Fan Fiction Friday: Lost Girl’s 10 Most Magical Lesbian Sex Scenes

The fifth and final season of Lost Girl kicks off this Sunday on Canadian cable network Showcase. I almost can’t even believe I just typed that. The “fifth” part and the “final” part. Even in my most caffeine-fueled fever dreams back in season one, I never imagined that a fantasy series about a bisexual succubus could last so long, but here we are, five years later, and I’m shocked (and really, really sad) to think that it’s actually going to end. Lost Girl is one of the only shows in the history of television to actually treat its same-sex relationships exactly the same way that it treated its opposite-sex ones. In screen time, in plot depth, in sex scenes (with the actual lights on), the series just proved over and over again that Canada does it better when it comes to lady-loving-ladies. (See also: Bomb GirlsDegrassi, etc.)

When I put out a call for fan fiction, Dorothy Snarker, my dear friend and Everlasting Authority on All Things Lost Girl, made a really good point:

She’s correct, of course. Right on screen, multiple times a season, we get lip-biting, pants-snatching, heart-clutching lesbosexy times between so many women, but that just means Lost Girl fan fiction is next level erotic. And to celebrate what will surely be a fae-ntastic season five, here are ten of the steamiest fics I could find.

Test Drive by Labcoatsmurf

Pairing: Bo/Lauren
Plot: What if Bo and Lauren had stopped dancing around their feelings back in season one and danced up on each other, drunk in love/on tequila instead?
Hotness level: Well, I started reading this in the same room as my girlfriend’s mom and she got up to turn down the heat because I kept shedding layers, so.

Suddenly Lauren opened her eyes and looked at her. “Lauren is it…..” And then Bo was against the wall, Lauren’s mouth against her, kissing roughly, tongue against lips, pressing for entrance. Bo eagerly responded and they were kissing hungrily. It was better than she ever imagined; she breathed deeply through her nose, desperate for air but not wanting to break the kiss. Lauren’s hands held onto her shoulders, her body pressing her against the wall. On any other occasion Bo would have thrown her prey against the wall and taken control, but now her hands just went round Lauren’s waist wanting her even closer, the contact of their bodies through their clothes not enough. Lauren pressed her pelvis against Bo’s, the sensation forcing her to gasp for air and break the kiss.

“Holy shit…”

“Yeah,” Lauren gasped. Her thigh insinuated itself between Bo’s legs, bringing the top of Bo’s thigh against her sex. “Ahhhhh….” Lauren was moaning shamelessly, she felt totally out of herself. Her arms went around Bo’s neck trying to press her body impossibly closer; hands in her hair. She looked into Bo’s eyes searching for a response to the need she felt. And she found it; Bo’s eyes were dark and hungry, the expression of desire mirroring how Lauren felt.

What it Takes by LostGirls

Pairing: Bo/Lauren
Dyson drives Bo and Lauren apart; six years later, they meet again and can’t keep their hearts closed/hands out of each other’s pants.
Hotness level: *pants*

Lauren pulled back breathlessly, holding Bo at bay. “No! you don’t- don’t get to influence me” she panted, her desire for the woman running wild.

“I’m not” Bo said hotly cupping her jaw. “I’ve never had to and you know it” she said pulling the blond back into her body. “I don’t care how much you hate me. I’m never letting you go again” she said fiercely.

“You don’t own me” Lauren growled even as she thrust her hips into Bo’s. Bo pulled at the back of her head hard.

“You own me” she hissed, her lips dusting over Lauren’s pink blushed mouth. “I had to learn it the hard way. If you leave me I’ll follow you” Bo said hotly as she reached between them and pulled at the zipper of Lauren’s cat suit. She pulled it down kissing every piece of exposed skin, yanking it off her body. “If you even think about letting another woman touch you, I’ll kill them,” Bo husked, her tongue dipping into Lauren’s belly button.

Lauren’s head fell back. She was tired and needy with desire. “You think you can seduce your way back into my life,” she groaned when the succubus grabbed her hips and breathed against her bikini clad center. “I hate you” Lauren breathed out.

“You need me,” Bo responded, pushing the material to the side and sliding her tongue into the heated folds she found there. Lauren’s hands slid between long dark tresses yanking it hard into her hips.

Only a Kiss by SwordDraconis113

Pairing: Lauren/Tamsin
Tamsin thinks it’ll be a fun little game to seduce Lauren to help her get over Bo, so she can get back to being awesome at her job of saving the world, but things get way more complicated when every lesbian’s favorite hard-ass gets more than a hard-on for Lauren.
Hotness level: Hotter than Zoie Palmer’s mouth. Almost.

Tamsin pulled away and Lauren shivered, moving to close her legs when two hands clasped over either side over calves. “Spread them wider,” Tamsin ordered. Lauren felt her stomach heat, then pool between her thighs. Oh wow. Obediently, she parted them wider. “Good, now tell me what you want.”

“Um…” Lauren blinked, breathing out softly. It was different with Bo, she didn’t have to speak, to explain. Bo just explored and knew immediately when it was the right thing. Though, perhaps Tamsin would as well. Looking at her smirk, Lauren wondered if she just wanted to hear her say the words. Well, two could play at that game. She wasn’t a blushing schoolgirl.

“I want you,” Lauren began, “between my legs, and I want you to use your tongue while inside of me, until I orgasm.”

“Ooh,” Tamsin hissed. “Someone’s got a mouth on her.” Still, her hands draped over Lauren’s thighs, fingers tracing over the hip bone. “Maybe I’ll get creative while I’m done there. See if I can break that pretty brain of yours.”

Lauren laughed, then hummed as the hands slipped over her hips, holding her steady as Tamsin lowered her head. Lauren’s legs twitched at the first breath against the damp heat.

“Someone’s wet.”

“Are you just going to-” Lauren’s mouth cut off at the first lick. Barely there, just a scrape against the labia minor. Her eyes fluttered shut. “Oh. Okay.” Adjusting, she slid her legs over Tamsin’s shoulders, heels digging into the valkyrie’s shoulder blades as the mouth pressed over her sex. Tamsin’s breath was cool, and it shivered out over her.

The Distance Between Us by dreiser

Pairing: Bo/Lauren/Nadia
Bo and Nadia realize they wouldn’t mind sharing sexy shenanigans with Lauren, in the same bed, at the same time.
Hotness level: At least as hot as Bo’s leather corset collection.

“You like to watch,” Nadia husked as she began to tease Lauren’s flesh with her finger again.

“You’re beautiful together,” Bo replied, fidgeting a bit as her arousal continued to grow.

“So are you two,” Nadia said meeting Bo’s eyes. “Fantasy and reality don’t always match up. I wasn’t sure what it would be like, seeing you two together… but it was lovely … and stimulating,” Nadia continued, licking her lips as she said the last word.

She had genuinely been surprised how horny it had made her watching Bo spread Lauren’s legs and kiss her way up her inner thigh towards where Lauren was wet and throbbing for her. It had surprised Nadia that she had needed to put her hand between her own legs and stroke herself to get relief from the aching in her cunt as Lauren’s fingers had pumped inside of Bo. It had surprised her how her inner-muscles had desperately clenched at her own fingers when Bo made these sounds that teased their way all over Nadia’s body, settling between her legs and making her throb. She had been worried that seeing Bo touch Lauren and Lauren touch Bo would make her jealous, but seeing Lauren fingers tangle in Bo’s hair, holding Bo against her as her body arched, pressing herself into Bo’s mouth had been beautiful.

“I’m pretty stimulated right now,” Bo whispered, and when Nadia looked at her again she could see it, she could see the hunger in Bo’s eyes and she shivered. “Touch her.”

Still holding Bo’s eyes, Nadia conceded to her request and leaned forward, bringing her mouth to Lauren’s breast. She kissed the side of it softly and Bo’s lips parted then, still watching Bo, Nadia grazed the tip of Lauren’s nipple with her bottom lip and Bo sucked in an anxious breath and shifted closer.

A Friendly Competition

Pairing: Bo/Lauren/Tamsin/Evony
Sometimes a friendly card game turns into a foursome, you know?
Hotness level: You could probably survive a Canadian winter without a parka if you kept this fic with you.

“Relax, Doctor Lewis,” Evony murmurs in Lauren’s ear, pressing herself up to Lauren’s back. “You might enjoy this.”

Lauren is tense. “I still don’t see the point of this,” she says under her breath, her eyes still gravitating toward the bed every other second.

“The point, my dear doctor,” Evony explains, slipping her left hand around to press flat against Lauren’s hipbone and hold her in place; the fingers of her right hand drag up under Lauren’s shirt, manicured nails scraping along soft skin, “is pleasure.”

As if on cue, Bo lets out a loud, sharp moan. Tamsin is kneeling between Bo’s legs now, arms wrapped around pale thighs while her mouth works at Bo’s cunt.

It’s a fascinating thing to watch, really. Tamsin is every bit as rough and demanding as Evony would expect, but there’s this softness that permeates everything she does. The way she cradles Bo’s thighs firmly, but not hard enough to bruise, the way she plants kisses all over Bo’s stomach and thighs like she’s trying to commit it all to memory.

She’s not fucking Bo, she’s worshiping her.

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    • I personally love that this website is word dense at times. It’s a nice alternative to more click-bait type websites like Buzzfeed. I like the way it works my brain, it feels more like reading a good magazine. Which isn’t to say that some Autostraddle articles don’t have lots of pictures. Heck, Heather just did a list about Pretty Little Liars this week that was ALL pictures. Most of the food recipe/DIY lists are all pictures. The NSFW galleries are almost all pictures. The majority of the “vapid fluff” articles are accompanied with hysterical pictures and graphics. Etc. Etc. Etc. And I love those pieces too. But I do have a personal preference for the pieces that are more of a “wordy” affair.

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      • Please excuse all of my typos! I never understood why we can’t edit our comments after posting them. But I hope you all understood my points anyway!

  2. I would recommend doing one on “Once Upon a Time”, but there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many pairings there.

    • I second this. The webseries hasn’t been around for long so the amount of good fanfic for it is surprisingly abundant. Can AS just start featuring more stuff about Carmilla in general?

  3. *Gets distracted from writing smutty fan fiction by Autostraddle article about smutty fan fiction*

    Well… there went my evening. I managed to control myself and just skim the Glee stuff and bookmark things to read later but with this I basically read the first paragraph and was like LOST GIRL! YES!

    (incidentally, I was writing Carmilla fiction and that is totally a thing that I hope AS will discuss more in the future, season recap? please?)

  4. This post reminded me of the fact that ZOIE PALMER CAME OUT THIS YEAR!!! Bless the lesbian goddess who gifted her to our team.

  5. Okay so I feel like this is sacrilege being a lesbian, but…
    am I the only who doesn’t ship Bo&Lauren anymore? Lauren just kind of gets on my nerves (maybe because she acts a lot like me?). I find her really annoying.
    Up until Tamsin showed up, I always shipped Bo and Dyson but now I’m tied…
    I really want Bo/Tamsin to happen this season but I also love Bo/Dyson.
    Also did anyone think season 4 was awful?
    Sorry if any of this is dissapointing.

    • Just about everybody I know thinks that Season Four was terrible. As for shipping, I’m going straight Valkubus.

  6. Thanks for this list , I still love this show for finally portraying a relationship between two women with some honesty. No innuendo, no teasing to get people to watch. Lauren was as viable a relationship for Bo as the one she had with Dyson and that’s awesome. I would have loved to see Bo and Tamsin get together for a bit but it seems that never will happen. For anyone interested I wrote a well received fanfic starring them, kind of my version of where season 4 could have gone. If anyone’s interested the link is below:

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