FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: I’m Diving Into The Little Mermaid and I Don’t Wanna Do It Alone

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Welcome to this week’s Friday Open Thread! A place for feelings, friendship and photos of pets, people or objects that happens to be around you. There’s one of these every week, but, much like snowflakes, no two are the same.

To continue the brave tradition of open thread hosts posting pictures of themselves and their loved ones, here is my girlfriend Shannon looking hot as fuck, which is what I wanted to do with her at the time this photo was taken. (I am the short person next to her, and we were dressed for the ’80s.)

She looks even hotter without the '80s aviators.

She looks even hotter without the ’80s aviators.

My week has been really busy! I’m finishing up two big projects in my main day job as an academic copy editor and working on some exciting things in my night job as a NSFW editor here on AS, and had two headaches and maybe food poisoned myself and am getting over a cold that has lingered for weeks, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be wearing forgiving pants right now, double-fisting tea and beer and looking for a movie to watch.

Actually, I know exactly what movie I’m going to watch. Which means it’s confession time: I have never seen all of The Little Mermaid in one sitting.

This is true of many movies, because I don’t really watch movies. The Little Mermaid, though, feels like a big one to miss. (Maybe this is especially because it was formative in Shannon’s youth, and bridging pop culture gaps is lots of fun, and also she and Forever Intern Grace are appalled I haven’t seen it.)

The Making Of: This Open Thread.

The Making Of: This Open Thread.

Instead, in my childhood I was busy watching Space Jam and the live-action Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews and a lot of movies featuring golden retrievers playing sports and the loving friendship between a dolphin and a small dog (every day two summers in a row) and, frankly, mostly The Magic School Bus. And even though The Lion King is the first thing I ever remember watching and I had an embarrassing late Aladdin phase and am forever into The Aristocats, I have never seen all of The Little Mermaid in one sitting and TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT.

I am a grown-ass adult who has rent and clients and several library cards and can go to bars, and I’m gonna stay in tonight and watch The Little Mermaid because I damn well want to.

(Or at least, it’s going to be on. Really I’m gonna be talking to you.)

I haven't seen the movie yet. Is this the part where she gets sucked into the underworld?

I haven’t seen the movie yet. Is this the part where she goes into space?

So, this is the part where you come in! Dish. What childhood movies did you never see? What did you watch over and over? What are you having for dinner tonight? Who are you having for dinner tonight? What is up with your garden, job, activity partner, apartment, city, life? Do you think of Julie Andrews and Cabins every time you think of Mary Poppins? Share photos of your life, and I will share photos of my pets (former) and sex toys (current, upon request) and reading pile (future) and probably other things too.

Talk about whatever you want to! That’s what a Friday Open Thread is for, after all. And plus, I want to be part of your world.

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  1. My parents didn’t believe in “televised violence” which means I have fast-forwarded through every remotely scary scene in every kid’s movie ever. Some examples:

    Any part of Rudolph involving the Abominable Snowman
    That part in Aristocats where the dogs chase the guy
    Mufasa’s death in The Lion King
    Pretty much all of The Little Mermaid
    Pretty much all of Beauty and the Beast
    Pretty much any major plot point in every Disney/animated movie.

    • I still do this all on my own and I am an adult, I swear. Like, I’ve seen Homeward Bound many times, but when I watch it it’s about 30 minutes long.

      Also this is a great warning heading into The Little Mermaid.

      • I think it scarred me forever. I am the queen of staring into my popcorn for 90% of a movie.

    • imo Lion King ends mid-Hakuna Matata because adult Simba is annoying but little Simba is the best.

      • For the longest time I actually thought the plot of Lion King was like, baby lions play play EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES play play … HAKUUUNAAA MA-TA-A-AAAH … circle of life reprise.

        • Lion King is probably my favorite Disney movie and is also the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. (I was 3 or 4.) That first time, I don’t think death bothered me, but I spent a lot of the movie hiding in my dad’s arms b/c I was scared of the hyenas.

        • As long as the Lion King ends before creepily sexualized anthropomorphic lion sex, I’m good. Geeahhh.

    • This sounds exactly like my childhood! We always skipped the parts in Bambi involving fire and dogs and hunters. And actually most of the disney movies didn’t even come into our house… My parents were super idealistic about surrounding us only with things that were in “good taste” and I think basically they didn’t think disney movies were pretty enough? Compared to say, .

      • aaaaaaaaah bambi is another one! I found out bambi’s mom died like 3 years after watching that movie. I don’t know, I honestly think i’d do the same for my kids. When they’re very young, at least.

      • Bambi is another movie I have never seen all of, or even most of, and WHAT Bambi’s mom DIES?!?

      • I find this whole filtering the bad stuff from kids thing fascinating, as my mom was the complete opposite. XD

        We lived in asia when the Little Mermaid first came out, so instead of the brand name Disney VHS, I got the cheap 1970s anime version – basically the same thing right? Oooohh no.

        On the plus side: Ariel and her sisters are totally topless as mermaids, and that prince could totally be a girl.
        On the negative side: Literally everything else was pretty traumatizing. It was quite true to the original fairy tale, all murder attempts and existential angst/unrequited love throughly intact, plus some random tentacle monsters, because Japan I guess. ^^;;; I was so relieved when I finally saw the disney version and the ending was happy rather than horrifying. ^^; Though Triton’s tantrum was I think one of Disney’s scarier moments. o_o

  2. “The Little Mermaid” is my jam and has been ever since my classmate brought in the VHS to view in my third grade class when it came out in 1990. My teacher let us watch it because she had read us the original Hans Christian Amdersen story. I’ve been hooked on both ever since. PUN INTENDED.

    I actually just registered for this site so I could post this comment and brag that earlier this week I wrote a twelve-page queer analysis of this movie (and original fairy tale) for my Feminist Theories class. :)

    Enjoy the movie!

    • OH MY GOODNESS what was your argument? (I am a huge nerd and want to know everything.)

      • I am also a huge nerd and I will tell you everything!

        Are you familiar with the original fairy tale? It’s okay if you aren’t. It doesn’t matter. The point I make is that the story is queer because Andersen was queer and he wrote a queer story because he was running away (or maybe towards?) his queer feelings. He was in love with a man who didn’t return his affection. When this guy, whose name was Edvard Collin (Hans was totally team Edvard), got hitched, Hans escaped to a remote island to avoid the wedding. It was on that island that Hans wrote “The Little Mermaid,” and in doing so, he created a mermaid character who was different from all of the other mermaids. She experienced a love that was considered inappropriate among her kind, and the entire story is just generally a tale of sexual repression and frustration.

        Fast forward to the movie. Though Disney makes a lot of changes to Andersen’s tragic meditation on forbidden love, Ariel’s “queerness” hasn’t changed. The little mermaid is still different from all the other mermaids, and she still experiences illicit love. She is an outsider in her community, acts and feels differently from others, and even feels like a stranger in her own body.

        And that’s pretty much it. How’d I manage to take up twelve whole pages in writing about that?

          • Andersen had feelings for men and women, and was universally rejected. He never got laid, but he was well-versed in the practice of self-love (scholars know this because he marked in his diary every time he masturbated.)

            Historians also know that while there was no such thing as a queer identity in Andersen’s time, he did meet Karl Maria Kertbeny, who was the dude who would coin the term “homosexual,” and that meeting left Andersen VERY unsettled. (No idea if he masturbated afterwards, though.)

        • That is so interesting! I read a version of the original (I assume, because she dissolves into foam at the end and that probably not what happens in the Disney version) but I also had no idea Andersen was queer, and I’m excited to watch the movie with that and Ariel’s “queerness” in mind.

          • Yeah, no spoilers or anything, but Disney might have gone in a different direction with that ending.

            Pay special attention to her interactions with her father – they read as “confused gay teen/homophobic parent” to me.

        • I am having so many feelings about the line “do you think I want to see my youngest daughter snared by some fish-eater’s hook?” in reference to that.

        • I feel like I just learned so much! I used to think Ariel was stupid for sacrificing herself for love (sea foam etc) but now I am having Little Mermaid feels and want to rewatch the movie with you.

          • Giving someone Little Mermaid feels is the best compliment ever. I feel like I’ve done my job. :)

        • HE WAS QUEER????? I have this book that had all his stories in it and I was surprised when I first read it that The Little Mermaid was in it! I didn’t know the background til now though!! How cool! When I was in high school my fam and I went to Solvang here in Cali, he has a museum there!

          Also related to children’s movies: Frozen (Yes that hit movie nowadays) was based on his story The Ice Queen! So proud to say I was the only one at work and in the fam to point that out before the credits!!!

  3. Today has been a less than great day for me. My mom has had an attitude all day. Not being out to her has made me paranoid so every time she’s angry or sad I’m just “Oh god she KNOWS.” She seems in better spirits right now so I think I’m safe.

    Also, I went to a meeting at my schools LGBTQIA group and we were talking about being proper trans allies because of the bull that happed with Time mag and Laverne Cox. Somehow we started discussing the drag race show and Rupaul’s issue with transmisgony and I stated that I never cared to watch the show anyway so I’m not well versed on any terrible things that have been said or done there (just the few things I pick up here). According to. a few members of the group I’m apparently dealing with some internalized homophobia because I never liked the show.I don’t hate and I’ve defended them against “straight acting” gay guys before so I thought my stance of “Do your thang but imma be over here watching crab fishers.” was fine. Now I’m sitting here like “Is it internalized homophobia?” Is what gaslighting feels like?

    Now I’m laying here confused, paranoid and I have a date to get ready for tonight.And I’m hungry

    • I hope your date goes well!

      I don’t see what’s wrong with not being into a particular show. (Personally, I never watch TV, so it has nothing to do with the specific show. I’ve seen RuPaul maybe once and don’t think I had strong feelings about it.) If you said you really hated it, I could see someone questioning why or if it might be some internalized homophobia or what, but as you tell the story, their comments don’t make sense to me.

    • I am sending you the best vibes for your date (and strongly resisting making date-related “vibes” puns).

      I am also confused about how not liking a tv show equates internalized homophobia.

      Hopefully this photo of this adorable kitten will put you in a better frame of mind:

    • I totes feel you about being paranoid and in the closet… But I can tell you for a fact that it gets better with time.

      About the TV thing. Just think about it this way… It’s your life to live, so should you care much about what other people say?

      Also, good luck on the date!

  4. My earliest ‘pre-any type of schooling’ memory is of watching a Power Rangers movie, then going on a Disney Pricess binge for an entire day. The living room television became my domain for a good ten hours.
    The fact that you’ve yet to experience The Little Mermaid makes my chest hurt. Please love it forever and a day.

    Also, pertaining to the job bit of the thing, I’m at work presently. At a YMCA. Where I teach swimming.
    I should really get off of my phone.
    Way to make a gal guilty (and not late for her shift).

  5. My little sister loved The Little Mermaid so naturally I hated it.

    But I mean, c’mon Ariel, get it together

  6. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for my entire life. In just two months, I’ll be uprooting (along with my amazing girlfriend) to Chicago. I’m excited for the change and to do something new! But lately, I’ve also felt overwhelmed and stressed about finding a place, packing up all our stuff, and moving away from the beautiful area that we’ve called home for so long.

    Dearest AS readers, do any of you have advice for us as we start this journey? Have you moved across the country and have any stories or insights? Do any of you live in Chicago and want two new bad ass ladies for friends? We’d love to meet you!

    • I’m trying to channel the wonderful Baba Yaga from The Hairpin here (minus effectively creepy use of punctuation): your logical mind is telling you clearly what you will miss has proven value compared to a tentative future of gossamer hope and promises. Your logical mind tells you to fear giving up something concrete in the present for what is unrealized promise of your future. But know that the true promise of what your future holds is what you bring with you and what you make with your own hands and words, regardless of where you dwell in this world. So do not listen to the logical mind’s fear of the unknown but trust that the seeds and roots of your future are already thriving as creations within your dreams and your heart,and this internal space you can confidently trust in as a far more reliable castle than the richest house or forest you may rest in.

    • Hey Cooper! I definitely know where you are coming from. Four years ago I moved from the south hemisphere to the US and started this whole new life where I was supposed to be a independent adult.. Scary as fuck!! Since then things have settled and now I am completely acclimated to my new home. It was a long process and what helped me the most was to take one day at a time, one stress at a time. First I found an apartment. Then I packed. Then I learned my way to the grocery store. Then I got homesick and missed my mom and It may seem ridiculous but it did help me compartmentalize all these new scary emotions.
      Now I am getting ready to move to a whole different city, and to add to the new adventure I am moving in with my partner of 3 years. I feel overwhelmed too, so I am doing the same thing of only worrying about one thing at a time.. Or else I’ll go nuts!!
      Good luck with this new phase of your life – try to enjoy it because even the moving process, as painful as it may be, can create some wonderful memories, and it will definitely make you a stronger woman :)

    • *raises hand* i live in chicago, have my whole life and i’m very enthusiastic about making newcomers love it as much as i do. hi, friend!

      • Hi new friend! :3 I can’t wait to explore the city. I’ve been just twice (and will go again in May to find an apartment) but most my time was spent in the Loop / Magnificent Mile. I am so excited to see more neighborhoods, because Chicago is much more than just what I’ve seen!

    • You’re gonna love Chicago, as I kinda believe it’s impossible not to. :)

      I’m so excited for you! I moved here from a City just outside Chicago about 5 years ago, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Definitely hit me up for suggestions on where do go, what to do/eat, etc.

      I’m seriously lacking in queer friends here too, so would also be down for being a personal tour guide!

    • I’m doing the opposite! I’ve spent my whole life in the midwest and now I’m moving the Seattle this summer. It’s scaaaary. Also, there are a TON of Autostraddlers in Chicago.

      • It is scary, but really exciting too! Everyday is filled with a different emotion for me. Haha. Seattle is great! I lived there for a little under a year, and once you get past the rain and general bleakness, it’s really rad. And the summers are AMAZING! And the queers! They’re everywhere! Especially Capitol Hill. I wish you all the luck. And if you haven’t already, check out Becky’s response to my original post. That girl is WISE.

    • My lovely girlfriend and I moved from California (where I’ve spent the last 31 years) to Connecticut last year. She moved in March, I came in August. It was a bigger challenge than we realized at first, but totally worth it. Good luck to you in your journey!

  7. it’s actually quite shameful (albeit NOT my fault*) that I was shielded from ever experiencing/appreciating the Spice Girls+Friends back in the day. I know these don’t fit the Disney-Movies-That-Seemingly-Everyone-Has-Seen Category, but as a child of the 90s, missing out on these two iconic landmarks has acted as a sort of root for my social awkwardness later in life.

    Awkwardness Roots aside, life has become very somber as my ziggy o has lost her grandmother, marking her first significant human loss of a loved one. She passed away just yesterday, so the pain is still really fresh and, despite having gone through this myself in the last year, it is still incredibly hard to know what to do for the gf. Right now I am trying shower her in loving vibes and hope it provides comfort. Any advice would be most welcome, friends.

    *my parents didn’t allow me to be exposed to anything that indicated (according to them) pre-martial sex. I still think they worked supa hard on preventing me from finding out about lesbianism+feminism as early as possible

    oh and to bring this back on a positive note, Space Jam, Julie Andrews’s Mary Poppins, and sport-playing golden retrievers are all worth missing Ariel’s story-arch for, Carolyn. Your childhood was not wasted one bit.

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about! I missed out on experiencing the iconic cultural landmarks of the children of the 90’s as well, and it totally sucked! I also remember not listening to singers like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, and ‘N SYNC. I only started really watching shows like Friends, House, and Grey’s Anatomy within the past couple of years!

  8. Also I’ve never seen all of The Wizard of Oz but I didn’t like the half hour of it I watched so I never bother to finish it. The same goes for Mary Poppins, Annie, Beauty and the Beast (my young self didn’t bother with straight ships either), any of the Pokemon movies nor did I watch the show (Pokemon is like animal fighting and I stand by that theory), and I’ve also never seen The Little Mermaid.

    • all of this is reasonably acceptable except for Mary Poppins. You need to get on that. Because Julie Andrews, obvs.

    • I watched the Wizard of Oz about a thousand times as a kid, but I just recently decided to read all of the Oz books and I gotta say, that stuff gets bizarre fast. I freaked out a little when I found out Princess Ozma’s story. It’s just a shit show.

  9. I’m spending my Friday night studying for my last exam which is totally fine because once I write it I get to walk right over to an Ellie Goulding concert because you guys she’s performing at my school and this is quite possibly the very best way to end a school year. Hooray for run-on sentences!

  10. I too have never seen The Little Mermaid… Let me know if this (truly) is a major gap in my education?

    Other than that I’m just glad this week is over and that I still have some cash left in my bank account.


    Okay, so: me and my girl went thrifting today and what did I find but THE BEST SHIRT EVER. Evidence:

    BUT. We have a big problem because she HATES this beautiful shirt. I must say, it may just be because I’m from Calgary and it’s almost Stampede season and she’s from Portland and knows, like, three country songs. So I really need y’all to back me up on this, because I’m seeing her in 4 hours and she needs to be BLOWN. AWAY. by how wrong she is. You know, just regular healthy relationship stuff. Internet, please help me prove her wrong!

    • I have only been to Calgary twice and never during the Stampede, but by Canadian cultural osmosis, that shirt seems really important as Stampede costume-wear.

    • I like your shirt but I’m a sucker for ladybugs so that’s an inbuilt bias. Be a proud Ladybug Shirt Wearer. Personally the top photo with cleavage prospects is doing it for me, but, You do You and take a chance. If she doesn’t like your shirt have a decoy shirt up your sleeve or in your purse/bag/carry on.

    • Obviously it is AMAZING it has LADYBUGS on it I mean come ON??
      Don’t even worry I don’t think it’s possible to truly dislike that shirt.

    • I don’t even like country music and I would wear that shirt ALL DAY.

      (I guess I wear most of my shirts all day, but you know what I mean.)

    • Supreme short. Shirt made of love life,and possibilities. It looks GREAT buttoned all the way up.

    • Since I left Calgary, I suddenly like western wear. Is that weird? I really, really hate Stampede. I love that shirt, though.

  12. i love the little mermaid so much! it was the first movie i saw in the theater when i was 4. sebastian was so funny to me as a small child that i had to be removed from the theater (by my mother) and taught a lesson about acceptable audience participation in a cinema with other humans. apparently we try to keep that to a minimum?

    • Right now I just really want to watch The Little Mermaid again with four year old you.

    • Um. I was like I think I know this person. This looks like my dear friend and totally sounds like something that would have happened to my dear friend. Hello friend!

      Also, I agree with your mom. You are completely inappropriate.

  13. I am failing at photo posting forever because I only ever internet on my blackberry so I need someone to post the picture of the cat dressed as Ariel!
    My most exciting news of my life: I bought a VW camper this week, it’s an ’89 Wedge and I can’t stop smiling about it. I’ve wanted one forever so I’m happy…I am also one step closer to being a trucker dyke which I’m sure will terrify Grandma…hooray.

  14. The first movie I saw in theatres was Flight of the Navigator. I also remember watching Labyrinth and Charlotte’s Web and E.T. all the time. I never saw Ghostbusters though because anything even a little scary gave me terrible nightmares. I wasn’t even allowed to watch Scooby Doo because I would wake up crying :( Should totally see Ghostbusters someday.

    I’m a big girl now.

    • If you could handle Charlottes Web and E.T, Ghostbusters will laugh out loud no sweat hilarious. Its just Sigourney when she morphs into Zool makes it scary. Put on your big girl pants and enjoy with a friend.

  15. I got back from my week long road trip on monday and I’ve been sick ever since, I think I have like a cold there’s lots of coughing involved but I refuse to go to the doctor, also when I got back from the trip I hugged my dog for like 10 minutes in which I might have or not cried a bit, does that make me weak? don’t tell my enemies, lol. So I’m not doing much today except maybe watch some movies on tv and preparing myself for the inevitable return to school on monday which I’m pretty much dreading.

  16. I was SO obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was little. I actually loved it so much that I told my mom to dye my hair bright red and call me Ariel. Of course, she didn’t dye my hair, but for about a week (so like a month in 4-year-old time) she did actually call me Ariel. I also carried around little plastic Flounder and Sebastian toys, to go with my Ariel Barbie that was attached to my hand. Once, I lost Sebastien, and cried for a good 20 minutes. My dad found that I was sitting on him. Go me.

    Weeeee, first post! :)

  17. I’ve never seen Dumbo or The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and hadn’t seen Shrek or Hercules until the girl I’ve been seeing made me watch them over spring break.

      • Hercules helped me Greek gods and goddesses around high school? Hunchback of Notre Dame was really good, I still remember it to this day. I haven’t seen Dumbo either!! What happened to my childhood? LOL

  18. Now I am tempted to watch the Little Mermaid, except I should work on school stuff for a bit, since I’ve been lazy/ was catching up on sleep a lot of the day. Maybe later in the evening. I also want to bake a coffee cake b/c it has been too long since I had baked goods in my apartment.

    I feel like I haven’t seen a lot of movies that apparently everyone has seen, mainly because I don’t/didn’t watch a lot of movies or TV. The first ones that come to mind are that I have never seen Titanic and have only seen bits and pieces of Mean Girls.

    • I have never seen Titanic either! And you should definitely watch Mean Girls all the way through! It was written by Tina Fey, whose comedic genius of a movie I only came to fully appreciate myself about five years ago. This movie also has one of the last truly great movie performances so far by Lindsay Lohan. And don’t forget Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried!

  19. I have never seen the goonies, which I guess is some great violation of kid code. The little mermaid was my first movie in theatres ever though.

    Today was kind of a shit show. There was a stabbing in the high school nearest to my office and my coworkers wouldn’t stop talking about it in graphic detail to the point where I had a panic attack. My boss sat me down in a conference room and told me about her experiences with panic attacks and told me to do whatever I needed to do. She’s pretty excellent. I got back to some messages from cute girl too.

    Now I’m waiting for my friends to get here so they can see my giant maine coon kitten(?) and we’re going to get dinner at this really good Moroccan place with an outdoor garden.

    Here is cat. His name is Bailey and he has stolen my slouchy hat

    • I have also never seen the goonies, but I might not be the litmus test for seeing things you’re supposed to.

      Also, Bailey is adorable!

      • thanks! and yeah, I guess I kind of missed the boat on essential movies of the 80s and 90s. Though I did explain to someone the entire plot of The Road Warrior recently, which may say a lot about my childhood.

    • I’m so sorry that you had a panic attack. I know from personal experience how awful those can be. I”m glad your boss was supportive though.

      Also your cat is super adorbs.

      • one of the good things to come out of dealing with it was seeing just how supportive some people are capable of being. It means a whole lot so thank you for the words.

        Bailey is a giant poofball! He’s only 9 or 10 months old but he’s HUGE. My hope is that he’ll be big enough one day to serve as my noble steed. My other cat Scout is basically Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

    • Bailey looks a heck of a lot like my kitty. But bigger, I imagine, with all the Maine Coon-ness going on.

  20. I also remember watching the Lion King..I would def call it my first official movie as a kid. I didn’t watch The Little Mermaid til I was in probably high school or college. DINGLEHOPPER!!!!!! So now I’m addicted to that word and has started a lot of wonderful conversations. I have to admit I have not watched Mary Poppins. OMG. I know, I know. And Bambi!

  21. When I was younger I don’t remember being held back from many of the kid’s movies that were available at the library, but my parents wouldn’t let me watch Dragon Tales for some reason when I was really tiny. They almost wanted to not let me read Harry Potter when that first got popular, but thankfully my older cousin put in a good word for the series.

    They also made me stop watching Sailor Moon tapes from the library, right before I got to the introduction of a certain pair of “cousins”.

    Apart from what I managed to find at the library (my parents didn’t censor the books I read, as long as they came from the age-appropriate section)I was really really out of the pop culture loop. I’ve never had cable TV in my life, and the only music our family listened to for a long time was 80’s pop and contemporary Christian.

    In other news, this week I found out that the girl I’ve been crushing on for over a year now is, in fact, queer. This is amazing, and we’re going to hang out on Monday.

  22. I didn’t like Toy Story when it came out so I’ve never seen Toy Story 2 or 3. This is apparently completely backwards of me, as I love all other Disney/Pixar films. Practically the only movies I ever see in theaters are animated ones. I’m also just now trying to play Pokemon for the first time and not quite getting the appeal.

    I’m still at work, so what’s currently on my mind is that my coworker is super attractive and now that it’s actually almost warm outside, she’s starting to wear significantly more revealing clothing. But she’s straight and I’m married, so I will admire silently and non-creepily from afar.

    • So far my main feelings are:

      1. Everything is SO pretty. Visually, this is a very pretty movie.
      2. There are a lot more scantily clad people than I was expecting.

    • Additional thoughts/feelings:

      3. Ariel: THE TAYLOR SWIFT OF THE SEA?!?
      4. Ariel’s “collection” of human stuff reminds me of a poorly managed sex toy situation.

    • 5. Okay (and apparently this part of the comment thread is just going to me essentially live-blogging my thoughts as I watch in frequently paused real time), even though I think her motives are “eh,” it’s actually pretty cool that Ariel dives into/near to an exploding shipwreck to heroically rescue someone? (Even before my brain imposes an “obviously Prince Eric is killing it on” reading on to things.)

      • You’ve inspired me to put on “The Little Mermaid” too. I swear I see something new in it every time.

        • YES DO IT. Then we can talk about how she literally has to GIVE UP HER VOICE to be with some dude who is basically going to inherit the patriarchy, and it’s not even a little bit subtle.

          This is also a lesson in why you should always read contracts in full before you sign I think.

          • This is hilarious to me because:

            a) in my notes when I watched the movie to write my paper, after Ariel sings “betcha on land/ they understand/ bet they don’t reprimand their daughters”, I wrote: “Someone should warn Ariel about the patriarchy.”

            b) Also, the lyric, “ask ’em my questions and get some answers” – once she gets on land, she DOESN’T GET TO ASK ANYONE A DAMN THING.

            c) I totally refute the whole “she gave up her voice for a guy” argument in my paper, because it reductionist and conveniently forgets that Ariel is a victim with crap choices who was bullied into that deal.

        • Was she bullied? I mean I’ve only seen it this one time and I’m not really looking at it through an especially critical lens, but it seems she is making bad decisions under non-ideal circumstances and not necessarily thinking things through, but not that she’s being especially coerced? (Basically, I want to know more of your thoughts about that, and what it means!)

          • Well, Ursula targeted her from the beginning. She wanted to get at Triton and knew Ariel was the weak link. She even directs Flotsam and Jetsam to keep an eye on her because “she might be the key to Triton’s undoing.” Through them she’s able to spy on Ariel and get info, like how she’s fallen in love with a human (“Her daddy’ll love that.”). Ursula exploits this and knows how to manipulate the situation. She doesn’t care about actually having Ariel’s voice, she just knows its the only way Ariel is guaranteed to fail so that her father would have to interfere on her behalf. So…Ursula’s goal was always to get Triton and she was pulling the strings all along. I regret using the word “bullied,” as that’s such a loaded term these days. But she was definitely coerced.

            Ursula couldn’t care less about helping Ariel – unlike the witch in the original tale, who isn’t a villain. Cutting out her tongue there is a little harder for me to justify. I could just say she needs it for the spell. In my paper, I discuss her muteness as one of the ways she’s an outsider. Hash tag symbolism.

        • (Also it totally is a reductionist reading, you are right. I am basically saying my thoughts as they occur to me with my critical filter turned down. So I would like to hear more about that too!)

          • I admit to being a little bitter/defensive about that take on the movie because I’ve heard it so much. And it IS a valid criticism. But when parents don’t want to let their daughters see the movie just based on that, I just sort of roll my eyes and think about how keeping stuff from a kid sort of backfired on Triton.

        • Oh, FAIR.

          Also, it’s also kind of fun to flip it — I mean sure, she gives up her voice, but then lots of bad things happen (Her crab friend is served at dinner, freaky eels keep messing things up, Eric gets possessed/brainwashed, etc.) and she only gets what she wants once she gets her voice back, which is kind of neat, I think.

      • Do you have any idea how disappointing it is to punch in “” and come up with diddly-squat? You need to make this happen ASAP.

    • 6. I am really enjoying the movie so far (to a frankly surprising extent), but I wish there were more scenes depicting the loving friendship between Max The Dog and His Best Friend, The Girl Who Probably Smells Amazing If You Are A Dog And Eat Fish And Things.

  23. I have not seen Bambi either, or Charlottes Web, or The Incredible Journey, (notice a theme here?) as they all involve animals and something awful happening to animals. I’ve read these books so I know what happens but have blocked the sad endings from my superficial memory. I am a child of the early 1970s and I held out on E.T, so to that previous poster who hadn’t watched Ghostbusters, this is my story of woossing out because I couldn’t handle animal sadness. Yes, I need too to put my Big Girl pants on – but I don’t know if I want the sadness.

    I also didn’t watch The Lion King for the same reason.
    My favourite movies as a kid were

    The Princess Bride
    Stand by me
    The Sound of Music
    Star Wars
    Return of the Jedi
    Empire strikes back because Princess Leia…

    I need to buy a car as I am shifting house soon, and have gotten quite used to my 12 minute walk to work, dang it.

    • I’m a child of the early 90’s, but I’ve also loved The Sound of Music since I was a kid! This is by far my favorite movie-musical, and one of my favorite musicals of all-time as well. And I adore Julie Andrews.

      My friends finally introduced me to The Princess Bride in high school. This is such a clever story that is one of the best romantic comedies with some of the greatest movie quotes ever.

      • Yes I also loved Julie Andrews and was hoping that she might get it on with one of the nuns in Sound of Music but that was an alternate storyline in my head.. I read somewhere recently that she and a comedian Carol Burnett *may* have shared some lady love in the 1970-80’s… anyone know any facts of the matter here?
        I love all those quotes from The Princess Bride, probably especially
        My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die


        As you wish….

        I also love the kids reactions to the story and the way the actor Peter Falk (the narrator and granddad) tells the story. I remember being equally in love with Wesley, Princess Buttercup, and my favourite ever villain, played by my favourite male comedian, The Six Fingered Man, who was played by Christopher Guest, and who is the man in my profile photo when he played heavy metal God Nigel Tufnel in the cult classic, Spinal Tap. I do have a crush on this guy…

        • I’ve also heard the rumor about Julie and Carol but I have no idea or any proof that it’s actually true (though I kinda think it might be or that there’s at least something going on with one of them).

          I love those other quotes too and considered putting up gifs of them too! My friends and I would go around saying that Inigo Montoya quote a lot! I love the kid and Peter Falk too! I was also crushing on both Wesley and Buttercup, along with Mandy Patinkin especially since he’s also a well-loved Broadway actor! I didn’t remember that Christopher Guest is the Six-Fingered Man! Now I need to see Spinal Tap!

  24. Oh, Carolyn. I, too, am appalled. But better late than never! Besides, the Aristocats is still the of underrated Disney movies.

    Only one unseen movie from childhood sticks out for me: The Prince of Egypt. I am not from a religious family nor am I a religious person, so it sort of makes sense. I did not see this gem of a film until LAST YEAR. The soundtrack is part of my never-ending study playlist.

    As for this weekend, I might go to the EMP tomorrow and scope out the Game of Thrones exhibit. Otherwise I am applying for ALL the jobs and internships, and working ALL the hours at my little bookstore. I’m so much fun. Obligatory dumb selfie from a few days ago. I cannot properly emote with my face muscles.

    • The Aristocats is my favourite Disney movie of all time. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it over 20 times (must resist sudden urge to watch it again NOW).

      • I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the whole movie, but I definitely spent some time watching “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” over and over and over.

        Also now that it’s out there I’m probably going to have to watch The Aristocats next.

      • It is just so good. If you haven’t seen it already and are hankering for more cat-related musicals, I recommend Cats Don’t Dance.

    • I am fixing it right at this moment! I just understood @Vinzzz27 ‘s dinglehopper comment, I am learning already.

      In response to your awesome selfie and also use of “emote,” here is another photo of a kitten:

      • Seriously @carolyn just randomly say “dinglehopper” out of nowhere and it gets great convos going. Plus nostalgia from other people.

    • The Aristocats was one of the first Disney movies I ever saw as a kid, along with Snow White, so it holds a special place in my heart. Though it took me forever to figure out what all of the story was about, since I was so young when I first saw it. But Aristocats is awesome and totally relevant to gay women because, hello, cats?!

    • The Prince of Egypt is epic! And the soundtrack! I mean, a Whitney Houston AND Mariah Carey DUET?! Since you enjoyed this movie, you’ll probably also like Joseph: King of Dreams.

  25. Oh god, y’all. I just came out to my best friend over email. I’m so nervous right now. My ears are bright red, my palms are all sweaty, and my hands are shaking. Holy shit.

    Talk me down! Please.

    • You have done a great thing for yourself and though you feel nervous about your best friends as yet unknown reaction, if she is a real friend who cares about your wellbeing and happiness she will love you for you and realise that you telling her you are gay is another indication of your respect for her by showing your integrity and intimacy. For all that, go and do 20 star jumps and run from one side of your lounge room or do a few laps around the house then come back in, give yourself a major hug because you deserve it, and know that I am giving you a major supportive hug to calm your nerves. Life gets more expansive and better Kendall ((((((()))))))

    • Oh my goodness that is so exciting! That is a big, scary, amazing thing you just did, and hopefully it is not weird to be proud of you.

      I can’t promise that everything’s going to be okay, but sometimes everything turns out okay even if it doesn’t, you know? And sometimes everything turns out better than you could have imagined.

      And in the meantime, if you need to take deep, meditative breaths while looking at something adorable, here is another cat photo:

    • yay you! big step. pulling for you that everything goes better than you could possibly have imagined.

      in the meantime, take a bunch of deep breaths, get a drink of water, and if you can, blast some music that makes you smile every time and sing along as loud as you can!

    • Its going to be okay – we are all here for you – let us know how it goes. *offers internet hugs*

    • Good for you!!!

      Still working on that exact thing with my own best friend, so I feel you. <3

    • I came out to one of my best friends over email, so I can imagine how you’re feeling! Breathe. Go for a walk. Write “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” in your journal. Whatever helps, you do you!
      No matter the reaction is, be proud of yourself for speaking your truth. Courage is a thing you learn by practicing it, so you just became a bolder person by sending that email. Congratulations!

        • Thank you all so much! It went well!
          We were in the middle of a conversation over text messages about something else that was bothering me (and is kind of related), and I used the email to further explain that and figured since that kind of tied into it, I would use that opportunity.
          She texted me back immediately to thank me for confiding in her and that she knew what a big deal it must have been since I’m so (read: incredibly) shy.
          She told me to be proud of myself and go celebrate, which I’m now doing with ice cream and Netflix. Since “movies from our childhood we haven’t seen” seems to be the them of this open thread, I think I’ll watch The Emperors New Groove since it’s in my queue.

          Thank you all for the kind words again.

    • Go you! I was about to post a “good luck” (or retrospectively words more eloquently to that effect), but now, so happy for you! Not only were you brave enough to come out to your friend, you shared it with us lot! F-ing delighted for you! It might be a cliche but oh wow you are so brave!

  26. I went to a lesbian club meet-up in the town I’m studying abroad in and it was very…90s? People were wearing choker necklaces. And old school tennis shoes. But now I’m home and working on a presentation for school because apparently in Germany it’s totally normal for your prof to schedule 5 hours of class on a Saturday just ’cause.
    But actually I’m just sitting here procrastinating, watching Freaks and Geeks, and eating Combos from the care package my wonderful girlfriend sent me.

  27. Guys, I know it isn’t a classic old Disney movie…. but I just watched Mullholland Drive for the first time and am a bit shell shocked. I don’t know what to think, feel or believe and who to trust. Just sat here rocking for a bit.

  28. Tonight I’m staying in powering through my watch list on Netflix and devouring an entire bag of ghiradelli raspberry chocolate squares and trying to think of the next book I will read (probably something that will send me into an existential crisis) and listening to Julie Doiron in between all of those things.


    All of the feels. “Well, we all have to try, but sometimes we don’t want to.” A good song to preface tomorrow morning: my first therapy session since my angsty teen days. Cheers to repressed memories!

    • Love the HIMYM gif! I’ve only had the chance to watch an episode here and there, but I absolutely love the little bit that I’ve seen so far. (And I’m obsessed with the song “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”!)

      Here’s a funny but random HIMYM gif in return!

  29. I’m usually home all day on Fridays, but I had to work today and I just got home and plopped myself in front of the computer instead of paying attention to the cat, and this is the look I’m getting:

    Hel-LO. I am just going to sit here in front of my toys and STARE AT YOU.

  30. waiting for my bestie to get out of a GLSEN event so we can head to a straddler meetup! and plotting the details of my birthday. also hanging out with this bit of sass:


  31. Hello Straddleverse!

    Another forever lurker here finally joining the conversation. I too confess to being totally obsessed with The Little Mermaid. It was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.

    I spent this week in a miserable flu stupor. I watched Eureka in it’s entirety in between sleeping and stressing out about a photo essay that will not be done on time. It was touch and go for a while there, the worst flu I’ve had in a long time but now I’m just feeling really lonely after being alone all week. Also feeling totally ungrounded and aimless because I can’t figure out my major, haven’t even registered for fall yet, and I have no idea what to do with my life.

    • Hi Elisabeth! I hope you are not flu-y any more and start feeling better! Maybe re-watching The Little Mermaid would help just saying.

      Also, you should definitely register for fall. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you are making active decisions about that, but it can be a really crappy thing when decisions you used to have control over are suddenly made for you by default. But I am just some person on the internet! Here is a cat:

      • Thanks for the good advice Carolyn…and the cute kitty! Kitties make everything seem better.

    • Being sick is the only reason I made it through Orange is the New Black again on Tuesday before spending Thursday watching Voyager. I hope you feel better! I would post a gif of a virtual hug but I don’t know how. :(

      • Thanks Cloey! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Voyager, and I love OITNB…is there anyone who doesn’t? I’m so looking forward to the new season. Hope you’re feeling better too!

  32. “The Little Mermaid” holds a special place in my heart. When I was a kid I used to always imagine Ariel and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” leaving their princes and running away together to go on adventures. I would make up stories about them and draw pictures of them and generally ship them to a ridiculous degree. Sometimes I want to face palm when I think about how long it took me to realize I wasn’t straight. There were so many signs.

    Tonight I’m eating pizza and starting on “Saga” Vol. 1. I’ve never read it, but one of my friends insist I’ll love it. So here goes.

  33. I’m told by my dad that I went through four VHS tapes of the Little Mermaid by the time I was five. It came out when I was two. Obsessed? Yes! The Broadway album is fun though I think the costumes could have had a little more flair. Whatever! Disney movie night! I am still sick so I chose to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame this morning and can’t decide between Pocahontas and Mulan. I never did make it through Hercules…

    • MULAN! Mulan is always the answer. I remember thinking she was so kick ass for telling the patriarchy to go eff itself because she wanted to be in the army to protect her family. Definitely one of the movies that helped me realize I was not as straight as I thought I was. So highly recommended :)

      • OMG me too!!! That was the first movie where I guess I felt ’empowerment’ of some sort. Also the rainbow feelings coming on.

    • I loved Mulan as a kid! I had a Mulan doll with a Kahn horse and a little Mushu figure, and I even got a talking Cri-Kee stuffed animal! I also loved Tarzan. I would always cry at the end and sing along with Phil Collins to “You’ll Be In My Heart”.

  34. Lol I actually get to work on these types of cartoons (well, TV shows anyway), so I’m pretty much exposed to every cartoon out there. I’ve seen all of the Disney movies and have loved each and every one of them (for the most part). Oh, and that screencap you have with Ariel swimming up towards us is definately a Glen Keanne scene. Awesome animator; a lot of blood sweat and tears for sure.

  35. The Brave Little Toaster was MY LIFE. It was the first thing I was absolutely obsessed with. It’s still one of my favourite movies.

  36. hiiii carolyn and co.! today i had the worst day ever so even if i’m not watching the little mermaid (it disturbs me) know that i’m drinking with you. in solidarity, duh.

    • I raise my double-fisted tea and beer in your honour, Carmen. I only have one adorable dog photo to hand (and he is more handsome than adorable) but hopefully it will help:

    • I (honestly) just raised a glass to you, I really hope your next days aren’t as bad.

  37. Now you have me singing “Part of Your World”!

    Little Mermaid story time!

    All of the girls watched The Little Mermaid in eighth grade during one of our last days of school when we had nothing else to do. I had only seen the movie one other time a few years before this.

    I also had the opportunity to see The Little Mermaid musical on Broadway in 2008 for my 16th birthday during my first trip to New York. It was a few months after the show had opened, so I got to see all of the original cast. It was magical and wonderful and so much fun! The sets were gorgeous, and the actors were spectacular. (I also got to see Sherie Rene Scott perform as Ursula, which I was very excited about since she’s a famous Broadway actress who was part of the original cast of Aida, and we had just put on a production of Aida at my high school, so of course I was obsessed with the musical and all the actors in it.)

  38. Well, I managed to meet the girl of my dreams, get snubbed by the girl of my dreams the subsequent day, find out that one of my most conservative childhood ‘friends’ is super, super queer but just too afraid to come out of the closet, and drank 6 out of the last 7 days.

    It’s been an eventful week. I haven’t been quite so happy or quite so devastated in a while. It’s kind of nice though – I almost forgot what it was like to just get excited about things like I’ve been.

  39. Today was an holiday where I live so basically I stayed in bed all day, reading and watching tv shows (I should have watched The Little Mermaid!). I also had to wash my hair like a hundred times because last night I went to this party where they throw paint on you while you’re dancing and it was amazing! I had so much fun but now I feel like the colour won’t. go. away. But, who knows, maybe it’s a sign that I should finally get an Alternative Lifestyle Haircut?

  40. Oh my gosh, re: childhood movies, has no one mentioned The Last Unicorn yet???!!!??


    (And to the Concerned Parents of America, i grew up with the original “damn you” scene, & i never imploded from it.)

    Aside from that & usual Disney movies, i literally grew up on the old-school Star Wars (this is the part where i shove the most recent ending of Return of the Jedi into the fire from whence it came), & Star Trek IV (aka the one with the whales). And, uh, the Macross movie (i grew up on some old-school anime, sometimes without subtitles. Have you ever tried to follow Gundam Stardust Memory w/o subtitles? At like, 7 years old? An Experience). Oh & the My Little Pony movie!!

    • THE LAST UNICORN WAS MY FAVOURITEST! I watched it six times in two days and cried when my mom had to return the video.

    • Star Trek: The Voyage Home — one of my favorite movies!

      I too saw the unexpergated version of TLU and was not damaged.

  41. Ariel was so much my favourite that I had a mural of her painted on my bedroom wall until I was 9 and I wanted flowing red hair instead of poufy brown curls!

    I also used to think that Ariel was so grown up when she said “I’m 16, I’m not a child anymore!” but now I’m older than her and I look back and yes, she really is.

  42. “The Little Mermaid” was actually the first English speaking film I remember watching after moving to ‘murrikah.

    I was way more fascinated by Ursula.

    • That’s just what I was saying! Babe that she is! Interesting/cool film to watch as a first in the English language!

  43. I’m on the train coming home from toronto… my girlfriend and I took my mom to see aretha franklin for my mom’s 69th birthday and yes my life is amazing.

  44. Well today I woke up late, watched TV, ate hummus, went drinking with my ex-gf, kissed her, and proclaimed my undying love for her while semi-drunk.

    So, good day I’d say. Kinda. Except that now I miss her and am sobering up. Sigh. Breaking up is so fucking hard when you still love the person.

  45. I also did some hiking today because National Park week!!

    Also these! =) I think on every Friday Open Thread from now on, I’ll post the metal earth things I’ve done. Also, I just had dinner in my house clothes with a bow tie. I bet my parents think I’m weird!

    • You MADE these??? They are beautiful! Please do post them every Friday, I would love to see more.

    • Put together more like. Kinda like model cars but TINY. 3″ tiny like. I think I posted a couple on the past friday threads if you wanna take a look.. =) Thanks everyone!

    • Beautiful view, thanks for posting! I hope to live in a place where I can go hiking someday.

    • These are great! I’ve made a few from kits but always end up breaking off a crucial piece because my fingers are too big and I have no idea what I’m doing. Do you use any tools or just have tiny magical surgeon hands?

  46. I watched The Lion King every Saturday morning in my Simba chair for about four years before my parents decided I needed to do something “constructive” and signed me up for sports and stuff. Then when I quit that I went back to watching it, but in my Little Mermaid chair since I outgrew the other one.

    I had a really good but long week. My discharge date from my program was yesterday (even though my step down will take another six weeks) and I saw horsies cause of equine therapy and had family therapy with my little sister for the first time and had drank a ten pack of apple juice boxes and told my best friend how happy I am to be alive and stuff and she sent me a super emotional perfect lovely voicemail and i pretty much cried with all my therapists yesterday cause they’re wonderful and it’s confusing and overwhelming and miraculous to love and be loved this much you know?

    Sorry for the terrible run-on sentence and stuff, I’m just kinda really excited about living, which is something I’m just not used to.

    Anyways, I hope everyone’s had a great week and will have an even better weekend!

  47. Looking back I think the reason Ursula was my fave was because I had “a thing” for her. The boobs, the sass,the hair! Dayum!

  48. Tonight, the fire alarm went off at the theatre where I work, and I had to evacuate roughly 1,000 people. FUN!

    • Probably a bit inappropriate, but I just got a mental image of a fire erupting near wherever the masses of unpopped kernals are kept, and 1,000 fleeing a growing tsunami of fresh popcorn.

      • It’s an off-Broadway theater, not a movie theater, so no popcorn. No real fire, either, thankfully.

  49. WAIT WHAT ABOUT AN AMERICAN TAIL FIEVEL GOES WEST?? Did you guys know Spielberg directed that movie????

    • Actually, he wasn’t the director, but the producer. As much as Fievel Goes West is despised by critics, I always liked it more than the original. Probably because I saw it long before the first one, but maybe also because I secretly wanted to be a cowgirl when I was little.

    • Yup. I was at work one time just at the computer and i said dinglehopper and my co worker goes..wasnt that little mermaid and everyone proceeded to talk abou their childhood pricess people and who they would be.

  50. Well, I got a super-queer looking haircut (and I swore I’d never go there, I was down for keeping my long flowing locks for the rest of my life, but alas) and now I’m really in the mood to procrastinate on my political geography assignment and watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ which, by the way, is one of my all-time favourite movies, ever. Ever, ever. In the history of ever, it’s definitely up there. In my favourites. It’s just so good!

  51. Hey Carolyn, avid reader here to help kick off the reading books portion of our discussion this weekend! So my biggest news of the week is that I have officially finished reading Tipping The Velvet! Wow, what a great story. Sarah Waters really is one of the best LGBT authors. I can understand why this is considered a must-read novel of lesbian romance.

    Now I’m reading Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire, by Lisa M. Diamond. I’ve also started looking through Nothing Like A Dame: Conversations with the Great Women of Musical Theater. I’ve been really excited about reading this one because I love love love Broadway musicals! It has extensive interviews with some of the most famous women on Broadway about their entire careers, from Patti LuPone and Audra McDonald, to Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.

    The first movies I saw in theaters were The Tigger Movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Finding Nemo. I was a late bloomer to the movie theaters because the sound was too loud for me when I was little. The first non-animated movie I saw in theaters with real-life people in it was Ella Enchanted. I loved the book, and I also loved Anne Hathaway after seeing her in The Princess Diaries. (So glad she finally won her well-deserved Oscar with Les Miz!)

    • I started reading Sexual Fluidity, but couldn’t really get into it. I should try again, now that the term is over and I can read for fun again

      • Let me know if you start reading Sexual Fluidity again. Then tell me what you think about it and I’ll tell you my thoughts too!

        I have to read it in bits and pieces because, even though it’s very good and a really interesting theory, I can only take in so many facts at once, and then the whole thing starts to run together a bit.

    • Tipping the Velvet was one of the first lesbian novels I read, it felt really formative. (A lot of people seem to like Fingersmith more, but I am not one of them.) Have you read her The Little Stranger? It is not gay, but it is creepy as fuck, and really good.

      • I heard Tipping The Velvet was so good that I waited a while to read it (like a couple of years!) so I could really savor it and fully appreciate the sapphic material. It definitely lived up to the hype! I have also read Fingersmith and loved that book too.

        I’m not sure which of the two books I would say that I liked better. The thing that I really loved the most about Fingersmith was its surprising and interesting plot twists (though of course I also greatly enjoyed the lady-loving ladies!). But I also loved Tipping The Velvet so much for focusing most of its story on life as a lesbian in late 19th century Europe, and showing us a part of the history of the gay community that we don’t always hear much about ever. So I’m going to say that I love both of these books for very different reasons.

        I have not read The Little Stranger yet, so thanks for the recommendation! I will add it to my reading list and keep it in mind for some near-future reading.

      • The Little Stranger actually kept me up at night with its creepiness! And I read somewhere that she has a new book coming out this year!

        • Whoa, I had no idea it was that creepy! I’ll have to read a description and decide if I can handle something that scary.

          Oh my gosh, yay for a new Sarah Waters book! Do you know if it will feature any queer ladies?

          (P.S. I’ve enjoyed reading your Dear Queer Diary series, especially the Coming Out On Paper article!)

        • She does! It’s coming this fall. A blurb on her website describes it as “vintage Sarah Waters in every way” and since “vintage Sarah Waters” is “pretty gay Sarah Waters,” my hopes are high.

  52. I think that I wore out the VHS of the Little Mermaid when I was a kid. Arielle’s frustration at her parents who wanted her to be the perfect talented daughter and perform for guests (even though she would rather be adventuring and/or lost in her thoughts) really resonated.
    The ‘love story’ was totally secondary in my baby queerdo mind.
    So many feels…

  53. OMG Carolyn, I can’t believe you’ve never seen The Little Mermaid!!!

    That is my all time favorite Disney movie and I can basically quote the entire movie with sound effects.

    I even went to a Little Mermaid Sing-A-Long at the Castro Theater in SF. It was awesome!

    I always wished I could have Ariel’s hair. It was just so full and flowy. I mean look at it!

  54. “Up where we walk / up where we run / up where we fuck Liz with a strap-on / You’re gluten-free / now you will be / part of A-Camp.” @riese

    I knew there was something I forgot to comment on this thread last night!!! Also in the spirit of upcoming ACamp!!!=] CAMP YOU GUYS.

  55. Its not Friday anymore but do I still get to comment?

    I need a hug :'( my day has been very bad

    also, I was totally obsessed with the little mermaid when I was a kid. I even had a little mermaid backpack and a little mermaid vest and a little mermaid to play in the tub with. In fact, my first grade school picture is me in said little mermaid vest. And my mom keeps it in her wallet.

  56. I hung out all day with a pretty lady and she said yes when I asked her to go on a strawberry picking date with me! I’m very pleased. :)

  57. If you want an interesting Disney movie night, try finding some of the older Disney animated flicks i.e. Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Song of the South (just try to remember the era in which the story was about and when it was made), even Snow White or Cinderella. My favourite part of Mary Poppins was Dick Van Dyke dancing with the penguins. :)

  58. I didn’t know this was happening. And I had already downloaded TLM and hadn’t seen it, too. Gah, I feel so bad I missed this.

  59. I’ve never seen Spice World. Because my mom was worried about me adopting the pop lifestyle. I didn’t choose the pop lifestyle, the pop lifestyle chose me.

  60. Confession: I was named after The Little Mermaid, and I work for Disney, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this the whole way through.

  61. i am afraid if i’ll rewatch the little mermaid the way i’m now, my mind won’t ever get out UxA hentai gutter, settle down there and build a nice little house. With a garden.

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