FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: What Were You Up To While We Were At Camp?

Hello, bowls of cracklin’ oat bran! Welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread, in which we plot the revolution. JK! It’s where we share stories from our week, the feelings we’re currently feeling, and — if I’m so lucky — photos of our pets. You could still come here to plot the revolution, though. I totally understand, even though I didn’t see Mad Max yet.


I haven’t hosted one of these babies in a good while, but I also haven’t even been near a computer since last Thursday, when I departed for Mt. Feelings. A-Camp was great, but damn did I miss you guys! I can’t even deal with the idea that I didn’t see photos of your girlfriends and best friends and favorite crop tops last week, or that I missed Mari getting married, or that while I was gone the world continued to turn. How dare you, world. Stop! Wait a minute! Fill my cup, put some liquor in it… Oh, sorry. I was just having a flashback. Don’t mind me.

Anyway, I wanna know everything. Spill! I want the juicy details. Did you get promoted yet? Did you make it rain at the club? Are you dating the cutest queermo ever? Is your puppy sitting in your lap like a big ol’ log of cuteness right now? Did you pass a test? Do you need to cry because you didn’t pass a test, or everything is awful, or your dog chewed the straps off your favorite dress while he was sitting in your lap? I JUST WANNA BE PART OF YOUR WORLD, OKAY?

How it feels to re-enter the world of the Internet today

How it feels to re-enter the world of the Internet today

Bring it on. Leave nothing out. I’m not looking to leave the Autostraddle universe anytime soon, so let’s just hold each other or whatever.

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  1. I had a pretty great week!

    Last Sunday the Twin Cities Autostraddler Group had a gigantic meetup called “I just wanna be a kid day”

    It was a cell phone free event, but we had epic kid snacks (goldfish, capri sun, fruit by the foot, lunchables, etc) and allll sorts of kid-activities:

    coloring books, hula hoops, bubbles, string crafts, 500, clapping games, pogs, nerf guns, stickers, you name it!

    there was about 30-40 of us all throughout the day. And we are having another meetup just like it!!

  2. My week was pretty awful. I work at a non profit and without going into too many details it’s been hard finding that balance between serving participants in a trauma informed way and not allowing myself to be abused by participants and setting boundaries. It never feels good. I also have my own history and anxiety to deal with etc.

    So I’ve been trying to not take out all my stress and lack of sleep on my debit card. On a lighter note the VS Semi Annual Sale is here and I would much rather clean, shop, and clean than eat, as a dysfunctional coping skill :p. So yeah, it’s not good.

    My cat friend though has been much help. He is very cute.

  3. i had a hugely busy week. I’ve been moving out, cleaning the old place, unpacking at the new place, my roomate and I consollidated our kitchen stuff, ect. We had a heavy work week *and* I had to work saturday. My department is down to one hood (sterile space for lab experiments) between four people because we have to quarintine the other hood for another experiment. And my boss is randomly going around rearranging my coworker and I’s desk and hood space in the name of ‘tidying up’. Despite having told me that she was too busy to help me with any of the IMs thursday and friday. So yeah, not looking forward to having to talk to her about it monday. I know she’s new in this job but ‘don’t touch other peoples stuff’ is some shit you should have locked down in elementary school, you know?

    But while you guys were at A-Camp, I went to not one, but two awesome parties this week. I cycle with and all-girls biking group called toxic shocks and we had our annual skip day monday, which i hosted in my apartment pool. I was looking at my liquor and thinking what I could make and thought ‘i could make old fashioneds with this if I make simple syrup’ and while I was making that I was like ‘you know what would taste good with bourbon? GINGERBREAD SYRUP’ and I was right. We then left the guys behind to clean up and took our bikes to the Pearl. I made it over this huge hill that I hadn’t been able to before on my old bike and I’m super stoked about that.

    The next night I went to neil’s bahr for a friend’s birthday. It’s this geek bar by the stadium with video games and comic books and it’s really cool. We had avengers themed cake and played slash- and ping pong.

    Sunday I’m going to check out this church that was reccomended to me by some friends called the universal unitarians- It’s non-denominational and really big into social justice and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it- I’ll post my experience w/ it tmr or next week for any autostraddlers in Houston that are interested.

  4. I always assumed that I could just do a cartwheel, but this week I proved to myself over and over that I was in fact wrong. I cannot cartwheel. Life is weird. I spent this week analyzing relationships of all kinds because I’m still unsure of how they work. I know they work, but the sequence of events of how someone stops being a stranger and becomes a friend or a lover, absolutely blows my mind. I’ve been chalking it up to magic. And although I fancy myself a witch, I’m mostly just a believer in witches, so I guess there are some things that I just can’t understand. I polished up a screenplay, started a new one, and tried a new shade of red lipstick. I think all in all, it was a pretty solid week.

  5. Update from Willow’s Great Balkan Adventure. We’re in Serbia now, and I gotta say that the place hasn’t gotten any less heteronormative (or androcentric) since 1980. As much as I’m enjoying seeing old haunts and friendly faces, it’s also feeling pretty overwhelming. I’m not 100% sure it was worth take 4 weeks away from work for this. (And I also know that after a nap and a little food I’ll feel a lot better.) Anyway, greetings from Serbia.

  6. On Friday, the end of my eight day work week, I took my best friend to see Mad Max. We sprawled out on several seats in the middle of the movie theater and cuddled and held hands and it was the best thing ever.

  7. So I’ve been a bit MIA on these threads because of work and also living out of my car means no wifi and service is REALLY poor in the mountains, specifically the parts of the mountains that I work and then the parts that I’ve been camping in.

    I’ve been doing a lot of paddling the last couple weeks, and the rain last week made for a welcome change! I got redemption on the rapid that broke my rib last summer, even though my crew was a hot mess and it was getting dark and I ended up being in front with another dude upside down in front of me and all “AHHH WHERE AM I GOING HELPPPPP and also don’t swim Jeff because I am not capable of doing anything to help you and this is where I broke that rib so please roll up”.

    However, I had an incident that required two stitches in my head last Sunday–my friend who is a vet stitched me up at the take out and then she took those same stitches out yesterday. I guess it looks like it’s healed well? I can’t see because it’s the side of my head but it itches like nobody’s business so I’m taking that as things are healing. But I also got redemption on that rapid yesterday, too. I have yet to run this one rapid close to cleanly at all, but I feel better in that I was running the last drop in the right spot, boofing at the right time on the right side, and that my buddy also got chundered in the curtain like I did, so it wasn’t like I did anything spectacularly wrong, it’s just that that’s how class Vs go sometimes. (But lemme tell you–being stuck in the curtain of a waterfall upside down? It is no fun.)

  8. This week I have become very disappointed as my plans to sneak off as a baby dyke who has never been to pride have been scuppered due to scheduled holidays and I’m missing a local festival due to my mother’s birthday. We are going to eat food in the gay village though (I don’t know why, as my mum and stepdad seem heterosexual and cisgender) but I’m excited and prepared to dyke it up a little bit ☺️

    In other news, I’ve been talking to a cool person recently and after coming out to them as non cishet, they have done the same, which is exciting. I also finish my exams in two days, hurrah!

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