Feelings Atrium: Some Preemptive Thoughts We’ve Had on “Jenny’s Wedding”

July 2, 2015

Heather: Fuck this shit. If Rory Gilmore is marrying a woman, it’s Paris Geller!
Rory Gilmore and Izzie Stevens: Movie Married
Paris Geller did play gay on that anyone but me web series, though, so now her and Rory are both confirmed lesbians.

Mey: While I do agree that paris is perfect for Rory, Izzie Stevens is one of my all-time favs, so I feel like she’s a good second option.

Heather: Oh no Mey, don’t read my twitter! I just slandered Izzie! Forgive me!

Mey: No!!!!!!
One time Janet Mock and I argued with Mari on twitter about how much we love Izzie Stevens.

Heather: Oh shit, you and Janet Mock are too formidable of a tag-team! I relent!

Mey: Well, you’ve got Mari on your side. Maybe the four of us should fight it out.

Heather: I don’t want to fight with you Mey! I want to learn your secret knowledge of dinosaurs and play Pokemon cards!

Mey: Ha!
Have you ever listened to that NPR podcast Intelligence Squared? I was thinking we could go on that.

Heather: Yes!

Laneia: This has been the gayest conversation. This is gayer than being gay.

Mari: I still hold that Izzie is a terrible character, but I fear the awesome power of the Mey/Janet Mock team-up.

9.5 Hours Later


ATTENTION: Rory Gilmore is playing a lesbian in a movie about lesbians.

Mey: Yeah, Heather and I already stopped being friends because she was trash talking Izzie Stevens.

Riese: Oh I saw that convo on my phone but had no idea what you were talking about.
Abby is dying because she has been in love with Rory Gilmore her whole life.



Stef: Have been avoiding watching this trailer all day.
I guess this movie is basically made more for the this-dad-in-this-movie than any of us.

July 3rd, 2015

Stef: I can’t stop watching this trailer now.
And finding new things about it that are amazing.
The ultimate mom: “You’re marrying your roommate?!?”

Riese: There’s something about it that feels subdued? Like the trailer feels a bit morose? I can’t put my finger on it. Like it doesn’t feel super ambitious, maybe.

Aja: Maybe it’s because they have ZERO chemistry?

Laura: Yes morose. It seems kinda like it’s about Katherine Heigl’s fraught relationship with her fictional parents. Rather than actually being a romantic comedy thing about a meet cute/overcoming minor obstacles/happy end up together.

Laneia: Twitter (ok, one person on twitter) is already excited for our takedown of the film.
Ok I’m just now watching this and LOL FROM THE WRITERS OF BEACHES. Shut the fuck up universe.

Kaelyn: Maybe “Wind Beneath My Wings” will be their wedding song.

Stef: They made Katherine Heigl look like fucking Charlize Theron in Monster with that makeup.
Like they were like ‘Oh she’s gay, we better make her vaguely scary.’
This is going to be so bad and this should be the next movie Carmen and I get wasted and kicked out of I think.
Help I can’t stop thinking about this movie

Laneia: Have you tried the ice bucket challenge.

Carmen: Stef let’s just make it a column. Let’s just regularly get wasted and kicked out of movies.

Stef: Seriously I was just talking to Phoenix about this movie. I can’t wait.
Phoenix thinks the plot twist is that they are actually roommates.
And only getting married for like, tax purposes.

Gabby: Yo I just watched this trailer :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: Stef.
I know the movie is gonna make me cry but it’s also gonna make me scream because its gonna be a Lifetime Grey’s Anatomy CW Gilmore Girls Where Is Bette Midler Extravaganza

Stef: Gabby, I wish this movie was about Bette Midler.
This is a movie about that jar of mayonnaise and box of uncooked spaghetti.
The best thing about Jenny’s wedding was when she gave Tim all her organs.

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  1. I bet homophobic dad will show up mid-wedding all the Graduate-style and hear their vows and suddenly have a change of heart and be like “everything’s okay because I’m totally cool with this now” and, once again, it will be about straight people and their straight opinions.
    And HOLY SHIT THAT HUG WAS AWFUL. “Babe, marry me! We can make sweet, sweet hugging-like-you-would-your-93-year-old-granny all night long!” It’s irritating that lesbian sexuality is either porytrayed in popular media as non-existent or male-gazey as in wow Daron Aronofsky would totally approve of this type bullshit.
    That said, despite my inevitable storm of bitching about it, I will probably see it anyway and very much look forward to seeing what you all have to say about it.

  2. I so wanted Rory to be gay. They could have done so much with that. I’m suspicious of all the hugging.

    Very off topic but I was 10 when Beaches came out & I watched it hundreds of times because I couldn’t stop looking at young Hilary Whitney. I think I just found my root.

  3. I want to see this. I want to like this. But after talking to my friends/family/coworkers about it, I’m terrified it’s going to be derailed into “hey, lesbians! look! we’re cool with you getting married, as long as you both wear dresses and don’t act too gay around us!”

  4. Am I the only one actually looking forward to this movie? It looks… relatable. I mean, I came out at 17 so my parents had a lot of forewarning that there would be a “lesbian wedding” in my future but a lot of the same issues came up during our wedding planning, especially on my wife’s side. Her sister got married the year before and her parents paid a big chunk for their wedding… and zero for ours. They weren’t even initially sure if they “could” come to ours (they did, but they had to take time to think and pray about it first). And straight people do ask who’s wearing the suit. It may be ignorant and cringe-worthy and make you roll your eyes, but it is a thing that you are asked (a lot) by family, friends, vendors during the planning process. Also like the movie, we didn’t have any big mother-daughter dress shopping moments, either. My wife and I went together and picked out our dresses together with one of my sisters to help. I don’t know… maybe I’m just not cool or jaded enough to see this as some “straight people’s feelings about queer weddings” movie. Or maybe it’s just that to me, it looks a whole lot like my own experience. I think you have to take it for what it is — a movie about a white, conservative, religious, upper middle class family and how they deal with her coming out and getting married. It’s not realistic for everyone, it’s not everyone’s experience… but it is realistic (or at least relatable) to some. Personally, I can’t wait to go to the movie theater and watch a fairly big budget film with lead actresses and supporting characters that I actually recognize play out a storyline that for once feels familiar to me and my life.

  5. My main feeling about this trailer is “bland,” if bland is an emotion. It just seems super predictable, and I agree with other commenters that the focus seems to be very much on Jenny’s relationship with her family rather than her relationship with her fiancee. I can actually picture the climactic/ending scene (after mother says “I’ll do this alone if I have to”) where Jenny’s parents decide to come to her wedding at the last minute and family was fought for hooray. For some reason it actually reminds me a little bit of the parental support conflict in Whip It (which in my head counts as a queer movie because Ellen Page & roller derby)…but the centrality of that theme in Whip It made more sense because Ellen Page was a minor living at home with her parents. I might go see it anyway just to see if they actually ever get to kiss or if hugging = ultimate lesbian intimacy.

  6. I read the comments and then watched the trailer, but I should’ve maybe done it the other way ’round. I’d watch this movie. Sure, romcoms are my favorite, but movies about family and the gays in the family are probably a close second. And if it’s well produced with good technical aspects and strong acting it’s already better than most of what there is.

    Also, a note on the hugging. I hug my partner way more often than I kiss her. It’s safe and comforting. I like it. I didn’t think there was too much hugging in the trailer.

  7. I’ve watched the trailer about five times hoping I’ll find something new and likable about it, but I just get more vaguely frustrated every time. I think the worst part about the film for me is that straight people will think it is revolutionary, when it is a story that we have heard many, many times. It also reeks of “See? Gay people are just like us!!! Love is love! I’m only comfortable with difference if the people in question strive to emulate the norm in one way or another!” The first time I saw the trailer was on tumblr, with the caption basically saying, “We finally have a boring predictable romcom starring Katherine Heigl, but about gay people…we’ve made it!” But we haven’t made ittitidfjsldkfj. This movie is hella for straight people who want to feel good about themselves and how open-minded they are.

  8. I just saw the movie and you guys all suck. The movie was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I squeezed my girlfriend’s hand so hard I thought she would cry. One of the things we talk about a lot in Pflag is when you come out to your parents, you’ve already been out for a significant amount of time but your parents are just starting to realize it. So even though you want and oftentimes expect your parents to be in the same place as you, they’re just starting out on this journey and have their own coming out process to go through. This movie portrays that so perfectly.

  9. Dear Ms. Donoghue,

    “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were to long words or exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.”
    -George Orwell.

    After watching your interview with AfterEllen (http://tinyurl.com/goqx5eg), I understand your film much better now.

    Your film is the unfortunate end product of insincerity. You wanted to write a movie about parents, about family of gay children dealing with homosexuality and coming out. However the film you sold to Hollywood was the “long-awaited Lesbian romance with a Happy Ending(!!!).”

    I am so disappointed in you. Jenny’s girlfriend-fiancée never belonged in this film. The family was completely uninterested in knowing her. Your inclusion of her just pandered to the Hollywood “romcom” script. My partner suggested that you should never have cast the fiancée and that she should never have been shown on screen, because she was not a real character. A character has a past, has feelings, has intention. The dark haired female figure on the top of the wedding cake had as much cinematic purpose as the real live woman she represented!

    I hope that you will consider George Orwell’s words before writing your next script.

    An underwhelmed viewer

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