“Brittana Is On. Brittana Was Always On.”


Wake up people! Despite Heather Morris and Naya Rivera residing to the wonderful world of Brittany/Artie and Santana/Finn (? – I can’t keep track these days), Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk has just tweeted some game-changing news.

And you know what that means….

But don’t get your ‘Brittana forever’ wrist tattoo just yet. Ryan Murphy has proven himself over and over to be a fickle little writer, often getting bored with plot developments several episodes in. What I’m saying is, have you seen Nip/Tuck? This show will eventually get a one-way ticket on the crazy train and nothing will make sense (even less than it does now), so save yourself the heartache and don’t get emotionally invested. FYI, Gwyneth (Holly Holiday) is set to return sometime in March, so we shall see.


Chris Colfer and our crush Darren Criss are Entertainment Weekly’s coverboys headlining the Gays Teens on TV story. There’s a funny quote where Chris Colfer cites the Kurt & Blaine “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet as:

“By far the gayest thing that’s ever been on TV, period. Forget AbFab, forget Beautiful People and Will & Grace.”

He clearly has not seen the episode of Queer as Folk where Justin spits cum on an anti-gay political poster after giving Brian Kinney a blowjob, but whatevs.

The most interesting part of the Entertainment Weekly article is the time spent with My So-Called Life creator, Winnie Holzman and actor Wilson Cruz (Ricky Vasquez). Holzman reveals that she never had a network issue with regard to Ricky:

“It wasn’t even a problem with the network. The thing I got the most pushback about was in the pilot, when he puts eyeliner on in the girls’ bathroom. I remember I mentioned The Crying Game, which had just come out, and Michael Jackson wearing eyeliner [to convince the network]. So they went with it.”

Later, Wilson Cruz chimes in on the progress of gay teens on TV:

“I think we’ve now reached the natural progression of what should’ve happened right after My So-Called Life. Do we have farther to go? Absolutely. But better late than never.”


Back in November, she  told Jimmy Fallon that:

“In my head, I’ve written a part for myself on Glee. In my head I’ve cast myself on ‘Glee’ and I know what song I’d sing. I would wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt, his mother’s sister who is also gay, who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing, “You Are Not Alone” from Stephen Sondheim’s epic show ‘Into the Woods.’”

Looks like she got her wish and locked down a deal with Ryan Murphy to play that exact role: Kurt’s lesbian aunt. Says Sir Ryan:

“I think we’ll do it probably in a month and a half or so… I have to talk to Anne about what she wants to sing. I’m sure she has ideas… I’m excited about that.”


And in case you missed it, here is Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech:

….and of course, The Lynch who can Do No Wrong:

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  1. I’ve been feeling more emotions regarding Glee this past week or so than a pregnant woman, which is probably not saying a lot because I’m a teenager with many Feelings (with a capital F). However.

    First the Glee Funny or Die video came out, and my heart stopped. Then the Anne Hathaway news came and my heart restarted with the blood rushing to my, uh, head. Then the Sam/Santana news came and I was raging and vowing never to watch Glee again. Now there’s the Brittana news which made me a big ol’ softie again. Then I saw the “Brittana was always on” part of his tweet and I was screaming “REALLY?!! THEN WHY HAVE YOU BEEN MESSING WITH MY HEART IF YOU HAD ALWAYS LOVED ME?!”

    I think I may be a little too emotionally invested in Glee. Just a feeling, amongst the rest of my many Feelings.

    Also, “brittany and santana should make out” is like, the most truth that can be stuffed into a tag for a blog post, ever.

  2. Anne Hathaway knows Into the Woods, I don’t know what I want to do to that (ha ha YES I DO.)

    Wilson Cruz was also on Grey’s Anatomy this week. He played, basically, the same character, I kindof wonder how he feels about that, but I guess I haven’t really followed his career, maybe he’s done lots of other stuff? (IMDB says he did an episode of NCIS, so probably!)

  3. Aw man! Now I’ve got my hopes up for Brittana. And Brittana gives me feelings.
    I will be capital S sad if it doesn’t happen.

  4. That was pretty funny when they announced Julie Stiles and then panned to someone else. Guess what- Julia was my first celeb girl crush and I once saw her at an Ani concert.

    P.S. Is is wrong that I unsuccessfully tried to *like* so many things in this post (i.e. Justin/Brian man-cum politics, and anything about The Lynch)?

    • Julia Stiles was one of MY first celeb girl-crushes too! (“10 Things I Hate About You”? So dreamy.) And I also saw her at a concert once! Pitchfork, 2008, she was sitting behind my friends and I, looking unimpressed, and then one of my friends turned around and was fake-shooting some whippersnappers behind us who had been real-shooting us with squirt guns and Julia Stiles thought my friend was trying to get *her* attention and immediately looked Way More Unimpressed. This remains my most awesome celebrity sighting.

      • i think i was the only one wishing she would reject heath ledger and having black underwear meant you were a lesbian.

        and this was in ’99, 7 years before i would realize i was a gaymo.

  5. Gosh, is there anything in that Entertainment Weekly on lesbian teen characters? I certainly hope so.

    • yea, they briefly mention South of Nowhere, Skins, Marissa Cooper/Olivia Wilde on The OC (eyeroll), Degrassi, etc.

  6. i’ve never had feelings about anne hathaway before, but she’s looks seriously foxy in that photo.

  7. God, I am so scared to be excited about this. Ryan Murphy is, well, Ryan Murphy, and I can see hundreds of ways for this to not happen/happen horribly wrong. But I’m hooked, so I have to keep watching…

  8. He clearly has not seen the episode of Queer as Folk where Justin spits cum on an anti-gay political poster after giving Brian Kinney a blowjob, but whatevs.

    I wasn’t expecting this line as I read this post and I basically fell over laughing. Love QAF!

  9. I flipped out when I first heard the news of Brittana. This is amazing. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up and turn them into a joke.

  10. That’s awesome!! I’m so proud of them winning :]…but omigosh whitehwhitewhitewhitewhiteeee. How odd My So Called Life–a show from the 90s had a gay person of color yet all the nominees for these golden globes are caucasian?? Are we regressing?? haha I don’t want to be a debbie downer, but visibility among all groups would still be ballin’.

  11. Holy Crunch. I’ve been shipping Brittana since, like, the first episode!!! It’s about freaking time!! Go Glee!! And…. YAAAAAAAAY for Her Illustriousness, the Lynch! XD

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