Gallery: 50 (More) Adorable Lesbian Couples Having Adorable Lesbian Weddings

There are just a lot of photos of lesbian and queer weddings and commitment ceremonies on the Internet, OK? They are really adorable.

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    Seeing Priya and Rebecca (my name is Priya!) and Shannon and Seema, really warmed my heart and surprised me in a good way! It’s so rare for the Indian people to even acknowledge the presence of lesbians in their own community, let alone consider that they would want to get married. It gives me hope! Thanks AS! 😉

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    I had to skim this really quickly because I’m already starting to tear up, and there would have been way too many feelings if I’d actually looked at each picture.

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    Gah – lesbian wedding porn is my ultimate weakness. These are all so beautiful. Picture #42 – ‘Shannon and Seema’ is especially amazing.

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    These photos are amazing. Everyone looks so beautiful and happy and inspiring.

    I have a question: has anyone seen any beautiful queer gal wedding pics with two brides in suits or other androgynous attire? Out of this post and the previous wedding pictures post I think there were 0/100. My sweetie and I are planning our nuptials and I’m over thinking it… I’m worried about either being stigmatized as gay-gays (which I guess pretty much happens to us every day anyway) or being forced to don a dress to heteronormatize our union. Surely queers have done this before…where is the photographic evidence?

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    This was beautiful, looked at it twice because the first time around is just too much love to take in. It deserved another viewing! I hope you post more soon!

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    Give us about a year and my fiancee and I can be added!!!!!

    All of these women are beautiful. The photography was exquisite and I just love how unique each photo is. Great job ladies!!!!!

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    so very nice to see all of those couples especially Arial and Michelle. it hasn’t been that many years since we girls could marry let alone it being interracial. they make a beautiful couple I couldn’t imagine them being married to anyone else. I hope you have a long life together.

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