Everything’s Coming Up Clinton This Sunday Funday

Hello, baby birds! I come bearing a bunch of good gay news for you. But I’m not chewing it first, so.



This is not an endorsement. I just have all the fucking feelings.

President Obama Celebrated Gay People in Jamaica

President Obama listened to advocates and used his time in Jamaica to promote LGBT acceptance. His first great idea? Spotlighting lesbian Angeline Jackson at a public appearance like it wasn’t a thing.


He went on to tell the young people that they are his light, his hope, his way, his favorite Instagram users:

What gives me so much hope about your generation is that you’re more interested in the hard work of waging peace than resorting to the quick impulses of conflict. You’re more interested in the hard work of building prosperity through entrepreneurship, not cronyism or corruption. You’re more eager for progress that comes not by holding down any segment of society, but by holding up the rights of every human being, regardless of what we look like, or how we pray, or who we love. You care less about the world as it has been, and more about the world as it should be and can be.

Sweet, Blessed Beings

No, literally. Sweet animals. Being blessed. Filed Under: Reasons I Should Have Been in LA on Easter.


Sweet Revenge

+ A taxi driver who asked two women making out to stop (rude) now owes them ten grand because he broke the golden rule of lesbians: Shut the fuck up when you talk to me ‘fore I embarrass you.


+ ICYMI: A lesbian who wasn’t gonna be allowed to wear a tux to school because of the crushing gender expectations we impose on human beings in our society actually can now, scratch that.

These Dogs Have Two Moms and Love Them A Lot

Laura Leigh and Sam Abby are truly the heroes of our generation. Or maybe just their dogs.

Chelsea Clinton’s on the Cover of Elle Gives Me Life

The Clinton family is clearly taking over today.

Meet Modcloth’s First Trans Model

Rye Silverman is telling the #FashionTruth.



Um hello the Golden Girls LEGO set got 10K votes because of pals and confidantes like you and now, we just wait on the big building blocks on top of the food chain there to see if it happens. I hope they make this happen.


This is a Mama Sea Otter Teaching a Baby Sea Otter to Swim

You otter know this happened.

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  1. It’s nice for a woman to run, but whether it’s Thatcher or Clinton, I’m not going to support a right-wing woman & I won’t be voting for her.

    • OH GOOD I’m glad I’m not the only one who is suuuuuper not thrilled about Hillary running.

      • i think comparing hillary clinton to margaret thatcher is kind of a stretch, y’all. i’d never want you to vote for margaret thatcher, for the record.

        • agreed. i also think her meetings with elizabeth warren say something really hopeful about her future policies on wall street etc.

        • Kind of a stretch? You don’t know that the Democrats in the USA are to the right of the Conservatives in the UK? You don’t know that Bill Clinton deregulated the economy and cut welfare, while pretending to be left wing – pushing reagan’s policies further than Reagan dreamed? You don’t know that Obama not only continued but expanded Bush’s seizure of power and crimes against humanity – while Hillary mocked him for being a weak president, and not taking a strong enough (meaning, warlike enough) stand?

          I can’t believe how easily the mainstream media keeps Americans from seeing their two very similar political parties from an international perspective, or being aware of where they are on the political spectrum. Hillary is in bed with the banks, big banks are financing her campaign, and she is on the hard right of the Democrats – and the Democrats are on the hard right of Western political parties.

          Come on. She is a massive imperialist. Think about global feminism, not American liberal feminism.

    • It looks like she’ll be the least right wing person running (partly her fault for eating up the entire democratic field before it even exists, I know). She’d be infinitely better than any of the republicans currently running, and even when I disagree with her I’m convinced she could handle the job. I’ll continue to support Clinton unless and until the democrats put forward a better candidate, which I doubt will happen.

      • exactly. like, even in the situation of picking the lesser of two evils, the other option will at best be rand paul or jeb bush. i think theres a pretty obvious answer here.

      • Basically any democratic candidate would be better than Bush the millionth. Let’s not make that our standard.
        I don’t think she’s a good candidate and I have no confidence in her ability to be a good president. She’ll only “[eat] up the entire democratic field before it even exists” if we get so distracted by a woman running that we don’t notice anyone else. Let’s see who else the Democrats can come up with before we throw up our hands and say “well, at least she’s better than the Republicans.”

  2. I am just so excited to see gay and lesbian couples in a high-profile announcement of presidential candidate. Remember when Obama was re-elected and talking heads said he his gay marriage stance would be a liability? Or when he was elected the first time and he was all “Oh, I dunno, civil unions seem nice, the gays can just have those.”

    That was just 8 years ago! And just 8 years before that Bush’s campaign orchestrated anti-gay marriage initiatives to drive more conservatives to the polls and help his campaign.

    And now here is Hilary all, I’m running for President because families are important, like these gay fiancés and these lesbians.

    Not to say I’ll vote for her. We’ll see. I didn’t last time because I found her and Obama’s policy’s nearly identical but he had LGBT issues clearly addressed on his campaign site and she didn’t. BUT I am just going to enjoy this video for a moment. Gay marriage isn’t the biggest issue the LGBT community has to address, there is SO much work to do, but holy shit has visibility changed in the last decade. And that bit of the video made me tear up.

    • the times, they are a-changin’, and it’s making ads really cute. i think that’s the moral here.

  3. I’ll go on the record as being excited about Hillary’s campaign. For sure.

    ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

    • yassss and i hope you celebrated, too! i’m on the record hoping you celebrated. am i the only one who did that.

  4. Supporting Hillary because compared to the current alternatives for President (TED CRUZ???? RAND PAUL?????? BUSH THE THIRD???) she is clearly the best choice. In this conservative era of US history we can’t except a completely perfect candidate to come along so we unfortunately have to settle for one that isn’t outrightly against many of our rights or obviously on the side of the 1%. I wish Elizabeth Warren would run tho, Warren for VP

  5. I refuse to be excited about a racist, imperialist, ridiculous hypocrite running for President just because she is a woman. I really think it’s selfish that she’s doing this, and even though I was expecting it, it still leaves a foul taste in my mouth. I really don’t want to vote for her and if in the end I feel compelled to do it I will never forgive her, tbh. Plus, I think she has ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE of winning the national election, so basically, I’ll be throwing away my vote.

    • I understand not liking Clinton (I don’t love her either, but no mainstream candidate is going to be as liberal as I am), but why don’t you think she has a chance of winning? She’s much more well known than any of the republicans who are running/probably running, which will definietly help her. I also think that a lot of women will be more motivated than usual to vote because of the chance to vote for a female candidate. It’s not that I think conservative women are going to vote for her or anything, just that women who would already vote for the democratic candidate will be more likely to actually go to the polls, given the historic nature of this election.

      • The fact that she’s much more well known will do the opposite of help her. Everyone knows her name, everyone has an opinion of her. And those opinions are STRONG. Very strong, built upon twenty plus years of her being in the public eye. And, she is completely intertwined with her husband in the eyes of the American public. So her image is affected by his bullshit. Everyone who hated Bill isn’t going to suddenly love her.
        Also, everyone’s forgetting that she only VERY recently decided to start being gay-friendly. Before that, she was vocally against marriage equality. She stood beside her husband while he was responsible for DOMA and DADT. You know who spoke out in favor of marriage equality way before Hillary???
        Laura Bush.

        • Word. And she kept on speaking in favor of DOMA for long after.
          I love the idea of a woman being president, but not so much that I feel like I have to settle for whoever is the next woman available. I’m not going to throw my support behind Clinton unless she is the best candidate who runs.
          And is no one else icked out by the idea of this being a Clinton v. Bush campaign? Because I think its pretty depressing.

        • Polls consistently show that Bill Clinton is very popular, so his association with Hillary Clinton is a benefit, not a burden. I’m not saying she’s definietly going to win, but she certainly has a shot.

          Also, I don’t think most liberals are forgetting that Clinton isn’t an ideal candidate. I know that I, and many other people I know, would prefer someone with a better track record on LGBT rights and someone less hawkish on foriegn policy matters, among other things. But Clinton is the candidate we’ve got (there really aren’t any viable primary challengers – I think Warren might have had a chance, but she’s made it clear that she isn’t running) and she’s a hell of a lot better than Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Jeb Bush.

          I know Laura Bush was a Democrat prior to marrying W, and she’s never seemed especially socially conservative, so that doesn’t really surprise me. But given that she’s not running her opinion isn’t relevant. I can pretty much guarantee you that Clinton will have a better record on LGBT issues than any of the republicans she’s likely to run against.

    • “so basically, I’ll be throwing away my vote.”

      Pretty sure like 95% of the time people who say this don’t vote anyway.

    • Zero chance? I support Hilary 100 percent-I voted for her in the primary before Obama went on to win-but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t say she has zero chance. Her campaign already has already raised way more money than the others. Just based on that she has a really good chance.

  6. Super-stoked that there is a viable female presidential candidate. That is huge progress in the realm of feminism! Y’all realize we couldn’t even VOTE until 1920? For most of this country’s history, this democracy was only the male half of the country. I hope I see a female president of the US in my lifetime.

    • yes, this! it could potentially be all happening! if a woman could be elected during my mom’s and grandma’s and aunt’s and my own lifetime i’d be pretty cool with that, so.

    • Would you have supported Thatcher, too?

      The political consciousness of the lesbian community is about a million times more right wing than it used to be, apparently.

  7. Hm I have had many a conversation about Hilary running and maybe I’ll eat my hat, but I’d like to think that a moderate liberal can win (dare I say that’s where the majority of our country falls. I personally like Elisabeth Warren more, BUT she is further to the left which slims her margins for victory. I live in a Purplish/red/ used to be blue (sigh) state. I am an idealist and will probably continue to be and vote Green but I see the crimson tide around me and I know that some moderate Republicans can be swayed more to the center. Can Elisabeth Warren do that? Mm I’m not so sure she can. Can a Hilary Clinton? I’m not so sure either, but I know Warren isn’t running and I know Clinton is. She has been a bit to the left of Obama and that’s good enough for me because in politics sometimes good enough and and ideal candidate is the difference between winning and losing.

    • i definitely think hillary can win! i seriously don’t think why anyone thinks hillary can’t win? she’s definitely moderate enough to snag some voters and she would likely motivate the base super well. plus, it’s looking like the right is gonna choose a total weirdo as their candidate, so.

  8. That article about the couple who sued the taxi driver left a bad taste in my mouth. $10k is a lot of money for someone who drives taxis for a living… especially a father of four. And these are two racist white people (the article mentions anti-Islamic tweets) profiting from a working class poc’s behavior with no consideration of his religious/cultural differences in regards to PDA. Smh. I hope those 4 kids will be ok.

  9. All I know is that when I type Hillary into my phone, it auto-suggests Clinton, ergo I believe she has this situation locked down.

    Hillary Duff, Hillary Mantel and Dr Hillary Jones really need to up their brand awareness game.

    • is there an app i can download that just makes everything i say ’til november 2016 about hillary clinton, like that will just put her name in every thought i express ’til then? oh wait, i have that app. it’s my own brain.

  10. What a great week :)! Pretty excited for hillary, don’t like her? so what? She is better than any republican

    • This should be her campaign slogan.
      “Hillary for president- You may not like me, but at least I’m not a Republican”

  11. American politics is quite funny, weird, crazy (too many options here).

    Whenever somebody talks about Elizabeth Warren, supporters or not, you all make her sound like she’s Rosa Luxemburg, like she’s a freaking communist, and that is a little far from the truth.

    By the way, all the recent political disasters (restrictions on abortion, freedom of religion laws, trans issues with bathrooms, restrictions on adoption for LGBT couples, etc.) came from state legislatures.

    I know that a presidential election is a big deal, but it seems that you need to start paying attention to how things are at home first.

    • Yep. State and local elections are also where people need to try to pick up steam for third (and fourth, etc.) parties.

    • I live in a very, very, very red state. I voted in the midterm elections and every single candidate I voted for except the one who was running unopposed lost. Gotta have something to get excited about – at least there is something sort of progressive happening at the national level.

      • Yes, I know. Most of the times elections are kinda like the poster for frustation. But you need to stay involved, because nothing will happen if you just gave up.

        Indiana had, on 2014, one of the lowest voters turnout in the US (27.8%). And you can clearly see the results of that.

        What good does having a progressive or semi-progressive President, if the States go the other way around?

        • well, federal law outweighs state law, so. a bunch of states, for example, have laws on the book that outlaw abortion if roe v. wade is ever struck down – trigger laws – but we’ve never had someone in power who supported striking down roe v. wade and had the capacity to let it happen. if a republican wins the national election, they might appoint four new SCOTUS justices. can you imagine? abortion could literally become illegal if we elect ted cruz or rand paul or whatever the fuck.

          also, the progress we’ve seen over the last seven years wasn’t a mistake, and it wasn’t by chance, and it was directly spurred on by an administration that supported LGBT rights. progress on equal pay? all but impossible without obama’s exec orders, because congress refuses to act. progress on lgbt protections at work? same.

          federal elections matter, just like local ones do. and who the president is can change everything.

  12. Erm, I am getting Stop Hillary ads from the GOP in the upper right part of the site. That seems like maybe a bad thing?

  13. I am wondering about the constant fangirling of Hillary Clinton on Autostraddle, considering her politics. This one here is one article (or part of one article), one person’s opinion, yes, but it seems like a policy. Not good.

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