Glee Sneak Peek: ‘Brittany’s Fondue for Two’ is Relevant to Your Interests, Lesbians

Don’t get too excited, Santana isn’t even in it — but this new sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode, “Rumors,” will still be relevant to your interests.

Also more spoilers abound in this “Behind the Glee” look at “Rumors.”

Also head over to TV Line for a scene with our BFF Kristin Chenoweth.

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  1. I know I should be thinking about how Brittany just outed Santana and getting more excited for Tuesdays epidode…
    But I just want to think about the neareast place I can get fondue…

  2. I’m pretty certain that by “plays for the other team,” Brittany meant that Santana literally plays for another team.

    • oh god are they gonna have an extended joke with everyone thinking that santana is secretly singing for vocal adreniline because if so i will die

      • Santana may or may not be *actually* on Vocal Adrenaline (or some *other* other team?) and Brittany knows/thinks that, and says as much. The funny is that everybody assumes she’s a lesbian, which is double funny because haha she totally is. This is me guessing stuff, btw.

        • This is totally something I speculated would happen. Brittany would say something about Santana that was not about her sexuality, like “Oh she’s Lebanese!” and the rest of the glee club would assume it was about her sexuality…

      • Die as in “die of laughter” or “”die because that is a stupid, easy joke of a plotline”.

  3. Spoilers indicate that Brittany does in fact out Santana. Whether it was purposeful or not seems to be debatable on alot of forums but Santana sure ends up being mad at her about it regardless.

    • I hope it isn’t true, because if it is I can see it being deliberate, and deliberately outing someone is one of the few things that I find unforgivable on TV or in real life. Poor Santana. She’ll have every right to be mad at her after this. :(

      • The spoiler came from Kristen at E!. All it says is that Brittany does something that pisses Santana off in this episode. That coupled with the sneak peak of her telling Merecedes and Tina that she plays for the other team and the pictures of Santana and Brittany having what looks to be an emotional converstation pretty much point to Santana being pissed about Brittany outing her. Now, when the episode airs, I’m sure Brittany will say that it was unintentional. It’s so hard to tell with Brittany because they write her so dumb most of the time but during this Santana coming out story they write her like she actually has some intelligence so we’ll just have to see how all this plays out.

        • That line of reasoning makes perfect sense, which doesn’t really change the likelihood that it will actually happen, given Glee’s track record with sense. Watching this episode is going to be painful then.

          Accidental or not, Santana has every right to be pissed at Brittany, and I hope the writers make a point of that. I’m convinced it’ll be played as deliberate though. Like you said, Brittany is written much more intelligently when it comes to Santana’s sexuality storyline, and her tone and the way she brings it up in the clip feel deliberate to me, if horribly misguided.

          Eh. Either way we’ll know in less than 24 hours.

      • deliberate? has brittany ever done anything deliberate in her life? dolphins are just gay sharks. i think it will be an accident.

        • uh, this was supposed to be @sinthe. and, i hadn’t read the second paragraph of her comment when i wrote it. and, i haven’t been watching glee since like episode 2 of this season. so, i am going to shut my face now.

    • Yeah, I think that as others said, Brittany will be talking about Santana playing for some literal other team and everyone else will take it as her being a lesbian.

  4. Why are there no comments about Lord Tubbington yet? I loled, seriously. Also Heather Morris is adorbs with a cat, my crush is cemented.

  5. This is so relevant to my interests. I just bought a fondue set the other day and have been listening to Fleetwood Mac on repeat for weeks. Obviously I am psychic.

  6. I have the “Fondue for Two” jingle stuck in my head now. Also I would like to clone Lord Tubbington so I can have one of my own.

  7. Its sooo not cool that this has happened but remember, this is Brittany. She probably didn’t do it out of intentional spite. She says everything without really thinking first.
    Poor Santana though, being outed like that. :/

    • My sense is that Brittany wants to deliberately out Santana because she thinks it’s for Santana’s own good (and because honesty is important to her). Otherwise, why the “Lebanese” t-shirt from the last episode?

      • I don’t think Britt really understands why Santana’s hiding it when Britt thinks it’s cool and great and supports her. I think the Lebanese shirt was more like: “Be proud of who you are because I love you for who you are!” rather than “Alright, out with it, ya big lezzie!”

        • That’s basically the same direction as I was thinking. Because Brittany loves and accepts Santana, she’s deliberately pushing her in the direction of being out and proud and publicly self-affirming. Brittany’s cluelessness here isn’t that she’s accidentally revealing this, it’s that she doesn’t understand why Santana is in the closet.

          • Hmm, I agree overall with you, but I’m just splitting hairs here: I think that Britt’s more like “Why is it a secret?” more than “you shouldn’t make this a secret!” i.e. She’s not “pushing” for Santana to get out of the closet because she doesn’t understand the concept of the closet in the first place. As I understand it, Britt thinks Santana being a lesbian is on the same level of Santana being Hispanic = just a part of her, rather than something she has to proclaim to everyone. ‘Nawmean?

  8. Can I just point out what we’re all clearly not saying?

    WHY is Sam staying in a Motel Room?

      Sorry for caps lock, just SO MANY FEELINGS.

      • I really really want Blaine to come out of the room right after Kurt and Sam. So much of TV craziness could be solved with a bit of polyamory.

        Though probably Kurt will just be tutoring Sam or something and it will turn out Sam just kind of lives in a motel room. Maybe his parents own it? Or maybe he moved to Lima without them? Idk.

  9. Also! there’s an autogleeks group, so we can talk about our feelings during the show or before AS does the glee recap!

  10. I think Glee is Artie’s fever dream.

    Don’t act like you’ve never had one.

  11. if anyone who works on Glee is reading this:

    PLEASE PLEASE get a new wardrobe person like yesterday.

    just because santana and brittney are getting their les on doesn’t mean they should look like aging portland middle aged crochet sweater wearing spinsters.

    just because artie is in a wheelchair doesnt mean he should be dressed like Mr. Rogers.

    and WTF was Quinn wearing in that one scene? Did they change her character to Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego without telling anyone?!

    Oh and one more note on Santana, so either she’s a spinster or a Hunts Point Hooker wearing a Zebra Print bustier and a hot pink mini blazer…what the f*Ck?

    no no no. no self respecting latina with as much badass-ness as Santana would ever wear any of those things.

    get it together Glee costume department.

    ok. thank you. i needed to get that off my chest.

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