Friday Open Thread: Music Videos That Make You Hot

Hi Cuties! You did it! You made it through another week! I am so very proud of you all, and hope you have epic Friday night plans.

Things have been very hot in my life this week both literally and figuratively. Literally because LA is pretty unfortunately epically on fire, and figuratively because I’ve been obsessively watching sexy music videos all week to decompress from the stress. This new trend started last week when I had some friends over. After a few drinks and a thorough breakdown about the state of the country we started taking turns adding music videos we loved when we were younger to a playlist and streaming them on the tv. I realized it had been a LONG time since I thought about or watched music videos but added “Like a Boy” by Ciara to the queue as quickly as my phone would allow and proceeded to get my entire teenage life. I started making sounds that caused my friends to ask if I’d like the room to myself and felt my temperature spike so intensely that I had to stand in front of a fan Beyoncé style to calm down afterwards. I completely forgot there were videos in the world that could render me so effectively speechless and turned on. It was amazing!

Once I’d cooled off my friends were already excitedly talking about music videos that got their teenage hearts and clits fluttering. They added them to the queue and we collectively danced, laughed, blushed, and swapped stories with each other about who and where we were in our lives when these songs and videos took hold of us. It was a beautiful experience. So beautiful that now for my first Friday Open Thread with all you lovely readers I’m dying to know what music videos, songs, and artists top your list. What sweaty bodies flawlessly executing choreography taught you things you didn’t yet know about yourself? What would be on your Youtube sexy time queue if projecting music videos on your ceiling during sex were a thing? Who do you swear is singing to you and only you every time? Let’s spill to each other like we’re at a high school sleepover and make a new video queue or two. I can’t wait!

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Reneice Charles

Reneice Charles is a just another queer, liberal, woman of color using the Internet to escape from reality and failing miserably. She received her MSW from New York University and is an Entrepreneur and Vocalist living in Los Angeles. She spends her spare time wishing she didn't have to use her spare time convincing people that everyone deserves the same basic human rights.

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  1. This is a Brazilian music video that was very relevant to young Carmen SD. It was banned from MTV USA. If you watch you’ll understand why it was relevant and why it was banned. The song is very catchy and was a massive hit back then

  2. hi reneice! happy friday! you are wonderful!

    this is kind of embarrassing, but i can’t remember which music videos made me hot? did i never watch any as a kid/teen? am i suppressing my thoughts? idk! maybe when everyone else starts mentioning some i will remember…

    i CAN say as an adult, everything nikki minaj produces and dances in is A++++ yes plz for me, and also all the scenes with josie and the pussycats in riverdale. actually, all the scenes in riverdale period pretty much do it for me — i know that’s not a music video but forgive me, i’m on season 1 episode 8 (PLZ NO SPOILERS) and that show has killed me dead in the best way possible.

    happy weekend, everyone! <3

  3. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to a party like the one in the Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar video. As long as I wasn’t hosting it.

  4. look, this song was my FAVORITE late into my senior year of high school and it still has everything I want in it:

    shots of the moon, a glittery pink vagina cave, Shakira dancing and singing about coming out of a closet.

    I am not shocked in retrospect that I did, in fact, come out later that year–WHEW

    happy friday!

  5. Since we didn’t have a “Boobs on Your Tube” segment last week, and we might not get one this week, I’ll post my thoughts in the reply to this post so that I don’t spoil anyone.

    • “Legends of Tomorrow”
      Yes, we’re getting some Avalance. Sara gave Agent Sharpe the same look that she gave Alex, and we all know what that means.

      And just for fun, something from Caity Lotz.

      “Agents of SHIELD”
      Daisy is going to go all out in order to rescue Simmons, and I’m here for all the Skimmons.

      Calm down, Cheryl. Even Josie is starting to notice your cray-cray. And what’s with a 15 year old doing a striptease in a bar?

  6. I didn’t watch music videos as a youth bc I was a wee undiagnosed ADHD baby w/ no attention span for TV without plotlines / MTV was already dead

    That being said, I really enjoy Dua Lipa’s vid for New Rules

    • My other issue with music video is that I use YouTube to stream music (I don’t watch it so much as listen to it) but refuse to shell out for YouTube RED (I’m Broke) & music videos often have long intros and fucking DIALOGUE

  7. If want romantic song, Boys II Men(I’ll make love to you, and Thank you), & LL Cool J got my vote. Sure a bit cis-het centered, but it’s very good music nonetheless. As for video that is sexy, does have Sleater-Kinney or any 90s female rapper count as they all are just to awesome, and radiate cool.

    How is everyone’s week going? As Reneice said the city is on fire, so I’ve just been seeing that on tv and making sure my family in the Skirball fire is safe(they are). Plus, the President has really brought out the conservatives in my family this week and I just don’t want to deal with them(they are usually fine otherwise). It’s messy.

    On the plus side I probably spent like 3 hours on Sunday at cuties coffee at a table full of pretty awesome women. It was refreshing and something needed. Really, I think all cities need a lgbtq coffee shop not cis man focused, that hosts regular events. We came to the conclusion that this place is treating trans people and women better in some ways than the actually LA LGBTQ center, which my friend had a bad experience working there.
    I also have, what I think is a positive convo on tinder, so wish me luck there, please? This Sunday I have the park day in Echo Park, that I am organizing, coming up. If you are in the LA/SoCal area and want to do something Sunday please do come, the more the merrier!!

    I also had a nice walk with my mother Sunday, cause I needed to move a little after donuts & tea. View from the walk.

    Thank you for viewing and reading my thread. Have a positive weekend!

  8. Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet”. Just listening to her voice…

    But if your going for just erotic, but not TOO over the top, how about The Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself”.

  9. Around halloween I was looking up all kinds of great holiday related songs and found this video of Eartha Kitt singing ‘I Want To Be Evil’ :

  10. OK this is not even overtly sexual, but watching the music video for “Call It Off” by Tegan and Sara was the first time I ever thought to myself, “huh…I…might be into women?!?!?!” I probably watched it over 25 times the first week that I discovered it.

    • I love this, and love that you shared something that isn’t inherently meant to be sexy but stills makes you think/feel things related to sexuality. Thank you for sharing.

  11. For me in high school it was a lot of beyonce

    plus i’m a romantic, so like, this obviously

    and bc i’m a romantic w questionable taste

    more lately it’s been a lot of nicki

  12. Cassie!!! Me & U, anyone? Did I want to be her, or be with her…one of life’s unanswerable questions.

  13. Hi Reneice! Sending you lots of good vibes/thoughts/prayers/energies about the LA Fires. I hope that you’re staying safe. <3

    Probably the Big Two ~*~hot music videos*~* for me as a #youth were Beyonce's Upgrade U:

    and Shakira’s She Wolf:

    Both videos read VERY GAY to me — Beyonce crossdressing as Jay? Shakira dancing in what looks like a giant vag cave??? — and both ladies look WILDLY GOOD in said videos. Given the amount of times I watched both of these videos, I should’ve known WAY sooner how deeply bi I am.

    • Well, awkward, the videos didn’t post! *shakes fist at my non-understanding of how to embed videos despite following the lovely instructions provide*

      Here’s Upgrade U: and here’s She Wolf:

      • Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I’m doing well :). Also LOVE LOVE LOVE both these videos.

  14. I….have never really been into music videos, like ever. I don’t get them. Music? Yes. Videos? Also yes. Putting the two together? Not My Jam.

    But uh…Life Updates: My medical test went exactly as expected, but I didn’t feel as bad afterwards as I anticipated (but still felt pretty bad), and it turns out that I did not win the cardiac (well, the problem is more neurological but the effect is the same) grabbag of genetics because unlike my dad who can BEAT A STRESS TEST (like, get up to max speed and elevation and time and still not get the heart as stressed as the docs wanted) despite a valve problem, I pass out if I stand still for 10 minutes. But hey, now my passing out is Medically Documented And Valid and the docs can look at exactly what is going on with my heart rhythm, heart rate, and blood pressure while I’m passing out now! Whee medical validation!

    And I am HOPEFULLY hearing back from the surgeon’s office BY MONDAY since the receptionist I spoke to is forwarding it directly to the surgeon’s scheduler and not just to the pool of scheduling secretaries. So uh, here’s to hoping that actually happens?

    And lastly, my pup also seems to be developing a reliable alert to my sleep attacks! He Was Not Having it in the car last night–which has happened before…but I figured it was because he had to pee but then yeah, I did get a sleep attack–but now that it’s happened a couple times it seems like…it’s a thing, at least potentially? And his dropped item retrieval is coming along gr8! I’d think I could start him on item retrieval but…he is too much of A Menace and in the puppy stage of getting into EVERYTHING POSSIBLE and I do not want to make him even MORE POWERFUL by giving him access to the fridge or a cabinet (not that he…really needs the help of a tug rope to get into cabinets). Here he is doing a STRETCH

  15. I’m in trouble, Reneice, this is getting me in the mood and my girl is out of town…

    Some Toni Braxton – You’re Makin’ Me High

    The name says it all: Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

    And one of the hotest videos ever: Madonna – Justify My Love

  16. Hello you beautiful snow flurries!
    Things are rough on my end. Im breaking up with my live in girlfriend of two years after shes done with her finals AND Im moving home after that. Right now Im in a weird limbo of lies and trying to savor these last few days we still have. Plus I have the flu. Now that the sad is out of the way… recently the “Lemon” music video by N.E.R.D and Rihanna starring Mette Towley is hot and rad. Also it starts with Towley’s head being shaved by Rihanna which is a queer power play.

  17. When I was an early teen, t.A.T.u. videos were a big deal for me, and then there was that Madonna/Britney/Christina/Missy MTV presentation which was…relevant.

    But then as a late teenager I found this video and It was confusing because I didn’t know if I wanted to be them, be with them, or be their friend.

  18. I definitely credit a lot of YouTube videos to helping me realize I liked girls in high school. I spent way too much time watching techno music videos and staring at the half-naked girls like in this Basshunter vid

  19. anything peaches

    also, side note: FUCK YES WE CAN ALL GET WIFED NOW IN AUSTRALIA !!! (if we want to)

    related side note: Sydney Straddlers Holigay Pool Party is on tomorrow and the timing is impeccable.

    • My girl and I are so excited. We’ve only been waiting (and working) for this for 40 years soooooooo WOW!!!

  20. I don’t generally watch music videos. Usually I start one up on Youtube and then tab out to work on something else. Aside from some animated videos (two fan-made videos for songs by Voltaire, and two done for the band Mystery Skulls), the only ones I’ve watched recently were for “Gimme That Swing” by Cissie Redgwick () and “Black Swamp Village” by the Speakeasies’ Swing Band! (before watching this, I had no idea that I wanted Gothic Swing to become an actual musical sub-genre, now I definitely know I want this; it also re-ignited my desire to have a theremin; ). Sorry for the lack of sexiness in the vids I’ve linked. Hopefully the music makes up for it (does for me, but your results are likely to vary).

  21. Wait a second, wait a second, WAIT A SECOND. Céline Dion It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

    Side note two summers ago in Montréal I was in a Kate Bush Wuthering Heights flash mob & I’ve never been more ready & less prepared for something in my life (did NOT know the dance)

  22. Oh boy is the about to get not sad and a little heavy.

    Um anytime there’s a what got you hot as teenager discussion since I reached my 20’s I feel a little…nervous I’m not sure what word to use because sexually it usually looks like I developed (feelings) “too early” and it freaks some people out. No one other than me touched me or anything but the concept of kid being under 12 and the level of “curious” I was reaaaaallly troubles people sometimes.

    The first video I remember getting the tingles for and couldn’t stop thinking about was the Britney classic “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”
    Yeah that’s right it was Britney bitcas xD

    “Oops!… I Did It Again” was the first video I realised the thing my Girl Scout book talked about getting wet that I couldn’t figure out how to pronounce and my mother couldn’t figure what I meant when I sounded it out was my privates and not an armpit.

    But the thing I watched over and over as 12-13ish year old that was passed around in yahoo mail like playboy magazine was the Benny Benassi Satisfaction music video.

    And good lord did I hate myself for it, less so than Girls Gone Wild infommericals but the words to that song sounded like “push me and just hurt me til I get my satisfaction” I did not feel guilt that I was attracted to women but guilt that I was objectifying them and maybe I didn’t REALLY like women and was just participating in objectification and the hatred of women because why else would I be so aroused by the concept of a woman wanting to be hurt. That she could feel pleasure and satisfaction from being hurt.
    If I was good and pure I wouldn’t feel aroused by disgusting lies from the patriarchy, but hell I was already tainted wasn’t I? I had a disgusting horrifying interest in men, I’d never be as good an pure as a lesbian. I was already a danger to lesbians so why not this other depravity too?
    Like no wonder I felt such a monster and kinda well lashed out at the world around that age.

    Also I think there was some level gender-fuckery in there too at my horror of finding boys attractive too because liking women is very natural and media showing off women in a sexual way to be appreciated by the (assumed het male) viewing public is normalised to a ridiculous degree but men were not back then in mainstream culture.

    Sex negative feminism really fucked little bby bi me up and I didn’t enjoy videos that got me hot as a teenager until I reached a state of IDGAF because clearly I’m evil and life is short so I’m going to enjoy it. And fuck biphobia.

    Then it was hair metal videos not what ever was going on in the Early Aughts music scene

    I probably watched

    Mötley Crüe – Girls, Girls, Girls

    so many times I could sing it and do the choreography at same time which would of been a very interesting sight because at that stage in my left I was wearing my dad’s old jeans, black workshirt and fake combat boots.

    Okay full confession was an interesting sight because I did do some of the moves while listening to my walkman radio. Also this was the point in time when I learned to be leary of women because of gossipy mean girl crap. Tho being called the two both the “worst” things a girl can be called for usually opposite reasons didn’t hurt my feeling just amused the heck out of already outsider me.

    1) I’d hadn’t had sexual contact with another human being yet so being called slut behind my back seemed like silliest thing.

    2) I knew was the reason why was b/c this one girl found my habit of sitting with my legs open “inappropriate” and rather be properly chastened by her admonishment like a proper female, I spread my legs as far as possible and rested them on the arms of the chair. I challenged her authority and had to be punished.

    3) Being called dyke for wearing ratty men’s clothes well they were half right on that and therefore it wasn’t an insult to me but almost the truth.


    • I’ve never had a successful embed

      so here it is the video that got baby teen me all hot, morally bothered and a bit safety concerned

      If you haven’t seen the music video Satisfaction by Benny Benassi

      It’s scantily clad, oiled up women using tools from a basic hammer to serious power tools like a jackhammer with description like it’s tool demo video.
      One of them is wearing a little plaid shirt over her bikini top, some cutoffs, work boots and safety gear too.
      So I find it a bit gay and you might too.

  23. So I just had a thought.

    “Oops!…I Did It Again” is probably my latex/leather fetish root.

    Like the first time I remember seeing shiny tight leatherish clothes and practically panting was that video.

    So if anyone ever jokingly asks me “What’s your root?” I can respond, “It’s Britney, bitch.”

  24. hi angels! i just wanted to pop in because i just spent about 45 minutes editing everyone’s comments so the videos show up properly embedded (instead of just links) so i thought we could quickly go over how to successfully embed a video. every thread it seems to frustrate people, but it is actually easy, i swear! here are your steps:

    1. pick a youtube video.
    2. click the “share” button below the video.
    3. click the “embed” option that pops up.
    4. you should get a long-ish code when you click this! it will begin with a bracket and the word iframe. if the word iframe is not in your code, your video will NOT embed.
    5. paste that code into your comment.
    6. DONE!

    if you are doing this and you pinky promise you are using the code with the word iframe in it and your videos still aren’t showing up, let me know! but i am 99% sure this will fix 99% of the issues.

    have i mentioned how deeply i love you all today? just wondering. your hair looks really, really good and your skin is extra sparkly! <3

    • Thanks Vanessa, I 100% done the steps and the whole code disappeared after posting the comment.

      i “modified” the coding. does it work now?

      • thank you for this update! it’s really helpful for us to troubleshoot. it’s possible something is going wrong on our end and we’re gonna look into it this week! <3

  25. Lisa Bonet made me gay. Well,not true but from the first moment my confused teenage being saw her on screen, what had been uncertain became really really really certain. As far as videos, I was a little out of my teens when this one clicked for me but it it worked me over so thoroughly, that I never remember the name of the song. I called it “The Hormone Video” and that it shall always remain.

  26. As an outsider kid in my teens I had few secrets as closely guarded as the fact that I enjoyed Britney Spears, and particularly this… one… music video:

  27. These are all primary school for me. I used to know every single lyric to Starships (I was 12, so idk how no one stopped me from blurting out “so fuck who you want and fuck who you like” repeatedly). I used to watch Domino on repeat, which later on made sense. And I still have a hard time watching Las de La Intuición, because I still hold my breath while watching it. Old habits die hard, I guess.

    • Ahhh!!! I posted them all in embedded iframe codes and it didn’t work. Welp, I was talking about Nicki Minaj’s Starships, Jessie J’s Domino and Shakira’s Las de La Intuición. If anyone wants to take the time to look them up for themselves, haha.

      • Sorry you had a hard time with the embedding! And it really seems like Shakira is the VIP of this open thread hahaha.

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