Five Movies to Help Get Rid of Your Election Hangover

It’s the day after the election which means a few things: you’re probably relieved, sick of the media, and straight-up tired. Obama couldn’t have drunk all those beers himself, right? So what better way to ween yourself off of election coverage while resting your mind, body and soul than with a few good movies.

I’m not talking Manchurian Candidate or some serious shit like that. Just a few election-involving flicks to help celebrate not having to move to another country while also helping you laugh and/or cry and/or laugh and then cry and then laugh again like you did last night.

Black Sheep

There was probably a month in seventh grade where I sung “fat guy in a little coat” every day so when I found Black Sheep, I was all about it. This election was like that movie but instead of someone’s brother being an incompetent bumbling but lovable idiot, some of the candidates were that minus the lovable part.

Bring It On

Luckily we do not live under a cheerocracy or cheertatorship but if we did, Barack totes would be able to do a front handspring step out, roundoff back handspring step out, roundoff back handspring full twisting layout.


I really don’t know how I would have been able to justify this list without including this movie. Everyone should release their inner Tracy Flick…in their apartment. By themselves. When no one else is around.


Yeah. Sure. Not the most jovial film but let this be a reminder of how far we’ve come as queerple and how unfathomable having a gay president is at this very moment but possibly fathomable in our lifetime? I don’t know. Maybe you just like milk and wanna celebrate that by watching this movie.

Napoleon Dynamite

If I ever run for anything, I can only hope that my campaign’s success will hinge on a surprise dance number.

There’s no better way to talk about the real issues than by using movies to talk about fake issues in a tense slightly masked way. However, if you don’t have time to commit to a movie right now (because maybe you’re off getting married), Parks and Rec and Parenthood both have election plots this season. I just realized I accidentally put this list in alphabetical order. My mind is on some superhuman shit today. Is it Super Wednesday? It’s Super Wednesday. I just decided. What election related movie would you watch on Super Wednesday to give your mind a break from the mix of joy and sadness that follows elections? You deserve it, champ.

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

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    • I’ve only seen like 10 seconds of that film and can never watch more of it because it will bring back memories of ‘voodoo academy’. This is voodoo academy:

      I can’t remember if that guy is the one in bring it on, because they all look the same, but if you see the clips, you’ll recognise them.

    • Gonna level with you guys right now, when I watched bring it on, I had never heard the word dyke before, so when the cheerleaders called missy and UberDyke, I thought it was some German insult I’d never heard of

    • I’ve been continuing mine today as well! It’s much funnier now that the republican jokes no longer seem like potential future policy.

  1. This is exactly what I’m in the mood for today, after a night of sheer terror, followed by relief, followed by exhaustion.

    Thanks Brittani.

  2. Not exactly cheerful, but definitely inspiring – The Contender (with Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges and Gary Oldman) is a great film for the War on Women, despite having been made over a decade ago!

    • the contender. nobody knows what you’re talking about – their loss, excellent film. joan allen is amazing in everything she does.

    • I’m watching that tonight! I haven’t had a chance to screen it again because I was working so hard on the real election, but this evening I finally have the time.

      Jeff Bridges in this film is Barack’s favorite fictional president, btw.

  3. Mean Girls.

    I couldn’t decide whether to vote for Regina George because she got hit by a bus or to vote for Cady Heron because she pushed her. And really, it should have been Karen, but people forget about her because she’s such a slut. Maybe I should’ve written in Glen Coco. Oh well… there’s always 2016!

  4. all of this, but especially this:

    “There was probably a month in seventh grade where I sung “fat guy in a little coat” every day”

    bc that’s a cute image in my brain

  5. If I ever run for anything, I can only hope that my campaign’s success will hinge on a surprise dance number.

    um, yes.

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