Lady Gallery: 125 Smokin’ Hot Actresses, Musicians, Directors & Models Over 45

When we wrote last week about the Allure survey that revealed lesbians love dating women 10 or more years older than them, you all came in your pants and then also requested an over-40 gallery. 40 seems super-young to us though, so we went ahead and made an executive decision that what you actually wanted was a gallery of over-50s, but then we realized that Tami Taylor is only 46, so we made an executive decision that it’d be a 45+ gallery. (You know what’s really hard? Finding photographs of famous women that haven’t been airbrushed so you can actually tell how old they are in the picture! Wrinkles are sexy and airbrushing ruins everything, sigh.) Members of the LGBT community are indicated as such in parentheses.

125 Smokin’ Hot Actresses, Musicians, Models & Directors Over 45

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  1. Mary Steenburgen (and Elisabeth Shue!) in Back to the Future, Part 3 were easily my first lady crushes. 7 year old me just sat there for the entire two hours with butterflies in my stomach and thinking, “I am a fan…………of YOUR FACE!”

  2. I’m in love with the way the new gallery works. (This is new, yes? I haven’t been doing it wrong this whole time, have I?)

    Also, y’know. The ladies. Let’s hear it for the BSG representation.

  3. Oh my, it’s like my fairy gaymother smiled upon me today. Excuse me while I sigh in admiration and attraction. And may I say, to whoever included the gorgeous Juhi Chawla, you have excellent taste.

  4. Riese, I love you so much for putting this gallery up. Toni Braxton is my future lady. I was hoping to see her on here and my heart skipped a beat when I did. I’m so crazy about her…no words can describe how I feel and I seriously mean that. After seeing her and the rest of the women on this list I can “breathe again”.

  5. Oh, kd. Had a crush on her ever since I was in high school and saw the video for Trail of Broken Hearts and couldn’t tell if she was a boy or a girl and quickly became obsessed with waiting for that video to replay on VH1.

    Also, swoon @ Cheryl Dunye, one of my other first crushes.

  6. Lauren Velez, Alison Janey, Viola Davis, Meryl, Jamie Lee Curtis, Angela Bassett, Toni Braxton, Connie Britton (forever and ever and ever), Elizabeth Pena, Jennifer Beals (BETTE PORTER!), Melissa De Sousa, Pam Grier, Alfre Woodward, Mary Louise Parker, Juilanne More, Felicia Rashad, Annette Bening, and (omg!!!) Kate Walsh.

    Autostraddle, you continue to know me so well. These are the crushes that I tell few about. It’s like you went into my SOUL, haha.

    (only sad part is that Gina Torres missed the cutoff by 2 years. Let’s do this again some day!)

  7. ah! I want to send this to my 48-year-old stepmom who is so super awesome and a director and just gave birth to twins. But alas I cannot bring myself to send her something with the term “came in your pants” in the intro paragraph. We haven’t reached that level in the stepmom/stepdaughter relationship.

  8. Jennifer Beals will be 50 this year and doesn’t look like she’s aged much at all. I want to know her secret. I pray I look as good as she does when I’m her age.

  9. I *literally* just created an account just so that I could commend you guys on the diversity of women represented in these photos. I mean, obviously age, but also race/sexuality/size/(dis)ability, really almost everything I could think of. It’s rare to be able to see all types of folks being celebrated as sexy. I think it is why I come back to this list time and time again. Thank you, autostraddle!

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