Eye of the Sparrow: Because Sometimes Politics are Hysterical

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Ali’s Team Pick:

Much like Joe Biden did whenever Paul Ryan opened his mouth last night, sometimes you just have to laugh at politics. If I didn’t, I’d be enraged all the time. That’s why I need Eye of the Sparrow, otherwise known as what you get when you mute the television during the presidential debate and use your imagination. The result? Silly fun and a catchy tune that I can’t stop humming. Ladies, gentleman and everyone in between, courtesy of Bad Lip Reading and without further ado, I give you Eye of the Sparrow. And please dear sweet Lesbian Jesus, let there be many more of these re-dubbings to come.

It’s not a bad idea to check out their Paul Ryan video diary either. Just sayin’.

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    Holy Shit I love this! “It’s Mormon Judy! And cow people.” This video just saved me from election season burnout.

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      I have this issue all the time! The recaps of Glee and Pretty Little Liars in particular make me laugh like a crazy person all too often.

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    A buddy of mine showed this to me last night and I died laughing. I had to watch it again when I seen that you had posted it on the website. 🙂

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