that you almost have all the ingredients for! And this song is so punny I can’t handle it….i know I’m not the only one with a bag of thyme like that in my cupboard..amirite?!

  9. oh my god i can’t believe she was in my hometown!!! Yeah toronto!!! alllsssoo is it sad that i could recognize the bottle of wine he was drinking? It’s called “sibling rivalry” a canadian wine and its cheap and tasty!!!

  10. Five things;
    1. This is where I am in my life, also. I’m totally okay with that though.
    2. I die every time he says “Hannah Hart-attack”. Hgebgahkaeugkja.
    3. She’s so fucking cute. All the time.
    4. He’s wearing a bow tie and a waistcoat.
    5. He pulls a banana out of said waistcoat. I don’t even..
    Both these videos make my life at the moment.

  11. So…I noticed the other day while visiting Hannah’s website that she’s changed her bio and no longer makes the admission to being a “homo”. Not that her being a homo is a surprise but I want to know what she’s made that change.

  12. I have feelings towards cheese as well. Darn it Harto-san. New fetishes are born every day with cute girls like you sexualize mundane things, like food. XD

    And I noted that too, Tad2dMuse. Who knows why, but she needs not explaining herself, she already has.

    …A year later this comment shall be replied to.

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