FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Brag About Your Besties!

Another week almost over, another Friday Open Thread to help the hours till the weekend go by a little faster! I’ve been in the habit of having really difficult emotionally draining weeks for the last year or so (HAHAHA IT’S FINE) and as a result spend a lot of time thinking about my support system, and more specifically my best friends. They are amazing! They keep me afloat, buy me pizza, play with my hair AND they take my best Instagram pictures. I’m so super grateful to have best friends, but I also constantly feel like I don’t express my love and admiration for them often enough. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, so today I want to change that. I wanna talk about the millions of things my besties do that make my heart soar, and I wanna hear you shout from the rooftops about your best friends too!

Tell me your favorite stories about them! Tell me how you met! Brag about all the things that make them the best friend to you of all the friends! Let’s fill this thread with nostalgia and love in a full on appreciation fest. Don’t have a best friend? Talk about the one you hope to find. Maybe you’ll even meet them today in the thread! Is your best friend a celebrity or television character that doesn’t know you’re besties because you haven’t met in person yet but you know in your heart that the minute you do it’s ON? Write a love letter about them so when the day you meet and fall in friend love finally arrives you’ll be fully prepared. Obviously if your best friend is your partner or spouse I wanna hear you gush about them too and see some adorable photos. Bonus: If you and your bestie both read Autostraddle, you can both get in here and have a compliment war! Taking a moment to express gratitude feels good for everyone involved, so come lift up the beautiful people that keep you lifted as well.

I can’t wait to hear all about your incredible best friends, and love on mine too!

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